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Kay Customz

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Wooden custom Earrings & custom Dolls! please visit my www.instagram.com/kaycustoms/ for new pics and videos. I love what I do and take pride in each custom design! Thanks so Much!!

Malaville Toys

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Malaville is a place of stunning beauty, where everyone is welcome to play. It is a place where your imagination comes to life and your heart fills up with joy. Malaville is a wonderful place of make-believe, where everything is possible and dreams come true. So come on in, and join the journey into the world of creative imagination.

Herstory Doll

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Herstory Doll is an 18 inch articulated play doll line. Herstory Doll is a reflection of diversity within kids of African Descent with different brown skin tones, more true facial features, and textured hair of different types. The added bonus to the doll line is the joint articulation and our building of a platform to allow those who purchase them to use their own creativity and imagination to build further on the character THEY choose to create, in a reflection they can Identify with and be proud of, as opposed to buying something that is already given an identity by a company. Herstory is more than a beautiful representation of girl characters (and eventually boys), it is also about putting creativity into the hands of kids encouraging them use their imaginations and artistic abilities through creative writing, storytelling, photography, videography, crafting, sewing and more. Our goal is to build an online global community where youth have the platform to share their creativity through their doll characters, how they've defined their own unique characters in their own ways and share them with other youth in a positive creative sharing space. Each Herstory Doll comes with a Herstory notebook and writing utensil which serves as tools to write down their creative writing ideas, DIY crafting and design ideas, and other activities and projects that will be posted on our website regularly for girls to download and get creative and artistic. On our website will also have a section where images can be uploaded of projects kids have done, their creative writing stories to share, their creative doll photography or videos or other design and sewing/crafting projects. Every month there will also be a theme that with aid them in their creative brainstorming. Our online community will be an engaging platform in that it will continuously encourage, challenge and bring artistic inspiration to those who join; getting youth to try their hand at different artistic skills or take on themed challenges in a variety of art forms they may like to create and experiment with. ?I do not want to build a doll line that tells the consumer/potential doll owner who the doll is or what culture she is from. I want the consumer/doll owner to be able to make those decisions of representation for themselves. The dolls featured so far are only 3 of the 5 skin tones and hair textures that I am striving to release. Our second goal level will allow us to add on the next 2 dolls.

Meme Bete

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At meme bete…, we focus on providing luxury leather bags that are both practical and fashionable. All items are handmade with precision in St. Lucia, to offer you the best quality and finishing. We work with many different types of traditional cloths such as African wax print and madras, and combine them with the finest of leather. Variations in colour and shading are natural to the leather and are not flaws, but should be considered part of the unique beauty of each piece. The company currently operates out of a small workshop in St. Lucia in the Caribbean where lunch hours are typically spent on the beach. meme bete…, aims to put St. Lucia on the map as a viable contributor to the global fashion industry.

Mixed Chicks

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Whether you’re black, white, asian, latin, mediterranean, or any glorious combination of the above, you’ll love the way these non-sticky, lightweight curly hair products leave your hair inviting to touch as they define and lock moisture into every curl. Be a proud part of our multiracial movement…”MIXED CHICKS” your curls! And yes, it not only works on wavy, tightly curled or straight hair but it also works on weaves.

Pretty Brown Girl Doll

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Women Owned, Charitable
Welcome to Pretty Brown Girl! Founded in 2010, we are a global initiative that encourages girls and women to celebrate the shades of brown all over the world through the Pretty Brown Girl Club, products, and events. By developing positive self esteem, confidence and leadership, girls are empowered to dream their biggest dreams and live the lives that they imagine for themselves. Pretty Brown Girl represents girls everywhere that love to have fun, learn, laugh and are happy in their own skin. We know that girls today are receiving mixed messages from the media, their peers, and countless other places. The chasm between childhood and adulthood is an extremely difficult bridge to cross. At a very early age, girls begin to shape their self image, and it is that image that they hold on to. Together we can help to empower a girl and empower the world! The “Pretty Brown Girl” collection empowers and inspires girls to celebrate their shades of brown with a simple yet powerful message.

Runway Curls

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After years of research, we bring to you textured hair that truly represents and mimics the natural curl patterns of the African Woman. From Curly to Kinky, Runway Curls celebrates and encourages all woman to first embrace their own Kinks and then their Runway Curls, creating the perfect harmony for blended natural textures. Our mission is to empower our customers, other stylists and beauty distributors through opportunities to collaborate and share our resources to grow and generate additional streams of income. Runway Curls aims to defy society's stigma that black people cannot work together. Runway Curls is collaborating and profit sharing with beauty professionals all over the world. Let's take back this beauty industry. It's our hair... One head at a time, one stylist at a time, one business at a time… we will have the whole world embracing their Runway Curls.

Sadie's Babies

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Sadie's Babies is a family oriented business delivering mindful products for mommy and baby. Founded in 2011 the subsidiary of Sadie's Memories offers quality handmade cloth diapers, training pants, cloth menstrual pads, *N'Diji Dolls as well as a plethora of baby tailored products. Everything created at Sadie's Babies is handmade from start to finish by Founder/Creator, Pamala, she credits all inspiration of her designs to not only her husband and daughter, but, her grandmother for which the company is named after.

The Fresh Dolls

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Our Vision: To live in a world where every child knows their true beauty and intelligence.

The Queens of Africa

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The Queens of Africa program is dedicated, through the use of books, dolls, comics, music and animation series, to help empower children of African descent to be confident and matured ethically. The dolls and materials are designed, through fun and engaging materials, to subconsciously promote African heritage. Developed by entrepreneur and philanthropist Taofick Okoya, the program has reached tens of thousands of children across Africa contributing significantly to education programs, particularly in Nigeria. Queens of Africa celebrates being an African girl in the 21st century by drawing on the strengths and achievements of our ancestors and bring them up to date to empower and inspire today's generation of African girls. The website queensofafrica.com has lots of information about the Queens and the wider work the program is involved in.