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EightPM Candles

Home & Garden, Candles, Decor, Wedding, Arts & Crafts
Free Shipping, Luxury, Ships Internationally, Women Owned, Family Owned, Handmade
My name is Candice, I’m the owner of EightPM Candles. What started as a kitchen hobby quickly became the focus of all of my free time. Candle making as a hobby is as fun and relaxing as is buying a candle and lighting it! I wanted to bring those same feelings to people who purchase. Candles don’t have to be a “luxury” thing. It’s an everyday wind down thing. I want people to not only enjoy the scents of my candles, but to have fun conversations about the labels too!

Fitted Clothing Company

Home & Garden, Decor, Fashion, Clothing, Tees, Swim, Men’s, Women’s, Unisex, Childrens, Other, Footwear, Men’s, Women’s, Unisex, Accessories, Watches, Handbags, other
Charitable, Ships Internationally, Family Owned, Made in America
This store and the collections featured were created to celebrate the diversity of all people with focus on POC. My hope is that the collection will continue to unite people of various races, and highlight that more similarities exist between us all than differences. The UNITY line features garments that read, “No Justice, No Peace,”and “Black Lives Matter.” It also spotlights the company’s U Fist, U Hearts and Unity Wins designs. The UNITY Collection also includes state or city specific designs, including San Diego, San Francisco, Sacramento, New York, Detroit, Miami, Atlanta, Cleveland, and more—the company welcomes requests from customers in different regions. 10% of the profits generated from the EQUITY Collection will be donated to local and national Social Justice Reform Organizations. Fitted Clothing Company also offers additioanl custom designs including empowerment apparel with best sellers, like “Fight for Feminism,” and “Equality” softstyle shirts, pride apparel with featuring garments like our Let me be Perfectly Queer tee and other whimsical designs. Our selections come in children’s and adult sizes, ranging from size 6 months to 5 XL.

Bolé Road Textiles

Home & Garden, Decor, Other, Fashion, Accessories, other, Arts & Crafts
Women Owned
At Bolé Road Textiles we are driven by a passion for good design and a belief that textiles have the ability to transform interiors and inspire the people within them. We are dedicated to helping our customers create spaces they love, while supporting artisans in Ethiopia. Designed in Brooklyn and handwoven in Ethiopia, Bolé Road marries ancient weaving traditions, passed down through the generations to today’s master local artisans, with a modern global aesthetic. All of our products are ethically sourced and lovingly crafted.

Ilé Ilà

Home & Garden, Decor, Other, Lifestyle
Women Owned, Handmade
Ilé Ilà (translated "House of Lines") was started by Tosin Oshinowo in 2017 to celebrate her native Yoruba culture. It is a lifestyle furniture-line designed and hand-made in Lagos, Nigeria. We design period-conscious furniture with a contemporary African content, hand-made with love, in Lagos Nigeria. Tosin Oshinowo, an Architect behind the design and execution of the Maryland Mall has a natural affinity towards product design. She is particularly interested in the functionality of chairs, but also placing them in a Nigerian-African context. Ironically, her aesthetic for Architecture is minimalist using mute colours, however, her expression with the chairs is a bright explosion of colour. Her interest in West African Fabrics and Hard Woods has formed the basis in the expression of this identity. In particular, the collage of Asò Oké encapsulating history into upholstery is what makes this furniture-line exciting and different. Cultural Identity is paramount, at ilé-Ilà, each chair is named based on its aesthetic . Àràbà - aged tree, Òkín - the majestic peacock or Alààfíà - peace on this house, each chair is a proud celebration. As we formally launch the furniture-line, we are very honoured that Adekunle Gold, who is a pioneer in celebrating 'African culture' in an 'Urban context' is our Muse, collectively showing what can be achieved with the diversity of our design aesthetic and celebration of culture.

Ron Nicole

Home & Garden, Decor, Arts & Crafts
Women Owned, Handmade
Ron Nicole artworks are a collection of plants that we have growing on our land. My plaster artworks are only available during flower season (Spring and Summer). Every year I will have a waitlist that you can buy into for my larger artworks. If you are unable to snag a waitlist spot, I offer smaller plasterworks throughout the summer. The only way to learn about new artworks is to sign up and become a subscriber. I don’t often post on my Instagram when I have artworks available. My instagram is there to provide inspiration to my community. We are also working on our paper series during the summer, and they will be available in the Fall through Winter. Once I’ve created the plaster relief, I had it off to my hubby, David and he goes on to create the mold and paper reliefs. They are also made entirely by hand and will be sold in limited editions. We will starting offering them the first day of Fall on a weekly basis.

