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FOLKUS designs wrapping paper and cards inspired by the Black aesthetic and experience. FOLKUS aims to expand how we celebrate, cope and connect through the prism of BLACKNESS! Many of the papers featured in our debut collection are double-sided and a tribute to the Black oral tradition, customs, meaningful textiles and an overall cannon to symbolize triumph and beauty.

A Perfect Shirt

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My history and my roots prepared me to love who I am, where I came from and to fulfill the purpose that I was destined for. A Perfect Shirt is not silent, in fact it speaks volumes. It communicates in a way that cannot be ignored. Our goal is to provide apparel that encourages and inspires others through outward nonverbal expression. Join A Perfect Shirt in their passion for bringing a voice into this world with the perfect personal statement shirt. Susanna, Founder & CEO

The Earthy Goodness

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The Earthy Goodness was founded to help people achieve healthy nourished skin with simple, effective skincare using African based botanicals. As someone with sensitive skin, who has had her share of various skin issues, it was frustrating not finding a solution. Most of our products are based on my grandmother's recipes made with healing herbs and shea butter-based salves, which were all helpful solutions.

Sheni and Teni Ltd

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Sheni and Teni Ltd is simply a celebration of African cultures. We're passionate about creating an avenue for children to learn all about African cultures while playing. We believe this stirs up questions about diversity, ethnicity, heritage and culture thus expanding their horizons. We do this by creating unique, exciting, good quality products that you and your Littles can bond over. Representation Matters It fills us with so much pride and joy when we see the excitement on children's faces as they play with our products and ask questions. This is ever so important today more than ever. When children see their skin tone represented in toys and books, it lets them know they are important. It lets them know that their stories and voices matter. It opens up possibilities in their minds' eye of just who and what they can be. This is our raison d'être.

Muffin Sisters

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Muffin Sisters is our dream. It was born out of our passion for using traditional African fabrics merged with modern European styles to create heritage children's products. Our brand is for those who welcome the vibrant African culture and enjoy compassion in their lives. It all started with our inspiring journey to Mali, back in 2014. We were born and raised in Poland, and currently live in London, UK. Our upbringing allowed us to come to intermingle our African roots with Polish culture, traditions, and history. Upon our return from Mali, we came to recognize our African roots from a more in-depth perspective as we attempted to learn and understand Malian cultural heritage. We realized the importance of reconnecting with our ancestral roots and doing the same for our future generation. Muffin Sisters is a brand for generations. Ever since the making of our very-first baby blanket at the end of 2015 to the creation of breathtaking African culture inspired children accessories and nursery décor, we have set new hallmarks of quality and African resonance in the world of baby accessories. We sell comfortable and soft blankets, towels, bibs, soft toys made by using African fabrics.

Thimble & Doll

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Alisha opened Sugacandipop as a pop up shop in the Dingwalls Gallery, next door to the famous Market Hall in 2012. Alisha made and sold her dolls in her shoplet 7 days a week. With help from her sister and good friends the initial pop up was so well received that it stayed open for over a year. It only closed when Alisha was due to have a baby starting a family of her own. ? --- During her time off with her family she continued her professional background in childcare and playwork, specialising in crafts. She has worked with children for 15 years now and has made their delight her passion. She craved to bring her dolls back to the public so brainstormed, crowdfunded and planned her way to become a mother maker. She relaunched her diverse doll making business under a new name Thimble & Doll ready for Christmas 2017. The dolls are still designed, drawn, cut and stitched by hand by the lady herself but are now even more environmentally friendly, safety conscious & more diverse. ? In 2012 she started with 5 skin tones but has now doubled this to 10! She brought her remastered doll selection & bespoke order service back to her roots, local markets in London & associated events. Touching base with her customers new & old; young and young at heart alike. ? You can buy a selection of pre made dolls from her online shop (Opening again Sep 2019) or make a bespoke order for your own doll using a user friendly online form. There are currently 4 styles of doll available and different sizes to choose from, with lots of customising options for that really personal touch.

