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Shekudo, founded in Sydney Australia, began as a womens clothing brand -drawing on heritage, life experiences and a wearable art aesthetic. Now under the sole creative direction of Akudo Iheakanwa, the brand relaunched into footwear and accessories moving its base across the Indian Ocean to commence production in Lagos, Nigeria. With this move, the brand hoped to shed more light on the local artisan and craftsmanship scene whilst integrating some of the age old techniques and overlooked local resources into its own contemporary aesthetic. Shekudo has gone from a team of 4 to 14 artisans and master craftsmen in just over a year. Shekudo works hard to make sure that the majority of its raw materials can be found or produced locally (such as its shoe heels, recycled insoles as well as the upper and lining fabric for the shoes). The brand currently includes local leather and traditional Aso Oke/Akwete cloth for its shoe uppers, local cotton for the dust bags, as well as wood, brass and silver for the earrings. Shekudo aims to one day be the leading producer and supplier of quality women's footwear and accessories across Africa. The brand intends to establish a global Shekudo sisterhood, promoting a sense of caring, empowerment and celebration among women across the globe, allowing its wearers to push boundaries, stand out and know that their Shekudo item is responsibly made with traceable origins. The SheKudo brand also prides itself on being a socially responsible label as well as an advocate for slow fashion and women’s empowerment.

Sun & Lace

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Women Owned, Made in America, Handmade
Hi! I'm Briana, maker and designer behind Sun & Lace. Each pair of shoes and accessories are hand cut and sewn by me in my Wisconsin studio. When I'm not sewing, I'm either hanging out with my family and friends, training for a race, or enjoying a good book. I have two toddler boys, who are my muses and my test models. Seeing pictures of your kiddos wearing my shoes keeps me inspired to keep making and designing! My future plans for Sun & Lace are to continue to provide quality, unique shoes for little feet while maintaining the personable vibe achieved through my socia media and customer service. I may need to eventually hire a seamstress or two, but until then, it's just me! Thank you for having my little shoes be a little part of your lives!

Twin Culture

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Twin Culture was created by a mother and her Twin Boys. Every look created is inspired by the twins, showing their similarities yet differences. Twins are always looked at as if they aren’t their own person. With Twin Culture, we show that. The clothing also has inspirational words or slogans.

Jeneba Barrie Nude Footwear

Fashion, Footwear, Women’s
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Wife. Mother. Attorney by day, obsessed designer at night. African born and American raised. I am Jeneba Barrie. During the day I am an attorney and at night I put on my designer hat. I sketch, pick out materials and reach out to our Italian partners to bring the ultimate nude pumps to life. Our debut collection is just a glimpse of what's to come. We currently have 13 nude (skin-tone) shades in our collection--the most on the market--and we are just getting started. For far too long the market has had a very restrictive and narrow definition of "nude"--one or two shades of beige. We all know that when it comes to nude shoes, like foundation, one or two shades are not enough. I believe that "nude" shoes should match your skin-tone and I launched this brand with that objective in mind. Our product affords everyday women true nude versatility with pumps that can be worn from the boardroom to happy hour and even running errands around town.

Tippy Tot Shoes

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We are so happy that you found us! Opened in January of 2013, Tippy Tot Shoes is an eTailer, independently owned, and coupled with a few amazing shoe experts. We were inspired by this one traditional baby shoe, all too familiar as a walking aide to help increase walking efficiency. Our vision is to provide quality shoes with excellent specialty pieces to accessorize your toddler style. We offer our consumers an ease in shopping, order processing, and quick delivery Worldwide. Our goal is to make babies look and feel fantastic. In fact, Pediatric Podiatrist have proven that leather hard bottoms assist tremendously in your baby's first steps. We dress children from birth to 2 years old. We also carry the largest selection of traditional leather upper hard bottoms, and soft soles too. In addition, we are proud to offer a selection of leather textured designs: Smooth, Patent, Ostrich-Patent, Woven/Croco, Eel, Woven and Lizard. To make it all unique, we tailor your baby's shoe ensemble for any occasion. Happy Tippy Tot Shopping :-)

Fear of God

Fashion, Footwear
Luxury, Handmade
Fear of God is an apparel & fashion company based out of Los Angeles, California, United States.

