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Nur Ceramics

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Women Owned
Nur Ceramics is a lifestyle ceramics line birthed out of a personal journey into the ceramics, culture, and rituals of the Sahara. A vision to bring the beauty and essence of everyday life in the desert into your hands. Dina Nur Satti is the designer and maker behind Nur Ceramics, and producers every piece out of her studio. Growing up around the Somali and Sudanese traditions of her parents, ceramics were a part of everyday life and conveyed the daily rituals of life along the Sahara desert. Some of her earliest memories of ceramics were of her grandmother burning frankincense and sandalwood in makbhars, and clay amphoras known as zir placed outside of homes to provide water for travelers. Dina's personal journey with ceramics is also a path to reconnecting with the indigenous culture of her homeland, as the Nubians of Northern Sudan and Southern Egypt were among the most legendary potters of the ancient world. Her background studying African and Middle Eastern cultures and societies, and her lifelong interest in cultural anthropology are infused into the intention and symbolism behind her work. Through her ceramics, she strives to provide a window into the aesthetic brilliance and artistic sophistication of cultures that are often overlooked.

Royal Jelly Harlem

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Royal Jelly Harlem is an African-inspired clothing and home decorating line founded in February 2011 by mother-daughter duo Teta and Maya Gorgoni. After many trips to West and South Africa, they were inspired by the artistry of the printed fabrics. These fabrics inspired an exciting new line of fashion and home décor that would become Royal Jelly Harlem. Royal Jelly Harlem calls attention to the diversity of the African continent and its culture, traditions and art. We believe in maximizing the boldness of the fabric’s images and prints by designing pieces that embrace this art. We help contribute to the growth and prosperity of Africa’s beautiful cultures by purchasing many of our materials from African vendors. Many of our manufacturers are African-born dressmakers and tailors who produce our products in the USA. Our women’s fashion line consists of garments made of 100% cotton for the ‘jet-set’ crowd, ‘lunching ladies’ and working women worldwide! Our silhouettes are influenced by the fashions of the 1950s-60s, from slimming tent dresses and flirty dresses to ballerina skirts, tops/blouses, Capri and Palazzo pants. Our Men’s line consists of West African printed board shorts, T-shirts and Palazzo pants. We are extremely proud of our 'Made in NYC' certification. Not only do we appreciate the impact we are having on our community—supplying jobs within the USA and fostering the artistic environment—but we are able to be hands on throughout the entire process. From initial ideas to the time our products are shipped to our customers, we ensure a level of quality that is only achieved by few.

Ryan Writes on Things

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Ryan Adams is a painter and muralist residing in his hometown of Portland, Maine with his wife, Rachel Gloria. He began emulating the work from his comic books as a child, but when he received his first copy of 'Subway Art', at age 10, his life became consumed by bright colors and bending letter forms. His current work is inspired by a pure obsession for letters, as well as attempting to convey human emotions and insecurities through bold imagery inspired by traditional tattoo flash.

So Laci Like

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Hey! I'm Laci – an artist and creative director from Huntsville, Alabama currently living in Los Angeles. So Laci Like is an uncensored creative space where I can create content with no filter – from sharing design inspiration, documenting life, or venting about why rappers use terrible font choices. Besides documentation I'm inspired to create content due to the lack of visibility of black creatives – especially black women. AKA I'm making the stuff you don't see by the person you usually don't see. I received two Bachelors from the University of Alabama – the first in Criminal Justice, the second in Design. Since graduating I've worked with various companies such as Walt Disney Imagineering, ABC, and most currently Creative Artists Agency. I consider myself a renaissance woman – from graphic design, illustration, photography, web design, marketing, curation and more. Follow me on the journey to more success (Khalid voice).

