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Mike D's BBQ

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My name is Michael De Los Santos or Mike D hence the name. Mike D's BBQ is an award winning line of signature BBQ sauces and all-purpose dry rubs. Our sauces are a twist on the traditional BBQ sauce with some unique seasonings and spice levels. A core ingredient of our BIG Sauce is our all-purpose dry rub which is great with beef, pork, any bird, or vegetable. Our Sweet and Spicy rub is the heart of our Spicy BBQ Sauce. Whether you are in your kitchen, backyard grilling, or smoking our sauces and rubs are the perfect flavor compliment by not overpowering the natural flavor of the meat or vegetables. This business is the result of a long process of refining my sauces and rubs to meet my desired flavor and then share it with the world. I am a BBQ junkie, and was intrigued by the various sauces and rubs on the market. I eventually decided that to find what I thought was the perfect combination of sweet, smoky, and a little bite, I would need to create my own! Since then, we have seen all of our products win awards, including a World Champion for our all purpose rub! We have shipped products to all 50 states and 5 countries. Exciting for the growth ahead!

Scent Affairs

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Our goal is to continuously strive to make and provide a quality product. Scent Affairs loosely became a concept in the fall of 2018. Over time the concept began to take shape until it became a reality in the spring of 2019. The goal, create a safe, effective, quality product with a long lasting scentual affect. One that would evoke in the customer thoughts of distant exotic lands and far away places or memories of homemade treats in grandma’s kitchen. Thoughts of clean freshness like after you’ve just given your home your personal State Board of Health cleanliness stamp of approval. Having the perfect clean and fresh scent, like Oh So Fresh is the BOOYAAH finishing touch!!! Only the finest ingredients go into our scents because we take earning your business seriously.

CALABASH Tea & Tonic

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LGBTQ Owned, Ships Internationally, Women Owned, Family Owned, Made in America, Handmade, Natural, Cruelty-Free, Vegan, Discount Available
The original award-winning tea house can be found along the 7th street corridor of Washington's historic Shaw neighbourhood & historic Brookland. Drop by and get some healing energy from DC’s finest Tea Bar. The warm and cozy environment is just the right place for a meeting, tea-break or bite to eat. Order online for mail order at

Camella's Kitchen

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Free Shipping, Women Owned, Family Owned, Made in America, Handmade, Natural, Cruelty-Free, Vegan
Founded by a mother and daughter duo from Trinidad and Tobago, Camella’s Kitchen is helping you to elevate your meals at home and on the go with our bold Caribbean flavors – we ship. We started Camella's Kitchen in order to honor the memory of and carry on lessons learned from Ms. Camella, our mother and grandmother respectively. She taught us all that we know about making Caribbean food, and aim to follow in her footsteps to share our bold flavors with our community. All of our flavors are handcrafted in small batches – we make sauces, marinades, cakes and more. All of our sauces are gluten-free and vegan. Some items include our hot pepper sauces, spicy mango chutney, island herb blend (Caribbean green seasoning/sofrito/epis), rum cakes, and Caribbean fruit (black) cake. Our bundles and boxes make great gifts for those who enjoy all things tropical! Our flavors are a great way to experience the West Indies - no plane ticket required. As a bonus, we offer free recipes, so you too can try your hand at Caribbean cooking.


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Charitable, Free Shipping, Women Owned, Family Owned, Handmade, Natural, Vegan, Discount Available
We believe that every person has a purpose. We want to help you explore new ways of living every moment of your beautiful lives and not go hungry—hike a mountain, take your dream trip, start a blog, play in the park with your children, or simply add a little more flavor to your commute. Yes, we sell granola (it's quite tasty), but more importantly, we want to inspire you to live your life with purpose, passion, and to follow your dreams. Our products are here to bring the adventure back to snacking, and better yet, celebrate YOU when those dreams are achieved. Take us on your journey, and let's be great together.