Harlem Haberdashery

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Harlem Haberdashery was created by legendary custom-fashion design and styling company 5001 FLAVORS. Think the late Notorious B.I.G. in elaborate leather ensembles, Grammy award-winners Alicia Keys and Jay-Z's "Empire State of Mind", or David Beckham’s "Welcome to the U.S." Adidas promotion campaign. The family behind these iconic looks created and opened, with much success, a beautiful "retail expression" of their custom-designs and styling; Harlem Haberdashery’s signature collection has been seen on everyone from award-winning restaurateur Marcus Samuelsson, to New York Giants’ Victor Cruz, New York Yankees’ CC Sabathia and others. The award-winning, critically-acclaimed 2,000 square foot boutique located in the former home of the late civil rights leader Malcolm X, pays homage to Harlem’s rich history and luminaries.

Carra Hosiery

Fashion, Footwear, Unisex
Luxury, Women Owned, Made in America, Natural
CARRA Hosiery uses the finest fabrics and an antimicrobial finish that inhibits the growth of bacteria on all of its products. This technology ensures a hygienic life style when wearing our legwear that is both environmentally friendly and safe. We continually strive to create legwear that is modern, attractive, and affordable. For information on the #FreethePantyCampaign, please contact us at info@carrahosiery.

Uptown Yardie

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What is Uptown Yardie ? Uptown Yardie is a British company inspired by Jamaican heritage, selling a lifestyle, captured through shoes and clothes. The origin of Uptown Yardie Inspired by a Bob Marley quotation “me ah bring downtown uptown” meaning he is bring the man dem from the ghetto to where he was living uptown at the time. The original uptown yardie is someone who comes from the more affluent parts of Jamaica. Uptown Yardie is also about reclaiming the name from a negative association to a positive. To the true meaning of the word “yard” which to a Jamaican means home. For instance “nowhere nah better dan yard” mean nowhere is better than home. The Uptown Yardie brand today embodies a progressive man or woman who does not follow fashion. Who refuses to be put into a box, but thinks outside of it. Who is aware of current trends and the lover of well designed beautiful things but not at all dictated by them. Who likes to wear clothing that does not wear them. Who has a passion and love for things that are well crafted and that has more longevity than one season.


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Lots of brands say it, but with U-Lace our story is all about you. The brand was about you from day one. That’s why we named the company and product itself, U-Lace. So our story is much like the product itself. Very short. Very simple. And all about U (you). U-Lace is the result of a global trend-spotter becoming inspired by a pair of sneakers spotted in the window a shop in Harajuku, Tokyo. One of the coolest places in the world by the way. The black Puma’s featured the puma side stripe that was made up of 4 different colors and the sneakes were laced in those same 4 colors at the same time. Oh, it was sneaker hotness. We loved it and thought you’d love it too. The problem: the laces were all standard 45” laces, so the sneakers were filled with a boondoggle of extra lace, with no room for a foot to fit inside. The solution: we created it; U-Lace modular no-tie laces. U-Lace was created to make lacing sneakers in multiple colors and patterns a quick and easy process; not to mention that when laced with U-Lace, sneakers instantly become easy-on/easy-off slip-ons. We see U-Lace as the paint; sneakers as the canvas, and you as the creative artist who takes our paint and uses it to create your awesomeness with your sneakers. In the years since we launched, U-Lace has become so much more than a fashion product. U-Lace saves traveler's time at airport security; saves lives in mental health facilities; saves skateboarder's from wasting valuable skate time fixing broken laces; helps ER docs & nurses quickly get from nap rooms to operating rooms; and helps special needs individuals live more typical lives, and that’s just to name a few things. U-Lace is also spending