Marie Burgos Collection

Home & Garden, Candles, Decor, Other, Miscellaneous, Arts & Crafts
Luxury, Women Owned, Handmade
Calling upon Marie’s intimate knowledge of lighting and furniture available in today’s home decor market, the Marie Burgos Collection offers design professionals and homeowners bold new contemporary lighting, furniture and decorative accessories with a fresh perspective. In her design projects for residential and commercial interiors, designer Marie Burgos emphasizes harmony, comfort and abundant style. She looks for shapes, textures, and colors that will enhance her clients’ lifestyles while adding exciting new design dimensions to their rooms. This is also the approach that Marie has taken in developing the Marie Burgos Collection of carefully curated modern furniture, lighting, décor and art. Born and raised in Paris, Marie draws inspiration from both French design and her family’s native home of Martinique. Paired with a deep appreciation of mid-century modern furniture, Marie has taken the clean lines that defined the iconic designs of that movement and given them a luxurious new simplicity. Her use of Feng Shui, of which she is a certified master, always plays an important role in bringing a harmonious balance. The result is sophisticated, contemporary furnishings designed for today that playfully pays homage to the best of an earlier era. From 23k gold and oxidized iron pendants to hand woven paper floor lamps, the Marie Burgos Collection's lighting options offer a world of aesthetic styles while embodying an ethos of balance and harmony. Exquisitely crafted lights that add to the visual poetry of a space anchor the collection. It’s an honor to bring together this unique selection of chandeliers, lamps, and sconces that are otherwise unavailable in the US market. In addition to creating the Marie Burgos Collection, Marie and her team have completed dozens of homes, commercial spaces and hospitality interiors for a national and international clientele. Her critically acclaimed interior design firm has offices in New York City and Los Angeles.

Philly & Friends

Home & Garden, Decor, Children, Entertainment & Toys, Toys, Books, Arts & Crafts
Women Owned
Philly & Friends is a contemporary children's brand with purpose. It offers unique products that encourage confidence, self-love and diversity in our beloved children while supporting underprivileged kids around the world. Inspired by my daughter whose nickname is Philly, I wanted to create a children’s character kids everywhere can love and identify with. One who is strong, confident and happy, goes on adventures, as curious as George, laughs from within and loves wholeheartedly with tight hugs and lots of kisses. Philly & Friends was born out of a desire to see children grow up to see beauty in themselves and to believe they can be anything they want to be. Our Debut book is titled: Who Do I See in the Mirror?

Hrmny House

Health & Beauty, Skincare, Hair & Headwear, Accessories, Home & Garden, Decor, Arts & Crafts
Charitable, Free Shipping, Luxury, Veteran Owned, Women Owned, Family Owned, Made in America, Handmade, Natural, Vegan
Jamie, Hrmny House’s Owner and Creative Director, has always had a passion for the body and the benefits that can be attained from using natural herbs. She has an interest in how organic ingredients from the earth can heal, nourish, and disinfect many of the body's ailments. She says, "Our skin is the largest organ of the integumentary system, and we must care for it with love." Though she is not a doctor, she deeply cares for the wellbeing of herself and others. Her goal is to use research to help people live well and be healthy. Jamie started Hrmny House LLC in 2018 with her husband Freeman. Hrmny House LLC (pronounced har-mon-nee) stems from feeling - the feeling of peace in life when things are balanced. Balance, as in happy at home, in mind, body, and spirit. We believe that a family home creates a positive environment. We desire to bring harmony from our house to yours. "Our products differ from other natural product companies because of the love that goes into our creative process. Making natural products isn’t just a hobby or a get-rich-quick tactic for us. They are made with the intent to help relieve daily skin ailments with assurance and ease. We realize how beneficial life's natural elements are, and we hope that you will too." "Hrmny House's vision is to offer a large variety of organic, high quality products that support healthy living. We will continue to progress into other avenues as well that allow us to creatively express harmony through all of our gifts." Pleas like and follow us on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram and favorite our Etsy page. Thank you for your support!"

Olive Grove Life

Home & Garden, Decor, Fashion, Clothing, Tees, Men’s, Women’s, Unisex, Accessories, Arts & Crafts
Family Owned, Made in America, Natural
Olive Grove Life is about choosing the narrow path and being a light in this dark world.  But beyond that, it is recognizing that we need reminders to  - remember how great is our God - remember to keep training to be a great Christian - realize and embrace our spiritual identity - utilize and remember the great resource that is the Bible. and we do all that not to be famous but to be fruitful.   Olive Grove Life products range from Art prints to tees all of which help us fulfill our God-given purpose.  Olive Grove Life is owned and operated by me, a SAHM of 3 whom I also homeschool.  I am an imperfect child of God who has often forgotten how great our God is or the promises He has made and I can depend on. I truly did not walk or trust in the identity of a child of God through much of my life. This store lets me stay reminded of those facts and help others the way I wish someone had helped me.

Maggie & Ace

Home & Garden, Decor, Other, Fashion, Clothing, Tees, Men’s, Women’s, Unisex, Miscellaneous
Free Shipping, Ships Internationally, Women Owned, Made in America, Natural
Maggie & Ace is an apparel and accessories brand designed for cat lovers. Our unique cat-themed t-shirts and mugs make the purr-fect gift for you or someone else. Maggie & Ace prints and processes in the United States allowing us to offer high quality products and to ship to our customers quickly which differentiates us from competitors. Maggie & Ace is also the namesake of two paw-some cats owned by our team. I am Carol, the creator of Maggie & Ace. I am a cat lover and have always been an entrepreneur at heart. I was inspired to create Maggie & Ace after noticing that there were limited options on the market tailored to cat lovers and dedicated to helping them celebrate their favorite furbaby.