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Luxury, Ships Internationally, Women Owned, Youth Involved, Handmade, Natural, Discount Available
OUR IDENTITY Wazawazi is built around our desire to build Africa’s premier lifestyle brand. Our mission is to produce functional luxury bags and accessories centered around quality design and inspired by African culture. Our products are aimed at packaging Africa and telling the African story through a creative form of expression. Wazawazi is therefore an open call to all lovers of quality, diversity, cultural experiences and social inclusion through a design driven product capturing the best of modern day Africa. For us, these are not just bags they are personal statement pieces and as such great skill, care and attention to detail is put into producing our finest forms of artwork. We endeavor to craft pieces that last a lifetime so that you can fully make use of them as you help us tell Africa’s story and eventually pass them down to your next generation to continue its narration. ABOUT CHEBET Meet Chebet, a young lady born and raised in Kenya with a dream of changing the way Africa is perceived globally through her creative work. Her passion and love for all things Africa, has set her on a journey to capture and express Africa’s story in the most audacious and beautiful form. She studied Education in Economics and French at the University and while there she began to engage in entrepreneurship. She later progressed into an economist career at the World Bank but she immediately became restless. The unsustainable direction of development work in Africa and the way the African story was being narrated to the world just didn’t sit right with her. She opted to trade in her career in the Corporate world in 2012 to start Wazawazi, a luxury lifestyle leather goods brand.


Falling Star Naturals

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Women Owned, Discount Available
An average widowed mom trying to build a movement! Join us! I am a mom, worker bee and average Joette who has a lot of skin sensitivities and my kids have inherited that legacy. After trying various products and wasting lots of money on expensive soaps, lotions, oils etc I decided to study herbology and make my own. My concept is quality ingredients. Innovative packaging and unique ideas. I love history, pop culture and having fun. We pride ourselves on our customer service and our ability to foster our customer base here and on facebook. I am working on adding product almost daily and have future plans for a sleek, cool, definitive line of male products. Check me out on my Youtube Channel and Facebook. Just click on the links here. Stay tuned.

Level22 Apparel

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Women Owned
Two Atlanta-based sisters dreamt of helping people highlight their most authentic selves. Together they founded Level22 Apparel Company. One of their goals was to help buyers express what defines them. People make statements through apparel, and one of the core goals of Level22 is to provide customers with quality clothing and service. Why do we wear clothes? Some of the reasons have been lost through the ages, but there is one constant. Offering high-quality garments at affordable prices is a win for everyone. What is considered apparel? It is everything people wear, from hoodies with patches to the most exquisite evening gowns. Level22 provides it all, with the best quality. They do not have any cheap, rough, scratchy, low-grade products in their inventory. Check out some of their pieces below. They show Level22's ever-expanding collections to find the best in fine apparel.

3 Some Chocolates

Fashion, Clothing, Men’s, Women’s, Unisex, Food & Beverage, Desserts
Free Shipping, Women Owned
“It will never work out—that name, it’s too raunchy.” This is feedback that came from various sourcs at the launch of 3-Some Chocolates. The name gave founders Patrick Ali Glanville and Kristin Parker a lot of attention. Everyone loves chocolate, but what makes this company so different? They blend three chocolates everyone loves—milk, white, and dark—combine it into one bar, and call it a “3 Some.” Glanville, who had been making chocolate with his family since he was a child, created the concept. He grew up in Southside Jamaica, Queens, the son of immigrants. His grandmother brought his mother to the United States from Jamaica in the 1970s. She worked hard to provide for her family. She also taught them skills that would be useful to them throughout life. One of these skills was making chocolate. Glanville wanted to find a way to turn his many skill sets into a business, and 3 Some Chocolates was born. Ever since that moment, Glanville and Parker have been fulfilling people’s fantasies. Their following has grown at an exponential rate. They have shipped their incredible chocolate all over the world.

4 the Love of Bubbles

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The owner of 4 the Love of Bubbles is a woman named Ayieta. She has been making bath and body products for over 15 years. She is a self-proclaimed free spirit who loves to try new things. This willingness to experiment shows up in her creations. She enjoys seeing how her ingredients react with each other. She also likes to witness how much these creations delight her customers. She says that it is the ultimate reason why she does what she does. With 4 the Love of Bubbles, she wants to touch her unicorns in 3 ways: 1. Create amazing products to enhance their daily living; 2. Share her knowledge and experience as a consumer of bath and body products. This sharing is to help them make informed purchasing decisions; 3. Share her product making skills through live and virtual classes, seminars, and vlogs. 4 the Love of Bubbles carries a wide range of bath and body products for men, women, and children.


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Free Shipping, Women Owned
Jewelry & Accessories store based out of Los Angeles, CA.

Abdju Wear

Fashion, Tees, Unisex, Footwear, Men’s, Women’s
Changing the hood one shoe at a time. Producing high quality shoes and clothing and making them available to all is our goal.


Fashion, Accessories, Jewelry
Women Owned, Handmade
Vibrant & Unique handmade Jewelry

44th Legacy

Fashion, Accessories, other, Miscellaneous
Free Shipping
Imhotep Akili Pease is the founder of 44th Legacy. He formed the company to create premium accessories that honor the first African American US President. Pease has over 14 years' experience in the medical field. He has held many account management positions and served several biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies in the United States. He also held management positions in several biotech companies. Pease's designs integrate well in the workplace, as well as in everyday life. 44th Legacy designs and produces cufflinks for men, gold pendants, and medallions, available in alloy yellow, sterling silver, and 18K gold. Pease's team designs the gold cufflinks and other pieces, and he is a proud African-American business owner. Pease's pieces are created for all who appreciate the monumental presidency of Barack Hussein Obama II.

4Ward Designs by Ria

Fashion, Accessories, Jewelry
Women Owned, Handmade
Maria Chaney is a handmade jewelry designer from Philadelphia. Her company, 4Ward Designs by Ria, produces unique bracelets, handmade for men and women. Chaney has been crafting jewelry for many years. She used to make earrings as gifts for friends and family in her late teens and twenties. Her real passion came much later, around the time Chaney turned forty, and she launched her business in April 2016, becoming one of the few Black business owners making jewelry. Chaney’s inspiration comes from different things. It could be someone’s personality or style, the clothes they wear, or colors. When she does custom pieces, she talks to her clients and finds out what colors they like. She also asks what feel they are hoping to get. Chaney says that she loves designing and crafting wrist art for others: it is her therapy.