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Seasonal Frostbite

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Women Owned
So what is Seasonalfrostbite? Well, its a frostbite that last all season long...hhaaha I know It's weird I came up with the name when I was in middle school that was my artist tag, before i came up with that it was "Lucky_k" but everyone wanted to be lucky and have K in their name. Anywho I'm an artist! I made this shop to share and sell my hobbies, interests, and crafting. I started out realizing when I was a freshman at GHC that I really love to craft and make things, before I'd buy something I asked myself "Can I make it?" and not only "Can I make it?" but, "CAN WE BUILD IT?" ((Hahaha, bob the builder)) Anyways I went on to start my store on Etsy. I wasn't able to make and ship on my Etsy at first so I got into papercraft! Selling my papercraft creations was a great way to make money for books without having to ship. Now I can ship actual items but my love for papercraft will be mixed in my store. I started my etsy to be a successful person earning money doing what they love to do.

Pink Olay

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Women Owned, Handmade
Welcome! Thank you for visiting Pinkolay Crochet, each handmade item in my shop is with the utmost care, also each item is one of a kind. An item can take any where from a few hours to months depending on what you choose. I also take custom orders which include graphs, blankets, stuff animals, hats, scarfs, Bags, clothes and so much more, all you need to do is request a custom order to get something made just for you.

Creations By JNB

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Women Owned, Handmade
Hello everyone, I'm Jennifer, current stay at home mother of two. I began crocheting in 2015 when I first found out I was pregnant with my first child, Benedict. I wanted to make him things that were special and one of a kind. At first, starting out was difficult because I was working full time and needed to take care of my son. Finding the time to set aside for it felt impossible. But now that I stay home I can dedicate more time to my craft. I opened this shop because I got upset going to the store and not finding the right size, really cute baby hat. And since having my premature daughter Effie, I wanted to make adorable things for babies that would fit a variety of sizes that one would need. But my shop isn't just for the cute babies in your lives, I have made items such as ties for my husband, Sci-Fi inspired hats for my brother-in-law, and much more. I have hand crafted gifts for baby, child, and adult alike. So I invite you to take a closer look and may you find something special for you and your loved ones. I’m very excited to share my creations with you and your family. Happy shopping!

Nzuri Naturals

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Free Shipping, Women Owned, Made in America, Handmade, Natural, Cruelty-Free
Your skin deserves the best! Our natural products are handmade in the USA, cruelty free, and do not contain petroleum products, parabens, or toxic chemicals. We do not test on animals. Each product is produced from a small batch using quality plant based, natural ingredients.

She's All That

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Women Owned, Youth Involved, Made in America
She's All That provides inspirational arts and crafts activities. Our scrapbooks feature 15-20 successful Black Female success stories, leaving the young girl in your life feeling empowered. In addition, our A-B-Cs of Girl Power flipbooks provide an intro to younger girls about a variety of jobs being completed by Black Females. Our products are the perfect gift for the creative arts and crafts girl aged 4-14.


Children, Entertainment & Toys, Dolls
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Inspired by their upbringing in Brooklyn, New York, twin sisters Laken and Carlissa King sought to create dolls that spark creativity and celebrate togetherness. With rich storytelling that's aspirational and engaging, each Worldgirls doll embodies a specific archetypal trait—Warrior, Healer, Explorer, Rebel, and Scholar—so that children can identify with the dolls' unique passions rather than their looks. More than just dolls, Worldgirls is the ultimate team representing girls from different countries and backgrounds who come together to learn, break down barriers, and have fun while doing it!

Clean Canvas Creations

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Clean Canvas Creations was originally created to provide soaps for sensitive skin. Since I was a child I’ve suffered from skin issues and then I passed on my skin sensitivity to my children. After learning how many chemicals were in everyday soap that we use, I decided to make my own because nothing else seemed to alleviate our discomfort. I noticed such a big difference in my skin and my children’s skin. I decided to share my creations with friends and family. After an overwhelming amount of positive responses, I decided to create my own business so that I could help others who suffer from irritating and uncomfortable skin issues. As the company grew, customers asked that I add on more products. We now offer, candles, lip balms, bathbombs and more. This journey has been fun and I look forward to what the future holds for us.

Mrs Jacks Natural & Organic Body Food

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Women Owned, Natural, Vegan
Mrs Jacks Natural & Organic Body Foods, LLC known as Mrs Jacks Body Food is dedicated going green and growing green by providing the best in natural and organic skin, body, hair care products. We strive for non commercialized chemicals or synthetic preservatives in our products, free of dyes, parabens, petroleum, sodium laureate and we love feed back and will customize organically our products to fit your needs.. I personally suffered from a rare disease that is an allergic reaction to nitrates and preservatives in food as well as skin care products and I am striving to make safe products with the affordable and obtainable prices for me as well as my family.

Shop Tilde

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Women Owned
Chaundraya and Danielle are “cool moms” and graphic designers, living in Atlanta, Georgia, who met through their 9 year old daughters in 2017. They quickly realized that they had too many things in common to ignore the fact that they could create something magical together. Each of them specifically had experience in the product design industry and had hoped to create something that they could truly be proud of and call their own one day — and it became increasingly obvious that it might not be possible if they didn’t take the risk, quit their jobs, and give it their all. Shop Tilde is a lifestyle brand & gift shop that is a natural extension of Chaundraya and Danielle’s personalities. They strive to create effortlessly chic gifts for the fashion and design conscious women of the world, and hope to bring as many smiles to people’s faces while creating something that brings them just as much joy.

Givewave Studios

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Graphic Designer turned costume maker. I've always enjoyed all types of fandoms, and have found myself creating custom costumes and props for friends and fellow con-goers in the past few years. This shop is my interum platform to showcase and sell some of the things I've made and that are most requested from those who've seen or know of my work.