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Corage Dolls

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Corage Dolls is a multicultural doll company that helps to elevate, educate, and encourage girls of color to be unstoppable. When I was in high school I watched the documentary “Girl Like Me” in which a “doll test” was conducted. A group of black children were given a black doll and a white doll and asked various questions about the doll's perceived attributes such as which one was smarter, prettier, uglier, etc. The majority of the children chose the white doll when it came to anything positive and when the children were asked which doll they associated most with they said the black doll. Now you must know that this same test was conducted more than 60 years earlier and garnered similar results. It was frustrating and disheartening to see how children as young as 5 could already have a negative perception of themselves and internalized racism. I didn’t know at the time what I wanted to do with this realization, but I knew I would always remember that moment. Numerous studies and child psychologists have shown that many children of color specifically girls undervalue themselves due to a lack of positive representation in images and the media. Especially, in the toy industry where toy shelves carry dismal levels of diversity, children derive meaningful lessons from their toys as they’re building their imagination and cognitive skills. As time went on I soon built this idea of wanting to fix the toy aisle with positive representation of dolls of color that weren’t fashion dolls. I wanted to celebrate black beauty through dolls that looked authentic and liked girls of today, educate children on rich career developmental stories that were inspired by girls today taking charge in the space of entrepreneurship, STEM, activism, and more and lastly, build a sense of sistership

Laila's Luggage

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Travel activities and accessories perfect for kids! Laila's Luggage is a mommy and me travel duo set on making travel easier for kids (and their adult companions) by creating easy to carry travel activities for families on the go!

Paige & Paxton

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The concept of Paige & Paxton is more than 20 years in the making. In the 1980s, Rachel O. Williams was looking for a way to give her two daughters an edge in math and science. She searched for resources, but at the time, the majority of the available elementary STEM content was, well, boring. So she started using these two puzzle piece characters that she created for a business venture to teach some of the more complex concepts through storytelling. This approach made the math and science more interesting and relevant for all involved—Jessica, Kelley, and Rachel. Fast forward 20 years later, and something amazing had occurred. Both Kelley and Jessica were excelling in science and math-related fields and actively involved in STEM pipelining programs for youth. They convinced their mom to bring the characters back to life and build an elementary STEM initiative with the characters at the core. A year later, they secured Chicago Public Schools as their first major client. Unbeknownst to Rachel, she had stumbled across what is considered best practices in elementary STEM today: early exposure with an emphasis on accuracy and relevance. It’s strange how things turn out. Rachel never imagined that those two rudimentary boxy puzzle piece characters would evolve into an elementary STEM system that would change the way we teach STEM in this country and what we believe our youngest students are capable of. The whole concept of Paige & Paxton grew out of Rachel’s love for her children and a desire to do what was best for them and now more than twenty years later, her creation, Paige & Paxton, is at the forefront of a movement to do what’s best for all children.

The Reigning Princess Collection

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The reigning Princess dolls were inspired by my very own daughter Princess Reign who I want to teach to love her rich skin complexion and kinky hair. I wanted to provide my daughter with a doll that she can relate to looks like her! My goal is for other Mothers of color to do the same .

Calypso Creations LLC

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Around 2015, SCAD graduate Jordan Porter was filled with creative dreams and aspirations. Unfortunately, a house fire, student loans, car loans, health insurance, etc. deferred those fantasies. Around 2018, Jordan remained in his parent's house and struggling to find employment. Concurrently, he researched dozens of ways to generate income. At some point, Jordan developed an idea for a party & card game called "Who Would You TRUST?" The idea inspired his mother Lisa Porter and together they founded Calypso Creations LLC, a small black-owned family company that creates card games for families and friends. After a few launch parties and self-advertising, Calypso Creations LLC and Who Would You TRUST? enjoyed some limited success and sales. However, we failed to make enough profit to continue funding large-scale parties, events & advertising; resulting in the game and company declining to anonymity. We're hoping NILE can bring us some much needed exposure so our little business and game can bring love, laughter and life into the homes of our brothers & sisters.

Philly & Friends

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Philly & Friends is a contemporary children's brand with purpose. It offers unique products that encourage confidence, self-love and diversity in our beloved children while supporting underprivileged kids around the world. Inspired by my daughter whose nickname is Philly, I wanted to create a children’s character kids everywhere can love and identify with. One who is strong, confident and happy, goes on adventures, as curious as George, laughs from within and loves wholeheartedly with tight hugs and lots of kisses. Philly & Friends was born out of a desire to see children grow up to see beauty in themselves and to believe they can be anything they want to be. Our Debut book is titled: Who Do I See in the Mirror?

Satin Kiss

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Satin Kiss helps people lead healthy, happy sex lives! We provide a curated selection of body-safe sexual health and pleasure products, 1-on-1 and couples' consulting, workshops, fun and educational toy parties. Virtual sessions and parties now available! BIPOC are central to the mission, but all ethnicities, genders, and sexual identities are welcome! Satin Kiss is also certified as a Community Sexual Health Resource by the Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health in Providence, RI.

Dinka Appearl

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Here at Dinka we combine a mixture of African and American Designs to make beautiful And high quality Clothing and Apparel.what makes us different is we take pride in our self's and our history .

Holistic Living Consulting

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Cassandra Hill is a patient turned powerhouse who travels the world administering the knowledge and treatment of holistic health. After being diagnosed with Systemic Lupus and other autoimmune conditions in 2014, Hill gained the determination to overcome the illness in her body. Already an affluent professional with a Master’s degree in Gerontology and a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work, this illness would make her a student; yet again. Her frustration with being sick, motivated Cassandra to fight back driving her to take courses on Health and Wellness; carefully applying the knowledge to her life in order to combat illness. In mere months, her health was transformed completely, creating miraculous responses in her blood work and overall well-being. The knowledge acquired by Cassandra Hill has revolutionized her health, she has lived in remission from systemic lupus for a continuation of four years with no evidence of its return. Today, Cassandra Hill is certified as a Holistic Health Practitioner and Wellness Coach. She is a firm believer that our life’s lessons are designed for us to learn and teach others. She humbly confesses that “No one should suffer from bad health”. Her passion is to see clients who may suffer from autoimmune disease, emotional trauma, and any other chronic health condition experience alleviation, and quite possibly, total remission. It is her life’s calling to see her clients value their overall health and become their best selves. Cassandra can fully attest that living healthy has changed her life and she wants to change your life too with Holistic Living Consulting. Holistic Living Consulting offers an unique experience because Cassandra knows what bad health can do and wants people to have wellness. Start your wellness journey today!


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Growing up in an emerging neighborhood, it was rare to have conversations about relationships and politics. We saw that this was a gap for a lot of people. We've created this card game as a way to spark raw and honest conversations! It’s the perfect card game for parties, game nights, pre-games, a casual chill night with friends, date nights for couples and more. You will come out of it with good laughs and a great understanding of your friends!