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Mikey Likes It Ice Cream

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Michael “Mikey” Cole is the founder and owner of Mikey Likes It Ice Cream, the pop-cultured inspired ice cream shop with locations in New York’s Lower East Side and Harlem. A New York native, Mikey’s love for cooking only parallels his love for people. “We're just trying to push the boundaries of what companies are doing with ice cream,” he says. “And we do this by using the best ingredients and building lasting relationships with local businesses, customers and other great people.” A master at flavor and texture, Mikey has created custom ice cream flavors for notables like Hillary Clinton and Jay-Z, and garnered national coverage from leading publications including The New York Times, O, The Oprah Magazine, Essence and New York Magazine. He’s also been featured on The Food Network’s The Kitchen, and is a regular on CBS's hit show That Other Pregame Show.

Sweet Cheats Atlanta

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Women Owned, Family Owned
Sweet Cheats was created by a National Level Figure Competitor, Shirley Hughes, along with her husband Robert Tubbs and with the help of many friends and family. During her 3 years spent training for her NPC competitions, Shirley was only allowed to eat certain foods and wasn’t always able to have what she was craving. She began taking notes on these cravings, and turning them into little treats for herself when her strenuous dieting for each competition was over. While in training, one “cheat” meal was allowed per week, and hers were usually sweet concoctions. She then decided on a whim to turn her favorite treats into cupcakes not only for herself but for fellow teammates, the RocStarzz, as personal gifts. From there, requests started coming in and the demand was on. It was an instant success! As you can see (and taste!), the “Sweet Cheats” name comes directly from Shirley’s competition background. Shirley still promotes health and wellness and is still very active in the gym, but makes sure that if you are going to spend your cheat calories on one of her desserts, it’s going to be worth it!

Sydney's Sweet Shoppe

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Women Owned
Patricia “Pat” Finney, my grandmother, was born in Chicago Heights and raised in St, Anne Illinois. She has always loved to cook, especially bake! For years, her family has hailed her as the “pie queen” for good reason–hers are delicious! She taught me just how to make these pies, starting with a crust made entirely from scratch. In 1979, my grandmother was one of over 500 entries for Parade Magazine’s Family Weekly Neighbor’s Recipe contest. She won first place with her chocolatey Texas Sheet Cake along with $100 and a cookbook. She was nominated in Kankakee, IL as their “Taste of the Town” and from that day on, everyone has called it . . .

Gorilla Life

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The world's first delicious, 100% natural drink made from alfalfa chlorophyll. A family recipe, from a family-owned business based in Los Angeles. Company Overview Gorilla Life Green Drink is the world's first great-tasting, great-for-you, 100% natural drink made from alfalfa chlorophyll. A family recipe, from a family-owned business based in Los Angeles, CA. Inspired by a granddaughter's struggle, created with a grandmother's love, and brought to you by a mother's passion for a healthy green lifestyle. Meet Gorilla Life. The world’s first great-tasting, great-for-you, great-feeling drink made from Alfalfa chlorophyll. Life, all life, couldn’t exist without chlorophyll. Found in all green plants, chlorophyll is how nature derives energy from sunlight. Gorilla Life is Liquid Sunshine. The Gorilla, nourished entirely from the jungle's greenery, is a symbol of oneness with nature. The quiet strength and majesty of the mighty Gorilla is in every bottle of Gorilla Life Green Drink. With 100% all-natural flavors, and no additives or preservatives, Gorilla Life is not only good for the body and soul, it’s just plain, flat-out… good. Gorilla Life. It’s life. Now in a bottle!

Herbal Necessiteas

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Women Owned
Tinika Tolbert, Owner of Herbal Necessiteas was born in Cambridge, England July 10,1978 - a cancer (of course!), a natural nurturer! She is a a life path 33 - master teacher and healer! She moved to Cleveland, OH in 1986 with her mother, stepfather and three younger siblings, gaining an additional three siblings in the next decade. Ever since she was a small child she found comfort in healing and connecting with others, and made special connections the elderly, autisic children, and individuals with mental illness. Following high school Tinika’s passion led her to continue in the field of assisting in those areas. After having three children (the first at age 16) and going through a period of trials and tribulations, Tinika was taught to self-discover and allow Spirit to guide her in the gaining and strengthening of her divine spiritual insight and intuition. Now that she was beginning to live her life from a more spiritually rooted foundation, her image, conditioned from self-control and discipline displayed a more ancestrally connected lifestyle. Through her African spirituality she had been ushered and given her initiated spiritual name - Shepen Sopdet Shenem Ra Ur - meaning a gift from the star Sirius, greatly protected by God. Within these several years she was able to obtain various credentials including Kemetic Temple Priestess, Reiki Practitioner, Spiritual coach, Holistic Wellness Nutrition Consultant, and is currently studying to become a Master Herbalist. Tinika also created and taught a women’s group called Perspectives of Self-Discovery. Tuning into herself and learning to trust her intuition and spirit guides, Shepen dis- covered her purpose, connecting all of the accumulated experience, credentials, and healing many individuals along the way; and in turn she continued to be healed. THIS is how Herbal Necessiteas was birthed! With an innate understanding of healing energy, passion and ancestral wisdom from ancient herbal remedies passed down through spirit by her ancestors, Tinika has created an Herbal business that will continue to assist in the healing of individuals, families, communities and humanity. Her mission is to spread the knowledge in the power of herbs and how they can be used for preventative measures and assisting your body’s natural ability to heal. Please enjoy all the herbal blends available and Herbal Necessiteas will continue to only prescribe good vibes and welcome you to the experience!

