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Entrepreneurs Color Too

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We promote self care for creatives and entrepreneurs through coloring! Together we are bridging the gap between coloring books and culture! Our books include 80's Ladies, 24 Shades of Business and Alma Mater. 24 Shades of Business is an Amazon Best Seller! It is also the FIRST Adult Coloring book to highlight the beauty of black women and celebrate those women as being successful entrepreneurs. Since launching in May of 2018 the book has been featured in Black Enterprise, Curly Nikki and Madame Noire. This book is for all of us business creatives, CEO's and future CEO's because we should all feel inspired. Filled with 24 inspiring illustrations, this book is the perfect way to de-stress, relax, and get motivated. High quality printed paperback.


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The mission of Fyen is to be the premier producer and provider of African inspired entertainment and information for children of all ages. We seek to develop creative and innovative experiences that will excite, amaze and educate children of the varying yet beautiful aspects of our great continent. Our portfolio of brands capture the essence of African history, culture, traditions and it’s people. We are advocates for literacy and education!

Healthy Roots Dolls

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Healthy Roots Dolls is a toy company that creates dolls and storybooks that empower young girls and represents the beauty of our diversity. 65% of the world’s population has curly/wavy hair. In 2016, Dove conducted a study and found that only 4 out of 10 girls love their curls. Toys impact how we think, act, and perceive ourselves. So when girls can’t find dolls that look like them, it negatively impacts their self esteem. That’s why we created Zoe, the first Healthy Roots dolls. Because while there are black dolls, we go beyond just painting a doll brown. We create an educational play experience with curl care. Healthy Roots Dolls have a medley of facial features, skin tones, and hair textures that can be styled in countless ways. Our dolls have multiple interests and aspirations which exposes young girls to their own unlimited career potential. Our goal is to represent the voices of young girls in the toy industry with products that empower, educate and inspire self love. Our mission is to bring curl power to the toy aisle with products that reflect the diversity of our reality.

Shy Chy Books

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Shy Chy Books will offer a series of books all about encouraging children to be themselves and embracing their individuality. The first book, I can't, I can't... I CAN! is about a girl who desires to make friends and participate in different activities, but she is held back by her shyness. This book includes lessons about being yourself, overcoming fears, and taking chances.

Hey Carter! Books

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Hey Carter! Books is increasing diversity in children's books. Children of color deserve to see a positive image of themselves in books. Stories help unlock a child's imagination. Imagine only seeing the world through the eyes of people who look nothing like you? Repetition is key in developing a child's self confidence. Children need to hear affirmations frequently to thrive. Hey Carter! Books supports you in speaking life into your child as you read to them.

Inahsi Naturals

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OUR PHILOSOPHY You without compromise. This is why we do what we do. We are passionate about making quality Hair Care products, that incorporate natural ingredients, allowing you to fully embrace the natural you from head to toe. Whatever the texture of your hair, our products, which are as diverse as the people who use them, were created to showcase, enhance, and highlight the best you that you can be. Every product we make has been formulated and created with this goal in mind. OUR PRODUCTS Inahsi Naturals products, created specifically for your naturally curly hair, whether loose wavy curls or tightly coiled, color treated, straightened with heat, teased, transitioning with protective styles, braids, and/or weaves, or relaxed. Our products add and maintain Moisture, control Frizz, Detangle and improve Manageability, use ingredients that promote Length Retention and Prevent Breakage, and promote overall Healthy Hair. The building blocks of our great products…great ingredients, that are free of parabens, silicones, sulfates, and other harmful additives. Inahsi Naturals products are also cruelty free and vegan, as we do not promote or use ingredients that have been tested on animals. Nor do we use ingredients derived from animals.

Kido Chicago

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Kido is a children's clothing brand created by artists Keewa and Doug. After selling online and around Chicago for two years, they are excited to have a storefront in the Roosevelt Collection Shops! Inclusivity and representation for all kids is what pushes their brand forward. In addition to creating colorful designs for infants and toddlers, they also host events for families. They are dedicated to increasing the offerings for Southside families, so look out for their Story Time, Kido Music series, Baby Soul Jam (co-host Mama Fresh), and other special events.

Love Cork Screw

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As seen on CNBC’s “The Job Interview”, LCS Entertainment, LLC is a wine and lifestyle brand dedicated to offering consumers wine, entertainment, and other products and services. LCS Entertainment, LLC provides consumers a line of Love Cork Screw wine varietals that offer the sophisticated and novice wine enthusiasts a range of choices for any palate. Each sleek wine bottle is colorful, whimsical and fun. LCS Entertainment, LLC is a certified MBE (Minority Business Enterprise). Our Products Our products seek to accentuate the five senses – titillate the palate, stimulate the tactile and arouse the aural and the aroma. The grapes for Love Cork Screw wines are carefully selected from various vineyards to give complexity, balance, and intensity of flavors that make Love Cork Screw varietals the selection of choice for many. LCS Entertainment offers three new products: Six types of scented candles available at select Target’s and online, each with a unique name that serves as the perfect complement to have a full LCS Entertainment experience. Love Cork Screw wine scented body butter from Rubbing Rose’ to Body Bordeaux, we have fragrances to compliment your Love Cork Screw experience. Additionally, “Your Guide to Tasteful Manners with Love Cork Screw” is a cookbook filled with food and wine pairings that will impress your mate, your friends, and your family.

Pillow Thingy

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Pillow Thingy is a handmade novelty pillow designed to encourage creativity and imagination. It’s also used as a tool to connect and strengthen the parent/child relationship through play.

Erin Harper

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In the most humorous way possible, Dear Mom, You Don’t Get to Have Nice Things helps moms everywhere cope with the daily destruction of their most prized possessions. Dear Mom is available here on my website, Amazon, and other online retailers! Plan to buy a copy for every mama you know!