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Black Art Tees

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I am a visual artist who has been drawing most of my life & I have always been drawn to black cultural representation. I have been known for my realistic portraitures and caricatures. So when I decided to go natural my new interest "naturally" led me to create art featuring Sistahs with natural hairstyles but I also wanted to encourage others on the journey, so my first thought was to put these images on t-shirts. The first incarnation of the idea was Infinite Art Tees & I printed up the tees myself for awhile and then closed it down a few years later after equipment issues. Later, I revived the biz in it's current incarnation as Black Art Tees. I now feature an expanded line of men, women, unisex & kid's tees (natural hair pride, plus size pride, black pride, black history & political, etc), along with leggings, tank tops, hoodies, swimwear, sneakers, travel bags, backpacks, jogging pants--just to name a few. lol...I am constantly in creative mode and coming up with new ideas & products for my customers. This is a total labor of love & I hope it shows!

BlackOwnedBusiness HARRISON BLAKE APPAREL Art Necktie

Harrison Blake Apparel

Health & Beauty, Beardcare, Fashion, Footwear, Unisex, Accessories, Jewelry, other
Free Shipping, Family Owned, Discount Available
Harrison Blake Apparel has found a way to deliver high quality men's accessories at a great price. The style and variety of products are sure to please any gentleman. The goal is to become well known by men of all backgrounds - making us your go-to retailer for dapper accessories. Prior to the brand launch; Harrison Blake's Founder and President spent the previous two years as an Apparel Manufacturing Supervisor at one of the highest volume producing apparel facilities in the world, leading the fabric spreading and pattern cutting team. With the inside knowledge and concepts of apparel manufacturing we are able to provide high-quality men’s accessories to market at a reasonable price, providing luxury for all. Harrison Blake is a family owned and operated business.


Travel Deeper

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Made in America, Handmade, Natural, Cruelty-Free, Vegan, Discount Available
Travel Deeper is a U.S. based, Black women-owned small business. We specialize in curated travel experiences to Mother Africa, supporting entrepreneurs, and connecting Black people across the diaspora. Our current partners are entrepreneurs in Accra, Ghana; Dakar, Senegal; and Praia, Cape Verde. They specialize in private and small-group cultural tour experiences; and design and manufacturing of men, women, and children's clothing and apparel. Featured partners include Explore Ghana Tours, The Motherland Experience Travel Tours, and Zionland Creation. Four years ago, I turned 40 and declared to myself (and on my vision board) that I wanted to travel deeper. To me, travel deeper meant finally going to the Motherland, Mama Africa and connecting to the land of my ancestors. I am five generations removed from American slavery and a granddaughter of sharecroppers. But my story -our story- does not begin there. We invite you to join us and reflect, return, and be restored. We invite you to travel deeper with us. Read more of our story on our blog "When you answer the ancestral call, the universe opens" - https://traveldeeperinc.com/f/when-you-answer-the-ancestral-call-the-universe-opens

Abdju Wear

Fashion, Tees, Unisex, Footwear, Men’s, Women’s
Changing the hood one shoe at a time. Producing high quality shoes and clothing and making them available to all is our goal.

Anita Quansah London

Fashion, Footwear, Women’s, Accessories, Jewelry, Handbags
Free Shipping, Ships Internationally, Women Owned, Handmade
Bespoke jewelry curator Anita Quansah created her brand, Anita Quansah London, in 2006. Quansah obtained a textile degree in 2003 from Chelsea College of Art and Design London. She creates elaborate one of kind statement pieces of jewelry, a fusion of modern bohemian tribal mixed with her cultural background. Quansah had flair and passion for creativity, which stemmed from her early childhood. Growing up, she watched and learned from her now late grandmother and muse. Her grandmother had been a renowned seamstress and designer of her time. Quansah entered the fashion industry producing works for the likes of Christian Lacroix, DKNY, Diane Von Furstenberg, Ischiko, Victoria's Secret, and Ecko. She designed for textile manufacturers Weisbrod Zurrer. She was also involved with Indigo, Premier Vision in Paris, and other such exhibitions.

Armando Cabral

Fashion, Footwear, Men’s
Free Shipping, Luxury
Armando Cabral is an eponymous black-owned brand founded in 2008. Cabral, a Portuguese model and designer, was educated in England, but he is currently living in New York - which is widely considered the fashion capital of the world. His knowledge of fashion and love for design led him to recognize a market opportunity. His brand reflects his lifestyle as a citizen of the world. His collection offers elegant and high-performance footwear and accessories. He uses premium leather to craft his designs for every occasion. Cabral has tenacity and inspirational ideas, and his brand combines minimalist and detailed and innovative technical construction. He creates his products from the finest materials around the globe. It’s easy to see his passion, insights, and enthusiasm in every pair of shoes that he creates.

Pyer Moss

Hair & Headwear, Accessories, Fashion, Clothing, Tees, Men’s, Women’s, Footwear, Unisex, Accessories, Handbags, Scarves, other
Pyer Moss founded in 2013, as mens and womenswear fashion label concerned with building a narrative that speaks about heritage and activism.

Sole Girl Shoe Party

Fashion, Footwear, Women’s
Women Owned
Sole Girl Shoe Party was founded in July 2010 as an in-home party business. We have hosted in-home shoe parties as far north as Connecticut to as far down south to South Carolina. Sole Girl currently has a boutique based in Bowie, MD that houses some of the most unique fashions in footwear, clothing, and accessories.

Keye London

Fashion, Clothing, Men’s, Other, Footwear, Men’s, Wedding, Miscellaneous
Keye London is a bespoke fashion line that caters for the modern man. We work alongside each client to create a finished piece that projects their personality and individuality.

Public School NYC

Hair & Headwear, Accessories, Fashion, Clothing, Tees, Basics, Unisex, Footwear, Unisex
Public School is one of the up and coming conspirators in the new wave of young irreverent American menswear designers. We take inspiration and energy from our surroundings and inject that attitude into our garments. We understand that fashion should help change or augment the way you feel. We want men to feel tough again.