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Ri.Ch Factory

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The power of print... no wall flowers allowed. Ri.Ch Factory is a vibrant African contemporary and lifestyle brand founded by Rina Chunga Kutama. Rina's mixed heritage and upbringing has inspired her love of the African continent and spirit. This connection to spirit has poured out of her in the form of bold & playful luxury African print pieces. Inspired by a feeling of endless vacations and owning every room you step into... we dress Queens.

Salyel Paris

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Masks are a strong element of the culture of many peoples around the world, of course in Africa but also in Oceania, Asia, America… they convey stories, traditions, ceremonies… They challenge us. They are a reflection of ourselves and at the same time of another reality. Used in rituals, they embody a passage between the real world and the supernatural world. They have a strong emotional and mystical charge. SalyelParis masks are a mix of different influences: cultural, urban, artistic, artisanal, literary, film-matographic ...My pieces express above all a state of mind that can be imbued by wearing them, through the visuals of masks. I like the idea that they have powers: strength, kindness, protection ... When you wear jogging pants and then put on your best dress, don't you feel different? The power of these masks is above all to reveal YOUR powers.

Thabo Makhetha

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Luxury. African. Craftsmanship. Heritage. Thabo Makhetha is a luxury women’s wear label established in 2009. We are best known for our pret-a-porter range of capes inspired and made from traditional Basotho blankets, known as Kobo Ea Bohali or Kobo by Thabo Makhetha. These blankets are the heritage of the designer Thabo Makhetha-Kwinana. It is through the Kobo garments that she is able to share the story of her culture and her heritage as a Mosotho woman. Thabo Makhetha is an award-winning fashion designer and owner of the leading women’s wear label, which bears her name. The brand was established in South Africa in 2009 and within a few years became one of the handful of African brands considered as being at the forefront of African luxury. The label is globally recognised for using and taking inspiration from authentic Basotho blankets and creating a collection of winter wear jackets and coats. The Basotho blanket is a symbol of status with deep cultural roots dating over a century in Lesotho, a small landlocked country in Southern Africa ruled by a monarchy. Fashion designer Thabo Makhetha- Kwinana was born in Lesotho and raised in South Africa; her collection is an ode to her own Basotho heritage. Thabo Makhetha-Kwinana has garnered numerous awards and accolades; in 2014 she made her runway debut at Vancouver Fashion Week in Canada, where she was praised for the quality and creativity of her work. She has showcased in South Africa, Lesotho, the United Kingdom and Italy. Her work has been featured in publications across the globe and most recently the BBC profiled her. In South Africa she was listed as a Top 40 under 40 business leaders of 2014 by the Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber and in the same year was awarded the Impact Award for Design Excellence. Emilie Gambade, then Editor of Elle Magazine, nominated Thabo's starburst coat for Most Beautiful Object in South Africa 2016 and in 2017 she was recognised as one of the Top 200 young South Africans.


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Since our creation in 2015 by Tshepo Mohlala, his purpose was clear; to connect with people through the stories that our designs tell. A lifestyle brand founded in South Africa, TSHEPO offers a range of bespoke denim clothing and ready-to-wear products, the brand has established itself in the hearts and minds of ordinary South Africans and people across the world, where our brand has been applauded .Our decision to specialise in denim is due to its distinctly nostalgic character and its ability to tell stories.It’s not just stories, it’s the truth. Your jeans tell the story about you. Denim beocmes a part of you, a passport with a unique ability to tell the truth. The TSHEPO logo – a three pronged crown – is inspired by the three women to have played a role in the upbringing of Tshepo: His mother, grandmother, and trendy aunt Takalani. Women who raised him and shaped him into the man he is. They allowed Tshepo to wear his crown. Each peak represents a women that shaped him into the man who wears the crown. The soul of the brand sits in our Atilier in Victoria Yards, on the outskirts of the Johannesburg CBD. The Atilier is home to a team of artisans who design and manufacture a range of bespoke and ready to wear garments, all telling a story. The people who make our products are celebrated and their love for creating beautiful things comes through in every stitch. The brand specializes in bespoke, ready-to-wear and purpose driven merchandising and clothing for like mined corporates. Committed to the development of denim, through the promotion of africanism and localization, TSHEPO honors denim’s ability to stand the test of time by honoring the past, acknowledging the present and designing with the future in mind. We believe that our main responsibility is to create desirable and functional items that our consumers value and can enjoy for a life time. Each product tells a true story. At TSHEPO we believe. We believe in the power of story telling. Every product we sell has a purpose and a story, a reason why we made it. Story telling is where our product development process begins. We believe in community. The friends of our friends are our friends. We believe that jeans fit better when the person making them does it with love and is treated well. We believe that our processes are as important as the final product. We believe in Africa. TSHEPO delivers world class quality whilst honoring our roots and heritage. Our philosophy has always been “People First”, we value community and we pay special attention to our design process. If one part suffers, every part suffers with it; if one part is honored, every part is honored. The importance of quality, craft and culture, attention to detail and honoring Africa resonate deeply, informing our brand’s core philosophy. Our mission is simple: to promote the accessiblity of denim and the unique stories that denim tells about it’s wearer. Our vision is original: to create a brand that honors Africa and makes you feel your best.