hoodfairy & co.

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Women Owned
hoodfairy & co. is an urban apothecary that creates herbal remedies for everyday (and not so everyday) ailments and self-care. My body butters are my most popular product; they are really good for calming eczema and other issues with the skin. I create teas, facial and yoni steams, scrubs, herb-infused oils, and personalized remedies and self-care products. I grow some of my own herbs as well and am heading toward growing them all. hoodfairy & co. is also a learning space. I believe being well has many facets so there are movement classes (#trapzumba), there’s fairy school where we dive into learning about herbs and practices and the fairy gatherings where we participate in some kind of wellness practice or make a remedy together. I think what sets hoodfairy & co. apart is that its a space for empowerment & community. Rarely does someone just buy a product; they come to a class, they visit a garden, or come to an event and then feel empowered to go on a journey with herbs, with traditional practices, with their own body and spir

Hillside Harvest

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Born in Cypress Hall, a small town high atop the Red Hills of Kingston, Jamaica, Kamaal Jarrett, the Founder of Hillside Harvest, was taught to appreciate the simple things in life. Later, when his parents were deciding where in the United States to establish roots, they settled on Milton, Massachusetts, a small town nestled between Boston and the Great Blue Hill mountain range. Growing-up, Kamaal showed an inherent love for food; watching endless hours of PBS cooking shows and spending the summer hours with his Aunt Elaine in her Egleston Square bakery and Caribbean restaurant. As his passion for food grew, so did Kamaal’s appreciation for the two cultures that raised him. Exposing his family to traditional American dishes or cooking authentic Jamaican dishes for his friends became a normal routine. Today, we at Hillside Harvest strive to continue the tradition of introducing people to unique flavors and recipes. Our products are handcrafted. We aim to develop dynamic flavors through simple ingredients and provide you with premium sauces that enhance every dish and inspire you to share with those closest to you.

Hemp Heals Body Shop

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Hemp Heals Body Shop is a solo woman minority-owned business that provides premium and luxurious CBD infused products that'll help our customers live a pain & stress free life. By utilizing our products, they are guaranteed to have the best all-natural/organic pain relieving experience ever! Although we've been in business for approx 2 years, the business has been extremely successful! We take pride in educating consumers on the effectiveness & benefits of our CBD infused products. The inspiration behind the brand was my Mother who suffered from extreme pain after having knee replacement surgery, surgery on her 2 wrists + being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Osteoporosis & recently Lupus. Our CBD infused products has helped her significantly with eliminating pain & other symptoms that go along with these various ailments. Here @ Hemp Heals Body Shop, we take pride in providing CBD products that will get you healthy, not high! Although our Full Spectrum products does contain a trace of THC (.3% or less which is the legal limit), it's not enough to cause any type of euphoric or psychoactive high. In fact, our motto is: Our products will get you healthy...NOT high!

Fresh Food Generation

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Our Values. Our mission is to disrupt food disparities by creating a common food experience. Everyone deserves to eat well, no matter where they live. We serve the entire Greater Boston Area and are intentional about finding opportunities to make affordable, healthy food more readily available in low-income neighborhoods. Values: Food – We believe local food tastes better, has more nutrients, and helps create wealth and health in our communities. We source as much as possible from local farms including local eggs from Rhode Island and kale and collard greens from The Food Project and Urban Farming Institute. Community – We believe everyone has a role to play in changing the food system whether you are in an office downtown or at a community meeting in Roxbury. When we share food and eat together, we build connections and bring people closer together. People – Our team works incredibly hard. We show our love and passion through the food we share every day. As a business, it is our responsibility to make sure our team members are empowered to be their best. We do everything we can to ensure that the people on our team are able to take care of themselves and their families.

HealTea 202

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HealTea LLC is dedicated to delivering high quality teas that are intentionally crafted to not only taste good but make you feel good. Our goal is to eradicate the erroneous belief that self-care is a luxury but something we can tap into at any moment if we just decide to create space for ourselves. Inhale. Exhale. Get you some HealTea and #sipwithapurpose on reclaiming this moment to self care