Pooters Diapers

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That's why I created Pooters. I believe that all things natural and organic are what's best for your family and you shouldn't have to trade-off ease or convenience to get it. I operate my business following these 5 core principles: 1. Safe All Pooters products contain only non-toxic, natural and organic ingredients and materials. 2. Durable All Pooters products are crafted with natural fibers (cotton, hemp and bamboo) and high quality elastic and snaps so they last through thousands of washes. They are also covered by a minimum 6-month warranty so if for ANY reason, one of my products fails you, please let me know and I'll make it right. 3. Easy Sure you might be on the green and crunchy tip, but let's be real - your S.O., caregiver, or daycare... maybe not so much. That's why I designed my products for "real life" and make them super easy to use. So while they may not care about being green or crunchy, with my products, at least they won't find it hard to be for your sake. 4. Guaranteed There's nothing worse than paying for something that doesn't work. That's why I offer free shipping, free returns and full refunds for items returned within 30 days. That way you either get what you paid for, or get your money back! 5. Green I think it's so important to keep a small carbon footprint so I've adopted a "no frills" packaging policy. I limit all of my packaging and shipping materials to only things that can either be recycled, reused or composted.

Orijin Bees

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|The Birth of a Bee| From the moment we found out we were expecting, my husband Archyn Orijin (Founder/Designer of Orijin Culture) and I, Mrs Orijin, begun the overly exciting new parent-to-be talks; how we did we want to raise her? We promised to expose her to a world of diverse cultures so that she becomes a global citizen, but yet never forgetting her deep rooted African culture; Yes a culture we were both raised in (Cape Verde and Ghana) and unapologetically proud of. | Nurturing and Culturing Two Bees| You might think we had everything in check right? I mean this girl had a passport full of stamps as we lived between Africa and the US with Esi, while exploring the world together and submerging her in different cultures and environments; She ate all kinds of food, picked up dances here and there, knew how to say hello in various languages while we continued to mold her not knowing we were molding another baby. Then Africa was born. With our daughters two years apart and now feeling like a pro in parenthood, we continued adding cultural values and love for their own identity through their cute african dresses tailored for them ( mom credit 😉), children’s books, African dances, African food for them to embrace their own as we knew that world will not do it for us.


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In the summer of 2015, my 3-year-old daughter made a statement insinuating that she did not like the way she looked. I was devastated to hear that. I vowed that for her upcoming birthday, I would purchase party supplies featuring characters resembling her. I searched everywhere and quickly realized that the options were insufficient. This experience prompted me to create party supplies for her birthday party. She was thrilled to see what mommy had made for her. That’s how KIESSE, LLC was born in September 2015. Kiesse (pronounced Kee-Cee) means joy in Lingala, a central African language. Our slogan, “Joyful Kids, Embracing Diversity,” reflects the core belief of our company. We aim at boosting the self-esteem of all children regardless of their ethnicity. In fact, we embrace all children because we believe that they are beautifully and perfectly made, and should not have to endure a low esteem or feel denigrated because of their physical features. Consequently, we have developed a line of birthday party supplies for girls and boys, which feature unique characters. We have developed themes to include African Americans, Hispanics, Caucasians, and Asian characters. Children can identify with these lovely characters while having fun and socializing with their peers. We have developed a few exclusive themes to fit your children’s imagination. We also intend on creating story books with our characters residing in a city called Kiesseville where they all interact, learn from one another’s experience, contribute by sharing their culture, and learn to accept each other differences. We look forward to serving your children’s needs for many years to come. As you browse our site, feel free to leave us a comment or send us an email with your feedback and suggestion concerning our party supplies. We’ll work tirelessly until all children feel comfortable in their skin and are convinced of their priceless value. We want KIESSE, LLC's party supplies to be associated with inclusive diversity. Through our current and upcoming products, our mission is to encourage children to be proud of their heritage and promote self-love, unity, and acceptance of all cultures. We believe that by training and educating children at a young age about the plurality of people, they will continue to respect all mankind as they transition to adulthood. We are committed to the children we reach by offering the best quality in party supplies available. We are all ears and are here to serve you.


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Shairpins is inspired by nature because I’ve always been amazed by the beauty of natural things. Every scar, cut and flaw adds to the story of that living entity’s life. And it could never be replicated. I realize all living things are connected to each other in some way and humans are just like flowers. Not one of us is the same and that’s what makes us beautiful. As a collective, we’re marvelous, almost magical. My handmade fashion pins and decor give you the reminder there’s always room for you to be You. Every change you grow through makes you that more of yourself. I create for the girls and women who are growing everyday to invite more happiness, fulfillment, and purpose into their life.