Theresia Kyalo

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Theresia Kyalo is a multi-disciplinary artist and jewellery designer from Nairobi-Kenya. I find my voice and express myself through minimal art. Exploring interactions in daily life through the mediums of line drawing, metal work and film. Abstract shapes, figures, metal and textiles are my preferred mediums of expression. I pay attention to lines, symmetry and movement inviting the viewer to see a different art technique in diverse ways. “MY WORK IS MY PASSION. THE FACT THAT PEOPLE APPRECIATE IT ENOUGH TO PURCHASE IS JUST A BONUS TO ME. I NEVER PUT OUT ANYTHING THINKING ABOUT SALES. IT IS IMPORTANT BUT I DON’T GO WITH THAT MENTALITY FIRST. I DO STUFF THAT MAKES ME HAPPY FIRST.”


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OUR MANIFESTO. At MANTL we believe that bald is fearless. We choose to stand against the outdated ideas of masculinity. We choose to challenge media's representation of baldness. We choose to build community. We choose confidence. We choose action. MANTL is here to support you: with information, products, a supportive community of co-conspirators, creating the space for you to move forward — free from the baggage and stereotypes of the past, empowering you to live your fullest life. Will you join us? Take up the mantle and dare to bare your greatness.

Against Medical Advice

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Against Medical Advice is a brand by Wole Olosunde RN BSN, conceived out of the premise of rebellion against all odds, even your own life. Against Medical Advice is a brand by Wole Olosunde RN BSN, conceived out of the premise of rebellion against all odds, even your own life. We’re made to educate and equip the masses with the knowledge & importance of healthcare, especially at a young age. We’re here to address the discrepancy that creatives can’t be interested in Medicine or that it’s impossible to juggle the two. AGAINST MEDICAL ADVICE is a clause allowing you to be discharged from any medical facility on your own prerogative, even if it’s against the wishes of your medical team. Although by doing so you are accepting all liability of whatever may occur after, even death. AMA is an alarming remind that regardless of whatever adversity, the power of self still lies in your hands. Listen to your heart but don’t let it lead you astray. In all aspect of life it’s fuck everyone, you control your fate so CHOOSE WISELY....Wole Olosunde is a 22 year old Registered Nurse and Designer born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. Skipping two grades (2nd &12th) and graduating high school at the age of 16, he has always been ahead of the curve. After being exposed to Nursing at Clara Barton High School he continued with his studies to become a Nurse. At 20 years old he secured the title of being the youngest man to ever graduated from University at Buffalo School of Nursing with a Bachelors Degree. He now practices as an Emergency Dept/Trauma RN for the past 18 months. His lifetime love for Fashion/Style combined with his fascination with the human body is what lead to the conception of Against Medical Advice.


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"BRIDGE THE GAP, BUILD THE CONNECTION." Created by Oakland native, Charlie, the original idea behind CO/LAB was simple; how could he represent where he was from (Oakland, CA) and where he's lives (Los Angeles,CA) with a hat? Expanding from his story, CO/LAB now builds a bond between multiple cities that normally would have no association with one another. Through design, people are now able to showcase their alliances to more than just their hometown or favorite team. Stay tuned for the hat that best represents you.

Edward Armah

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How It All Started. Life is filled with experiences that mold us. Edward Armah took his first humble steps into the world of fashion about ten years ago. While managing a fashion segment, In Style, at a local radio station in his native country Ghana, he developed an intense passion for the fashion industry. In 1998, Armah went to London, United Kingdom, to learn more about fashion. He worked in a custom shop, where he concentrated on fashion design and he sketched clothing styles for leisure. Soon, he realized that London could not quench his escalating thirst for fashion. By 2000, Armah had made his way into the United States of America. He secured an appointment as personal shopper in Neiman Marcus, New Jersey. By the time he left the prestigious luxury retailer in 2006, Armah had become a seasoned professional in the customized clothing industry. Again, he put his experience to test by working for Saks Fifth Avenue, another high-end retail store. Later in his career, he worked for Oxford. While there, he spent time with experienced tailors in Chicago. Inspired by his eclectic mix of experiences Edward Armah was ready to embrace his own luxury mens dress furnishing line. In 2009, Edward Armahs fascination of butterflies and their different species led to the birth of BUTTERFLY BOWTIES LLC, now EDWARD ARMAH a company that designs, manufactures, markets and sells a branded line of high end luxury mens dress furnishings including handmade bowties, ascots, vests, silk robes and pocket circles. EDWARD ARMAH, the brand, aims at creating the most innovative and finest mens dress furnishings. Edward Armahs idea of a bowtie that can be worn in four different ways, has gained much popularity across borders, and is considered a breakthrough in the fashion industry. It has become his signature product and has merited him the title, Bowtie King.

Meji Meji

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Two heads are better than one - Tolu oye fashion designer meets Dotun Abeshinbioke, creative artist. After meeting on sunday at church both unaware they would become so close and eventually get their first apartment together in brooklyn. At the start of their creative careers they met both going to FIT and Parsons - top designs schools and both building their brands, Tolu building her family Oye shea brand and Dotun building had launched Abike studio an accessories brand as well as working as a graphic designer and photographer. After years of collaborations, photoshoots and working alongside each other they decided two heads are better than one and created Meji Meji.