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SHERAH comes from the phonetic spelling of "Hyira", the Twi word for "Bless". SHERAH is a bespoke fashion design brand with a focus on creating pieces which celebrate individuality. We enjoy working with clients from all walks of life and for a range of occasions! We have particularly loved working with brides to produce our collection of bridal dressing gowns entitled the Honeymoon Collection. Our handcrafted gowns accentuate femininity and elegance and aim to create a feeling of queenship in our brides. Developed in 2018 SHERAH debuted this collection for the first time at Africa Fashion Week London in August 2019 and again at Accra Fashion Week in October 2019. As a brand our emphasise remains on working with the individual. Each piece is created collaboratively with our clients to produce concepts which inspire confidence, boldness and grace, bringing a touch of luxury to every day items of clothing.

Sheryl Jones Jewelry

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Sheryl Jones Designs creates fine jewelry that reflects your sensibility. Our core values run deep, and so does the meaning behind the icon in our branding. QUALITY. We are obsessed with attention to detail, demand exceptionally high standards for production and are proud to sell GIA diamonds. TRUST. With over 20 years in the fine jewelry and diamonds business, we have earned our trust with clients from all over the globe. VALUE. Shopping with a boutique brand such as ours allows us to offer you a tremendous value for your investment without sacrificing quality. SERVICE. Our location in the heart of the district allows us to provide service to clients in a way that others simply cannot. We offer stones, jewelers, polishers, casting and more in our Diamond District location. We can service you quickly and professionally.


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Founded by designer, Towana Phillip, To’sha is a New York based luxury accessories brand. Known for combining color and style into one-of-a-kind hand crafted designs. As the brand grows from season to season our focus is on incorporating new design techniques. From creating hand cut, molded, painted and stitch leather trim and applique, to meticulously detailed flaps and handles, exploring new techniques is the driving force behind To’sha design success. Towana is a Brooklyn native. A graduated of the Fashion Institute of Technology’s, Fashion Business Management program. Her education led her to pursue a career in visual merchandising, landing opportunities in top fashion brands including, Burberry, Nike and Saks 5th Avenue. Being a self taught artisan, Towana decided to combine her talent and experiences to develop a brand of her own. To’sha the brand was launched in 2011. The first collection earned Towana the prestige of becoming a finalist for the Fashion Group International, Rising Star award. Allowing the brand to gain a wider audience amongst celebrities, socialite’s, blogger and tastemakers alike.


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ALL HAIR IS DIFFERENT. DIZZIAK IS DIFFERENT. Dizziak – is here to represent. To take up space in previously unexplored territories. To shake it up. Pushing multicultural hair products into the 21st century, instinctively influenced by fashion, beauty, art, music and current culture. What happens when you just can’t find a staple brand that’s healthy, good looking & deliciously fragranced? You create it yourself. A change had to come.


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Welcome! Thanks so much for stopping by! Here's a little bit about what we affectionately call "The Ecoslay Way". We've grown tremendously since we formed in 2015, yet each product is still handmade in Adria's kitchen! We also ship out each order from her home - no warehouses here! This care and attention knits us closely to each product, shipment and each customer. Yes, in this "Amazon Prime" era, it might seem unusual to wait 2 weeks for your products to arrive, but you'll be glad you did! :) OUR VALUES. Reach one, teach one: No one knows everything nor do we have the time to try. We all have our passions and gain knowledge by pursuing them. Our passion is hair care. With that, it's our responsibility to share what we've learned with you so that you can increase your own knowledge base. This means that we won't simply list Sustainable Organic Red Palm oil as an ingredient in our Hot Sauce, we'll tell you why we put it in there. We won't just craft our edge brush (including it's bristles) from Bamboo. We'll tell you why we did. Let us make you a little smarter when it comes to this stuff - no need for you to reinvent the wheel! And then maybe this will free you up to spit some knowledge on us about your passions as well :) Use ingredients that are good for you: We believe that you are what you eat. We also believe that what you put ON your body is just as important as what you put IN it. So, why should we take the time to put organic fruits and veggies in our diet while slathering our hair and scalp with ingredients that we can't pronounce? Each ingredient in our products is carefully chosen because it gets the job done AND is good for you. You don't have to worry about reading the ingredients label (although you should!) because you can trust that we have your back. Respect the environment: This home is not just ours. We only get to take in it's awe it because of those that have come before us. This means that we have a responsibility to consider those that will come after us. Let's not be arrogant. Let's not be selfish. Instead, let's be grateful and honor those that left it in decent shape for us by doing our best to keep it that way for "future us" and our kids...and our grandkids... and their grandkids. C'mon man. *stepping off soapbox* Be kind to one another: Where do we even start? We've got to lift each other up. The world can be a cruel place. We strongly believe that we've done our job when we put a smile on your face and a spring in your step. On social media, we take this most seriously. Only positive posts get our likes and too much drama will get you unfollowed with a swiftness. This also translates into taking the time to respond to as many social media posts and emails as possible and doing whatever it takes to make you happy with your Ecoslay experience. Nothing makes our day like a repeat customer or an email about our outstanding customer service. That lets us know that we're doing our job.

