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Kanade's Tea Shoppe is a Blerd owned business specializing in tea and conversation. Owner Jayla Nicole is a recent college graduate, cosplayer, and avid anime & manga fan with a passion for the perfect cup of tea. Each loose tea blend is inspired by an anime character whose personality embodies its aroma and flavor. The descriptions of each blend also feature the name of the anime each character belongs to and a personal favorite episode, a hats off to the Crunchyroll junky or a taste for the anime novice.

Her Poppy

Health & Beauty, Feminine Care, Wellness
Women Owned, Made in America, Handmade, Natural, Vegan
My journey towards health & wellness began after my father passed from pancreatic cancer. That was the moment I decided to take better care of myself, from the inside out. I realized that I couldn’t call myself “healthy” while ignoring my menstrual and vaginal health. After all, she is a big part of my life. After years of using pain meds to get through my periods, I decided to take a cleaner, more natural route — one that helped me feel good during my period. I created Her Poppy because I care about what goes in and on my body. I created this formula, because I care about your body, too! You deserve better, and Her Poppy represents that. My wish for you is that you feel as amazing and empowered as I do when using it! – Lauren Gregory, Founder of Her Poppy.

Howard Tea Company

Health & Beauty, Wellness, Food & Beverage, Coffee & Tea
Free Shipping, Luxury, Ships Internationally, Women Owned, Family Owned, Made in America, Handmade, Natural, Cruelty-Free, Vegan
Howard Tea Company was created by Bianca Howard, with a desire to help others with their health. Many moons ago, Bianca was a coffee drinker but did not like the jittery feelings it gave her. Not ready to give up caffeine completely, she discovered green tea. Not only did she drink green tea as a caffeine substitute, but she also learned about its health benefits. As she delved deeper into the health world, she discovered the benefits of herbs, fruits, and spices and started drawing closer to a holistic lifestyle. She could not hold all this goodness to herself and created Howard Tea Company to help others improve their health through tea and herbal blends.

PolyMair T'Dab Essentials

Health & Beauty, Skincare, Hair & Headwear, Haircare, Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair Styling, Hair growth/repair, Other
Free Shipping, Ships Internationally, Women Owned, Family Owned, Made in America, Handmade, Natural
Back in 2012, our grandmother (Ora Lee) and my own mother (Niecey) had been diagnosed with cancer. No family member ever wants to see their close ones battling and struggling with such a difficult situation. As they persevered through the pain, we could tell on the inside they were broken. The chemo had really taken a toll on their skin and hair, leaving them with baldness, dry scaly skin, acne because of their bodies purging itself of toxins, tender scalps, and feeling like they had indeed lost all of their beauty. It was hard to watch strong and inspiring women think they had lost their shine or beauty that they had once taught us to always cherish. But being the family we are, we came together and decided that they would no longer feel that way. That we would take on the responsibilities of making sure that they would continue to see and believe that they are beautiful, inside and out, even when they didn't think so. That's when my aunt, Roslyn, began researching different natural herbs and oils and their chemistry with different types of skin and hair. Even if it has or has not been chemically treated. She wanted to be sure that the products created would have the effectiveness needed to combat or treat any problems they faced. Now not only did we have family members battling different health issues, but my aunt also had customers who came to her in need of customized hair and skin regimens. That's when she called on her daughter, Da'Wanna, and her niece, myself, Chanice to step in to help create PolyMair T'Dab Essentials. ​ Once we came together we had the same motivation. We wanted a product that would guarantee it would fulfill the needs of our family and customers.