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Jeantrix, a Fashion & Art brand originating out of the Philadelphia area which caters to Pop-Art enthusiasts worldwide. Their objective is to create and combine Fashion, Art, and Film to give you a full sensory experience of textures, colors, and images. Starting with just one pair of sneakers, Jeantrix was created in 2004 as a hobby and as a means to showcase the individuality of its co-founders/head fashion artists, N¥ce and Hømm. Journeying from sneakers to clothing, the artists began to customize their own jeans with paint and hand sewn patches along with many other artistic crafts. They would often say that their ""jeans were doing tricks"", which is how the name Jeantrix was created. After many years their brand naturally evolved to encompass a broader range of art including one of a kind luxury apparel, canvases, sculptures and art installations. Since its humble beginnings their high end luxury clothing have been featured on many media outlets such as Elle Magazine, The Source, The LA Times, BET, MTV and FOXs hit TV show X-Factor to name a few. They've also gained a desire for their unique apparel from many celebrities and VIPs throughout the fashion and entertainment industries.

Jewlzz By D

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Women Owned
I sell personalized jewelry all customized of your choice fast shipping.


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JIBRI is dedicated to creating garments for the fashion-conscious, curvy woman. JIBRI is a perfect combination of high fashion chic and urban street sleek garments in sizes 10-28.


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Kahmune [ com·mune ] is a luxury line offering an array of footwear styles designed to match the skin tones of ALL women. We have spent countless hours researching shades in order to ensure that we are able to serve the majority of complexions around the globe. At present, we offer our styles in 10 colors ranging from the fairest of skin tones to the darkest of brown. Our color palette is inspired by the diverse regions of the world. Each shade is named after the women whose skin tones have inspired us throughout this journey. Each style is named after a different woman who has played a pivotal role in our founder's life. Kahmune shoes are made from premium leathers sourced directly from Italy. We have ensured that all our hides are produced in factories that adhere to strict European manufacturing standards in order to minimize any detrimental effects on the environment. Each shoe is handmade by artisans with years of experience resulting in a quality that rivals some of the most well-respected brands on the market. Kahmune is more than just a footwear line. We are a brand with a clear message. Representation matters. Diversity matters. Inclusion matters. We celebrate it all! Investing in our brand is an investment in yourself and the pride you have for the skin that you are in. Kahmune is a symbol of change- the new normal. We want our customers to wear our shoes with pride for many years to come because ladies, let us be clear, your melanin will never go out of style!™

Kendall Miles Designs

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Kendall Miles are manufactured in Florence, Italy, using traditional methods of hand craftsmanship. Our designs are adorned with a variety of opulent materials, ranging from the finest leathers and skins, to exotic furs, fine feathers and handsome hardware, all sourced from our Italian suppliers.

Khronicles by K

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What if you could jetset and indulge in the fashion of international humanity? Khronicles by K, brings you Haute Kulture. The Kreator, Kalila rooted from the fashion world as ""K. Ingram"" and finds her happiness taking full advantage of being a citizen of the world. She presents to you “A Curation of Haute Kulture"" from her worldwide travels. A capsule collection inspired by each destination is designed to make a statement through it's style identity and reflection of k?l?ch?r. This is strictly for individuals that possess a nomadic spirit and a style of their own. We start our journey with “a curation of haute kulture” from India; a land of ornamental details, rich colors, lavish textiles and rich treads. Followed by a collection from japan, where you will find a deconstruction of kimonos and customized vintage military jackets infused with Japanese fabrics. Our latest collection hails from Morocco; from the depths of Marrakech’s souks; to pieces found in shops along the road, in route to Essaouira. It’s a reflection of the strength and style seen in the Berber women and a representation of Moroccan culture. The style narrative continues with a new edition entitled, k?l?ch?r shop. A curated retail collective, housed under KHRONICLES by K; featuring global artisans or brands that are featuring core collections & products. It’s an eclectic style and a synergy of brands that offer it’s consumer base, global garments, gems, and unique lifestyle finds. The roster consists of designers & brands that K has met along her journey of travels, or personally has a genuine interest or connection to.

Kingdom of Melanin

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Kingdom of Mel designs are inspired by African American Streetwear, and African royalty by artist/Fashion Designer Tiffany Hill. Tiffany's Vision was to create clothing to connect African Americans and African descendants to their African and royal roots and to introduce her art, style and creativity to the fashion world. Many of our products are handcrafted by hand picked experienced professionals, with durable, fade resistant materials, when ordered. Our most popular designs are our Kimono robes, Kente shoes and Red Black and Green Travel bags. They are very popular worldwide and worn by celebrities. We have a wide range of designs, use the search feature or drop down menu to browse our collections. Many ask if Kingdom of Mel is black owned due to our Pan-African designs. Your answer is... Of course!

Klassy Chics Boutique

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Women Owned
Klassy Chics Boutique offers women's clothing, handbags, shoes and accessories.

LaQuan Smith

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Ships Internationally
Since its formal debut in 2013, the brand has gained acclaim for its endless archive of distinctive garments and details. Smith has cultivated an equally dynamic private order clientele which spans the globe from Lagos to London. Smith’s unapologetically glamorous aesthetic has also been tapped by world­ recognized brands including Heineken, Tidal, Samsung, Microsoft, and Verizon, for Smith directed activations. LaQuan Smith, and his eponymous label, are headquartered and manufactured in Long Island City, NYC and deliver globally.

Life's Journey Clothing

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Life’s Journey is a lifestyle company geared toward helping everyday people progress through life. Through inspirational messages, our brand strives to inspire by providing motivation and encouragement to individuals desiring to live out their purpose. Our slogan is simple, “Believe. Pursue. Inspire.” Believe In yourself. Pursue your purpose. Inspire the world. We all have a life’s journey and we each have unique gifts placed within us that the world needs. Remember- the journey is more important than the destination. Keep Going!