The Honey Wine Company

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Many farming communities worldwide use basic agriculture practices that sometimes don't produce enough food or income to live on. Traditional, hollow beehives hanged in trees are one of these practices – they produce only a few pounds of poor quality honey per year – while frame beehives invented in 1852 and top bar hives produce up to ten times more honey. The people in the Kafa forest region of Ethiopia live on a few dollars a day due to outdated farming practices such as these traditional hives, which they hang in trees for wild bees to inhabit – watch how they do it. Meanwhile, their low incomes are forcing them to cut down the important Kafa rainforest – where coffee originated – for planting crops and to make charcoal from the wood. These practices reduced native tree cover in Ethiopia from 40% to 3% in the last 50 years! Ironically, less tree flowers means less honey. Proceeds from wine sales will finance modern beehive conversions in Kafa and earn Kafa families five times more household income while saving their forest and reducing carbon emissions – read more on sustainability, forests and the plight of bees in our award-winning playful and informative book. With partners, Ayele is working on a much larger project to conserve 250,000 hectares in Kafa, share forest carbon revenues with communities and convert thousands of beehives to modern ones, read about it here. In the future, rare honeys sourced from Kafa forest communities will make ultra premium varietals of Bee d'Vine.

Sunsum Intention Candles

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Meet the candle maker and brand manager, Akilah Jackson. Born and raised in Maryland with roots in Louisiana, Akilah is intentionally living to make an impact in the wellness industry. "These candles are more than just an accessory for the home - they are created for healing our spaces, setting intentions, and self-mastery. We need to create the time and space to practice self-care and mindfulness with aesthetics that awaken intrinsic motivation, stimulate curiosity, and promote cultural competence and interconnectedness." Experience physical and metaphysical transmutation as the flames of the candle throw sweet and clarifying aromas of essential oils in the air. Each luxury candle is handmade with coconut wax, beeswax, essential oils, and hemp wick. The cosmetic-grade ingredients can be softened for use as lotion for hand or body. Inspired by the adinkra pictograms of the Akan and Ashanti people, Sunsum Intention Candles are handmade for self-care and mindfulness. Offer your customers a luxury experience that challenges industry dogma.

Naja Tea

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Charitable, Luxury, Women Owned, Family Owned, Natural, Cruelty-Free, Vegan, Discount Available
I remember waking each morning seeing my grandmother, Ella begin her busy day as an entrepreneur with the ritual of yoga, tea and toast. As I grew up and into my own career, traveling across the country and the globe managing the life of a public figure, I always found a place to have a quiet cup of tea. And I found that where there was tea there was laughter. Where there was tea, there was intellectual stimulation. Where there was tea, often there was a sense of delight and contentment. I began studying tea, its history, and the many social traditions that grew from the drink: the Ladies Tea, the Afternoon Tea, and, of course, the beloved children’s tea party. I delighted in tea's traditions on a daily basis, as millions of people around the world do every day. But I craved a more fresh and modern experience. In 2003, during a business trip to Boston, I sensed for the first time that having my tea and drinking it too was, in fact, possible when I stumbled upon a unique, contemporary tea bar on Newbury Street. The environment, the energy, and the well prepared cup was everything I had dreamed of and nothing I had ever experienced. It was a vibrant tea lounge full of people who would rather 'Sip & Savor' than Starbucks & Dash. The energy was infectious and I was inspired! I walked out of that trendy little tea spot, motivated to recreate that feeling for myself and others through my own company. And so Naja Tea was born.

BLK & Bold Specialty Beverages

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Offering premium coffees and teas while addressing voids resonant with the industry and culture. Rooted in quality, convenience, community, & diversity.

Good Thoughts Tea Co

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Natural, Women Owned
We are an all natural loose leaf tea company that is centered around the healing properties of herbs. Our main goal is to help heal from the inside out all while reawakening the conversation and experience of tea. Started in 2014 by Ebone’ McCloud, we are located in and operate from Chicago.