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Toys Like Me

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Toys Like Me™ was created in early 2018 by an African American dad who noticed that most toys sold by major retailers do not reflect what children with brown skin look like. He wanted to create backpack dolls™ and other products that Black children could resonate with, that is, toys that would build character, self-esteem, and most importantly... self-awareness!

Trinity Designs Inc

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In 2001, the idea to develop dolls originally came from a simple desire to have doll that was a tribute to my sorority. Of course a Delta would want a Delta doll. This simple desire to develop a doll for myself has expanded into a collection of dolls that celebrate all the Black Greek Lettered sororities. In 2006 we began prototyping our 1st doll. We brought our 1st doll affectionately named, “The Essence of a Delta” to full production in 2010 where she made her debut at the 2010 National Convention for my beloved sorority. Our initial vision was to develop dolls that captured the image and character of the African American sorority sister. During product and development over the years the vision shifted and our goals expanded and we thought it was important to include dolls for children in our product offerings. To date we have designed 11 adult collectible dolls and are currently working to bring our children’s dolls to production for retail distribution. We are currently creating our newest edition of “Collegiate” sorority dolls. The first of the series is of course our signature “Essence of a Delta” doll and she is featured in a fully customized line jacket. She really is an awesome depiction of the collegiate Delta girl. She’s beautiful beyond words and we are so proud of her excellent quality, attention to detail and flawless beauty. “The Essence of a Zeta” collegiate doll will make her debut Spring 2019 and we are excited beyond words at how amazing she is! We can’t wait to share her with our fan base.

Uzuri Kid Kidz

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WHAT THIS WEBSITE DOES Our website sells our Party supplies, dolls, puppets, custom T-shirts to ensure that Parents from different races find items that reflect the lifestyle of their culture on their children SERVICES OFFERED BY THIS WEBSITE Parents can come and purchase one of our custom T-shirts with their child’s name on it. They can also purchase invites for their child’s recital. We offer suggestions on how to create unforgettable party experiences using the UZURI KIDZ Brand. We create custom family and Class re-union T-shirts, cups, bags and other give-a-ways like the “when I grow up T-shirt line”. We also work with schools to enhance or create a school Spirit program because we are committed to community service endeavors that are aligned with our mission MISSION First off, UZURI means “beauty”. We think all Kids are beautiful, no matter what color/race they are. Hence, our mission is to ensure that children of different races can dream about becoming anything in life and feel good about their own image.

Black Chibis

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Black Chibi Dolls is a Black-owned business based in Tilbury, England. As its name suggests, it sells Chibi dolls: anime characters on keychains. This Black-owned company accepts orders placed from all over the world. Once shipped, most domestic orders take anywhere from 2 to 10 business days. The owner of Black Chibi Dolls created this business because she believes in Black Girl Magic, and wanted to see Black girls reflected in a genre that all too often excludes us - the world of anime! Bye bye Hello Kitty and Hello, Black Chibi!


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A multi-faceted Afrocentric apparel and accessories collection based in New York. In 2008, QUÈLLYRUE was launched producing a spectacular range of jewelry, handbags, hair accessories, and more, all handcrafted from the finest fabrics, fibers, and materials from around the world.

Brains & Beauty Dolls

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We encourage young girls to empower one another. Brains and Beauty Dolls are multicultural dolls with real human hair that were designed to represent girls of color. By offering the ability to buy natural hair dolls online, we strive to develop self-awareness and positive self-esteem in young girls. Our goal is to inspire little girls to embrace their uniqueness, individual beauty, intelligence, culture, and leadership ability. We also challenge young girls to achieve their goals and dreams in style. Brains and Beauty Dolls are 18-inch multi-cultural dolls that speak encouraging words. Brains and Beauty Dolls are beautiful and intelligent fashionistas. You can dress them in the latest fashions and have fun styling their beautiful curly hair. Brains and Beauty Dolls are 18-inch multi-cultural dolls that speak encouraging words. Brains and Beauty Dolls are beautiful and intelligent fashionistas. You can dress them in the latest fashions and have fun styling their beautiful curly hair.

Beautiful Curly Me

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Beautiful Curly Me seeks to inspire girls to celebrate their beauty (inside and out) and to love themselves from curl to toe. We want to encourage girls to love themselves, their curls, care for them and look pretty cute doing it. Protect your curls in style!


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Hi, I’m Susan Jones the hands behind Giftedhands4ubyme. I create one of a kind crochet dolls of all shades of brown. I create these dolls with the likes of our little girls and boys. The hair on my dolls resemble our hair textures, the many that we have. I started this company because for years I noticed in toy stores, dolls that looked like my daughters were hard to find. If I found a black doll it was just a doll that was painted brown with the same type of hair like the others. One day my husband saw my frustration and said why not make your own. And that’s how giftedhands4ubyme got started.

Corage Dolls

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Corage Dolls is a multicultural doll company that helps to elevate, educate, and encourage girls of color to be unstoppable. When I was in high school I watched the documentary “Girl Like Me” in which a “doll test” was conducted. A group of black children were given a black doll and a white doll and asked various questions about the doll's perceived attributes such as which one was smarter, prettier, uglier, etc. The majority of the children chose the white doll when it came to anything positive and when the children were asked which doll they associated most with they said the black doll. Now you must know that this same test was conducted more than 60 years earlier and garnered similar results. It was frustrating and disheartening to see how children as young as 5 could already have a negative perception of themselves and internalized racism. I didn’t know at the time what I wanted to do with this realization, but I knew I would always remember that moment. Numerous studies and child psychologists have shown that many children of color specifically girls undervalue themselves due to a lack of positive representation in images and the media. Especially, in the toy industry where toy shelves carry dismal levels of diversity, children derive meaningful lessons from their toys as they’re building their imagination and cognitive skills. As time went on I soon built this idea of wanting to fix the toy aisle with positive representation of dolls of color that weren’t fashion dolls. I wanted to celebrate black beauty through dolls that looked authentic and liked girls of today, educate children on rich career developmental stories that were inspired by girls today taking charge in the space of entrepreneurship, STEM, activism, and more and lastly, build a sense of sistership

The Reigning Princess Collection

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The reigning Princess dolls were inspired by my very own daughter Princess Reign who I want to teach to love her rich skin complexion and kinky hair. I wanted to provide my daughter with a doll that she can relate to looks like her! My goal is for other Mothers of color to do the same .