Vakseen Art

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Born in Athens, GA (1979) and raised in Jacksonville, FL, Otha Davis III also known as Vakseen is a self-taught, museum-exhibited artist and a multi platinum music producer/songwriter. While working on hit records as a music executive/producer has played a driving force in his career, Vakseen has been an active realist painter since moving to Los Angeles in 2011. Known for his Vanity Pop, collage- influenced paintings, his artwork has been exhibited by the Ontario Museum of History & Art, Brownsville Museum of Fine Art, LA Art Show, Spectrum Miami/Art Basel, Adidas, Vans, BBC World News, La Luz de Jesus Gallery, Zhou B Art Center, Flinders Lane Gallery, Julien’s Auctions, Gallery 1988, Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, the University of California Los Angeles, Bombay Saaphire Gin, the city of Los Angeles, Gallery 825, Abend Gallery, Baton Rouge Gallery, W Hotel and Soho House London. His artwork has also been published in various magazines in print and online including LA Weekly, Buzzfeed, Complex Magazine, Juxtapoz Magazine, Hi- Fructose Magazine, Vibe Magazine, PoetsArtists, Beautiful Bizarre Magazine, Professional Artist Magazine, High Times Magazine, Kolaj Magazine, Gay Times, BOOOOOOOM and Supersonic Art. We are bombarded with an excess of unrealistically perfect images, packaged as though they reflect how every woman sees herself. The unique radiance of the female form is Photoshopped away. Models cover their most distinctive features. Young girls, spoon-fed hatred of their bodies, are likely to become carbon copies of magazine covers – inevitably finding it difficult to love themselves. Unfortunately, this is a reality many of us relate to all too well, myself included. I believe women are God’s greatest work of art. My creations pulsate with feminine energy and while I cannot fathom being a woman in this patriarchal world, I open my creative process to their inherent allure. Through my paintings, I aim to celebrate diversity and the acute imperfections and endless perfections every woman possesses. My signature painting style, Vanity Pop, fuses elements of photorealism, cubism and fashion design into vibrant, abstract portraits. Vanity Pop is a celebration of beauty, fashion, personal identity, luxury, excess, insecurities and vulnerability. With this foundation, my portraits become a visual dialogue on the male gaze, it’s impact on pop culture and consumerism and ultimately how they impact people, as well as our beauty standards. As emotional, flawed beings we wear multiple layers in the pursuit of acceptance. I juxtapose my paintings in that same fashion. Like a cosmetic surgeon, I methodically stitch the “perfect” features together, bringing my ideas to life. I use personal & found imagery in my portraits while adorning my muses in luxury brands or patterns. Although my work mimics collage or mixed-media, each piece is meticulously hand-painted to blur the boundaries between perception and reality. By juxtaposing my subjects with diverse “perfect” features, my work speaks to the fragmentation within us all as we strive for acceptance in a world full of unrealistic standards. In essence, my art is a mirror, reflecting the surreal, superficial world we live in. Producing art that ignites discussion, captivates the senses and most importantly, questions the value we place on the superficial will always remain my primary objective. As my career grows, I hope to continue showing my work in prestigious galleries and museums worldwide; however, I find myself most excited about fostering and nourishing direct relationships with my audience and giving back to the community.

Roderrick Davis

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“Raw” “Poetic” and “Thought-provoking” are the few words that describe the artwork of Roderrick Davis. Born in Miami, the 20-year-old Florida native’s work is heavily influenced by the culture of Hip-hop, mixed with inspiration from his life growing up with family and friends in South Coastal Georgia. His work encapsulates the everyday struggles and experiences among urban adolescences, vividly and poetically illustrating the thoughts and feelings that stir inside them through storytelling. Love, faith, and unity being the central theme, his overall goal is to inspire and give hope to those in search of a brighter future.

Hello Tee

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Hello Tee is a lifestyle brand created with the black woman in mind. Everyday we live full lives and its nice to have something that can express how we feel so we don't have to say it! Created with a love for the 80's and 90's for the most part I try to create items that speak current statements but still connects people to the past (nostalgia). Whether you are natural, feeling empowered, needing pop culture reference to match your mood it is my hope you will find a shirt, pillow, patch, or mug that helps you say HELLO!


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IMAKA, which means "You Are Beautiful", is derived from the Igbo dialect of southeastern Nigeria. Our main mission is to inspire women of all ages and creeds to recognize and embrace their inner beauty, by allowing it to be expressed into outer beauty through fashion and beauty-care. We deeply want to encourage women to overcome the negative stigma of “societies’ standards” of beauty, and embrace everything that makes them individually special and unique from the inside-out while looking great!

SS Luxury

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Luxury; Vegan; Women Owned
Welcome to the Fabulous World of S&S Lux! We are luxury home goods company, featuring luxurious designer blankets, pillows, art, and home wearables. Our quality-crafted home goods make a statement in any home, children's nursery, and living area. S&S Lux is the creation of owner Shivolli DaSilva, our luxury blankets are unlike any other. You will fall in love with the luxurious feel of our blankets and the luxurious design. S&S Lux strives to give our customers a one of a kind shopping experience both online and in store. We know your family will love our snuggle chic blankets as much as we do.

Moods, by Yemmie

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'Moods, by Yemmie' is a luxury candle brand. The candles are designed to #setthemood and are crafted with high-quality and safe ingredients. Each candle is made without toxins, parabens, and phthalates. So go ahead, pick light a candle, and #setthemood!