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Dinka Appearl

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Here at Dinka we combine a mixture of African and American Designs to make beautiful And high quality Clothing and Apparel.what makes us different is we take pride in our self's and our history .


Entertainment & Toys, Games
Ships Internationally, Family Owned
Growing up in an emerging neighborhood, it was rare to have conversations about relationships and politics. We saw that this was a gap for a lot of people. We've created this card game as a way to spark raw and honest conversations! It’s the perfect card game for parties, game nights, pre-games, a casual chill night with friends, date nights for couples and more. You will come out of it with good laughs and a great understanding of your friends!

Taji Mag

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Vol 1 of Taji Mag released on December 7th of 2014 by Editor & Principal Photographer, NayMarie, and has quickly grown to be a symbol of unapologetic Blackness. Taji was launched to fill the void of positive news surrounding the Black community in mainstream media. After Mike Brown was wrongly executed and placed on display for the world to watch, the Black community rallied together. Most wanted to ‘shop Black’ but few knew where to begin. 9 days later, NayMarie started a group, the Black Owned Business Collective (later forming into Our Black Web with partner, Will Focus), and quickly discovered the depth of Black businesses and amazing stories that needed to be shared. Combining this with her passion as a photographer, Taji Mag was solidified on November 1st and released a month later. Conceptualized in New York, Taji has readers and a tribe across the global African diaspora.

Agape Dolls

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My name is Carole Brothers, I am a Doll-maker and now, a mask and headband maker as well due to Covid-19. I began making dolls in 1999 after noticing that there were very few dolls that reflected both my African American heritage and Christian values. I decided to use my creative spirit to create beautifully unique and cultured one-of-a-kind pieces. I use paints, dyes, textiles, mixed media, and surface manipulation to design dolls, figurines, and wall art. Each dolls has a story and is hand-crafted personally by me. I also began creating masks for donation and purchase during Covid-19 for every mask purchased I donate one masks to someone in need. My mask are made according to CDC guideline and are not only fashionable but do the job to keep you safe. <3

Minikin Paper Dolls

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Women Owned, Family Owned, Made in America, Handmade
Minikin started as something that I did specifically for my daughters. As the mother of four girls, it was very important that my girls had toys that represented them. When I saw that this would be a challenge, I began making their toys myself. Minikin became a legitimate business in 2018 after I was awarded a Community Supported Artist Grant. Since then, the paper dolls have made their way into several shops across the country.

Nikkolas Smith

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Nikkolas Smith, a native of Houston, Texas, is a Master of Architecture recipient from Hampton University. After designing theme parks at Walt Disney Imagineering for 11 years, he is now a Concept artist, Children's Books Author and Film Illustrator. He is the author/illustrator of the picture books "The Golden Girls of Rio" (nominated for an NAACP Image Award) and My Hair Is Poofy And That's Okay. The latest children’s book he has illustrated, World Cup Women features the World Champion USWNT. He also creates activist art paintings and Hollywood movie posters (Black Panther, Beale Street, Southside With You, Dear White People, Stranger Fruit). He is a proud 2016 White House Innovators of Color fellow. As an illustrator of color and an Artivist, Nikkolas is focused on creating captivating art that can spark important conversations in today's world and inspire meaningful change. Many of his viral and globally published sketches are included in his latest book Sunday Sketch: The Art of Nikkolas, a visual journey on life and a collection of more than 100 sketches he has done in the last five years. His works have been featured on TIME Magazine, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, CNN, HLN, Buzzfeed, the Academy of Motion Pictures, The Guardian, ABC, NBC, KCET, BBC and many more. His art has been shared on social media by Michelle Obama, Van Jones, Shaun King, Rihanna, Colin Kaepernick, Janet Jackson, Jamie Foxx, Viola Davis, Erykah Badu, Lupita Nyong'o, Kendrick Lamar, Tracee Ellis Ross, Ava Duvernay, Common, Simone Biles, Miley Cirus, Mark Ruffalo, Jesse Williams, Amy Shumer and many others. Nikkolas also talks for conferences (TEDxWatts) and schools all over the country, leads workshops in digital painting character and movie poster and design. He lives in Los Angeles, California.


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FOLKUS designs wrapping paper and cards inspired by the Black aesthetic and experience. FOLKUS aims to expand how we celebrate, cope and connect through the prism of BLACKNESS! Many of the papers featured in our debut collection are double-sided and a tribute to the Black oral tradition, customs, meaningful textiles and an overall cannon to symbolize triumph and beauty.

Travel Deeper

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Travel Deeper is a U.S. based, Black women-owned small business. We specialize in curated travel experiences to Mother Africa, supporting entrepreneurs, and connecting Black people across the diaspora. Our current partners are entrepreneurs in Accra, Ghana; Dakar, Senegal; and Praia, Cape Verde. They specialize in private and small-group cultural tour experiences; and design and manufacturing of men, women, and children's clothing and apparel. Featured partners include Explore Ghana Tours, The Motherland Experience Travel Tours, and Zionland Creation. Four years ago, I turned 40 and declared to myself (and on my vision board) that I wanted to travel deeper. To me, travel deeper meant finally going to the Motherland, Mama Africa and connecting to the land of my ancestors. I am five generations removed from American slavery and a granddaughter of sharecroppers. But my story -our story- does not begin there. We invite you to join us and reflect, return, and be restored. We invite you to travel deeper with us. Read more of our story on our blog "When you answer the ancestral call, the universe opens" - https://traveldeeperinc.com/f/when-you-answer-the-ancestral-call-the-universe-opens

Sheni and Teni Ltd

Children, Entertainment & Toys, Books
Women Owned
Sheni and Teni Ltd is simply a celebration of African cultures. We're passionate about creating an avenue for children to learn all about African cultures while playing. We believe this stirs up questions about diversity, ethnicity, heritage and culture thus expanding their horizons. We do this by creating unique, exciting, good quality products that you and your Littles can bond over. Representation Matters It fills us with so much pride and joy when we see the excitement on children's faces as they play with our products and ask questions. This is ever so important today more than ever. When children see their skin tone represented in toys and books, it lets them know they are important. It lets them know that their stories and voices matter. It opens up possibilities in their minds' eye of just who and what they can be. This is our raison d'être.

Thimble & Doll

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Women Owned
Alisha opened Sugacandipop as a pop up shop in the Dingwalls Gallery, next door to the famous Market Hall in 2012. Alisha made and sold her dolls in her shoplet 7 days a week. With help from her sister and good friends the initial pop up was so well received that it stayed open for over a year. It only closed when Alisha was due to have a baby starting a family of her own. ? --- During her time off with her family she continued her professional background in childcare and playwork, specialising in crafts. She has worked with children for 15 years now and has made their delight her passion. She craved to bring her dolls back to the public so brainstormed, crowdfunded and planned her way to become a mother maker. She relaunched her diverse doll making business under a new name Thimble & Doll ready for Christmas 2017. The dolls are still designed, drawn, cut and stitched by hand by the lady herself but are now even more environmentally friendly, safety conscious & more diverse. ? In 2012 she started with 5 skin tones but has now doubled this to 10! She brought her remastered doll selection & bespoke order service back to her roots, local markets in London & associated events. Touching base with her customers new & old; young and young at heart alike. ? You can buy a selection of pre made dolls from her online shop (Opening again Sep 2019) or make a bespoke order for your own doll using a user friendly online form. There are currently 4 styles of doll available and different sizes to choose from, with lots of customising options for that really personal touch.