AmBiTiON Collections

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"My strength comes from knowing that I have the ability to do anything...I am AmBiTiON!" Our foundational tenets and our designs are based on our strong connection to our African culture; as well as our love of science and chemistry. Our logo encompasses the Ghanaian symbol - Gye Nyame, symbolizing the supremacy of God. The names of our collection include chemical elements from the periodic chart. This has allowed us to perfectly combine pieces of our historical journey and our infinite future into each design. The strength and malleability of wood make it ideal for the creation of our symbolic timepieces. We strive to provide you with a timeless, exceptionally refined, authentic wooden watch. We aren't just watches, we are an experience. Thank you for considering us.

The Motivation Shop

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Wanted to make clothing to inspire our people to become more than what society has placed on us. To provide success message based clothing that we can wear to inspire those who wear it, and those who support the messages.

Shady Side Up

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Black people have always led the culture in everything. We make things go viral, we are survivors and we know how to push the narrative. Shady Side Up represents the Fun, Cool, and Collected persona that black people naturally have. ShadySideUp is a brand that is about perspective. When you’re living on the upside of life you feel good , and thats what our products represent. Through our lenses we hope to not only curate a good look on the outside but bring out the personality on the inside. Life comes at you fast but we want you to always be prepared by living with the ShadySideUp.

Root Compass Modern Nomad

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Root Compass… Home of the Modern Nomad Born out of a torrid love affair with travel and the talisman needed to ensure every journey is marked accordingly. Root Compass is the place to gather and distribute said talisman for the Modern Nomad in all of us. There are those of us who believe the world is inherently good. There are those of us who seek knowledge wherever it exists. There are those of us who wander because our soul would perish if we didn’t. On Root Compass, we offer the talismans that we carry during our travels, the simple yet beautiful, the complicated and divine…that is Root Compass.

Goldenroots Essentials

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Golden Roots Essentials, inspired by the exquisite natural resources homed and used by Africans for centuries, is a natural, holistic, and luxurious lifestyle brand focused on personal care, beauty, and style. Inspired by her Maninka heritage and Guinean upbringing, Fanta, also known as Dabo, created Golden Roots Essentials to provide you with greater access to high quality, toxic-free, organic skincare products. Curated with the best ingredients derived from various countries of Africa, Golden Roots Essentials aims to provide you with supreme body care products, tools, and goods. Our skincare products are created to nourish, rejuvenate, and maintain the beauty of your skin, all while doing so in style. Growing up as a young dark skinned woman, Dabo, was often criticized for her skin complexion. At the tender age of 9, she was told that if she did not bleach her skin she will never get married. However, instead of succumbing to the idea of altering her skin she developed a great passion for self-care and skincare. Throughout her life journey, Fanta has been using the core ingredient of our products, shea butter, to maintain the beauty of her skin, the moisture of her hair, and the love of herself. She created Golden Roots Essentials to provide the essentials of not only a golden skincare routine but a golden life through infusing self-care, skincare, and culture.