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Campfire Coffee

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Charitable, Ships Internationally, Veteran Owned, Women Owned, Family Owned, Made in America, Handmade, Natural, Cruelty-Free, Vegan
We are America’s only Black, Female, Veteran owned campfire style coffee roaster. We work to get more kids and underprivileged into outdoor spaces.

Royal Diaspora Coffee

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Charitable, Free Shipping, Luxury, Ships Internationally, Women Owned, Family Owned, Made in America, Natural, Cruelty-Free, Vegan
We are coffee lovers at heart and want others to experience how coffee should be enjoyed. We are focused on changing how professionals consume coffee. Most available ground coffee is already stale by the time you purchase it - let alone brew it. Sad thing is you've probably gotten used to that taste. This is why Royal Diaspora is focused on brewing small batches each week to ensure our customers have the best. We source our beans from family owned and operated farms in the diaspora to ensure our people can build legacies. Our mission is to bring the diaspora to your cup - to remind you that we are all connected and never too far from one another.

Sweet Dames Artisan Confections

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Free Shipping, Luxury, Women Owned, Family Owned, Made in America, Handmade, Natural, Cruelty-Free, Vegan
My appreciation for cooking and entertaining came naturally from my Bahamian born grandparents Henry & Daisy Dames. I have fond memories of our home being the place where neighbors came for good food, laughter, drink and party. My hope is to create a product through Sweet Dames Artisan Confections that brings a similar level of joy and fun to people's lives. Our Coconut Macaroons and CoCoMallow Sandwiches are a wonderful, surprising dessert option. Our products are handmade, with premium, organic unsweetened coconut flakes, decadent and full of texture. We believe it takes keenness and creativity to elevate the simplicity of a coconut macaroon and marshmallow.

Honey Nail Glam Inc.

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Charitable, Free Shipping, Women Owned, Family Owned, Made in America, Handmade, Natural, Cruelty-Free, Vegan
Honey Nail Glam, Inc., a Los Angeles based beauty manufacturer and distributor of body essential products, has announced a new collection for Fall/Winter 2020. Representing the future of beauty, wellness, and comfort the “HNG Aromatherapy Body Essentials” label will help a new generation of consumers treat and care for their skin by healing and repairing hands, feet, and body. “We are so excited to celebrate this launch,” remarked Lela Christine, creator of HNG. “Our approach to natural compounds and essential oils helps anyone add moisture to the skin while healing and tightening skin. After the success of the Honey Nail Glam, Inc. signature ‘Sweet Cuticle Oil,’ consumers far and wide demanded more for their skincare regimen. We are proud to be introducing the future of beauty, wellness, and comfort this Fall and Winter.” The HNG Aromatherapy Body Essentials collection is available online today. Notable products from the collection include: Honey Glam Sweet Hand, Feet & Spray to soothe skin with signature organic certified geranium, rosehip, gardenia, rose, chamomile, and frankincense oils, deionized purified water, and rose water. Honey Glam Body Roll-On Oil, an essential roll-on oil formula for the neck, wrist, feet, arms, or belly with vegan-certified white oud, and rose, magnolia, frankincense, spearmint, and Brazilian orange oils; Honey Glam Whipped Body Butter, a unique sweet glam whipped butter, is made with coconut oil, rosehip oil, shea butter, avocado oil, geranium, chamomile oil, mango butter, magnolia, orange essential oil, lavender, gardenia oil, vitamin E, and signature herbal blends. Sensation Sweet Cuticle Oil is a fresh and vibrant oil that revitalizes and heals the nails in seconds by softening cuticles with the signature sweet-honey scent of vitamin E and safflower oil. As part of the new collection, HNG will also be introducing: The Floral Adjustable Mask, a reusable, washable, and durable mask made with hypoallergenic fabric and dual-layer protection that sports a pretty floral design. The Honey Glam Mango Rose Candle, made for aromatherapy with the rich scent of honey, rose, magnolia, geranium, and grapefruit. Honey Nail Glam, Inc. executive team has paused the production of its Vegan Color Therapy nail polish collection due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The best-selling Sweet Cuticle Oil will remain in stock online.


Fashion, Lifestyle
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OUR IDENTITY Wazawazi is built around our desire to build Africa’s premier lifestyle brand. Our mission is to produce functional luxury bags and accessories centered around quality design and inspired by African culture. Our products are aimed at packaging Africa and telling the African story through a creative form of expression. Wazawazi is therefore an open call to all lovers of quality, diversity, cultural experiences and social inclusion through a design driven product capturing the best of modern day Africa. For us, these are not just bags they are personal statement pieces and as such great skill, care and attention to detail is put into producing our finest forms of artwork. We endeavor to craft pieces that last a lifetime so that you can fully make use of them as you help us tell Africa’s story and eventually pass them down to your next generation to continue its narration. ABOUT CHEBET Meet Chebet, a young lady born and raised in Kenya with a dream of changing the way Africa is perceived globally through her creative work. Her passion and love for all things Africa, has set her on a journey to capture and express Africa’s story in the most audacious and beautiful form. She studied Education in Economics and French at the University and while there she began to engage in entrepreneurship. She later progressed into an economist career at the World Bank but she immediately became restless. The unsustainable direction of development work in Africa and the way the African story was being narrated to the world just didn’t sit right with her. She opted to trade in her career in the Corporate world in 2012 to start Wazawazi, a luxury lifestyle leather goods brand.


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Ships Internationally, Made in America
Hi, my name is Miles and I'm a musician in San Francisco. I started VAGUETRACKS after years of ambitions to use my creativity in self-sustainable ways. In addition to music, I offer clothing, visual art and more- all crafted with passion, care, and Black pride. VAGUETRACKS is uniquely independent in its practice and reliance on the peoples' support. It was founded on a belief in building new structures for us, by us.

Bold and Gritty

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Black Coffee. Black Culture. Black Excellence. Founded by neurosurgeon, David A. Paul, MD, Bold and Gritty is an entrepreneurial pursuit with social implications – ‘What would it look like if we built a culture around Black male success and cultivated a brand around that image?’ Using coffee as a vehicle to tell the stories of inspiring Black men – Bold and Gritty has become more than just a talking point it is a movement. The brand curates an assortment of products that caters to Bold and Gritty individuals who want to make a difference in the world - specialty roasted black coffee, androgenous scented candles, classic leather bound journals, and inspiring merchandise. Bold and Gritty is about building community – a community that embraces the Boldness and Grittiness of Black men. We believe that the story of every generation and every culture deserves to be told. And, that the genius of Black creativity lies in our ability to Boldly express ourselves. Black men are some of the Grittiest people to ever walk the earth. From early Black cowboys and pioneers to Black doctors, engineers and creatives, Black excellence is rooted in our ability to rise above every obstacle that comes our way. With each purchase, you help us tell that story.


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Ready to enhance your figure, feel more confident, and gain the volume you're looking for? With our one-of-a-kind blend paired with consistent use, your desired results will wow you! Our capsules energize you throughout workouts, helping you to build your glutes 3Xs faster and maximize your gym curves! Low appetite? These capsules super stimulate your appetite, keeping you hungry all day long! Make sure your groceries are stocked! We are the ultimate weight gainer supplement for feminine & fuller curves! Nutrithick GAIN+ Capsules NutriThick GAIN+ Capsules alone promote weight gain (in the right places) and muscle growth. Our all-natural supplements are very safe with no known side effects or risks. Results may be seen in as little as 2-4 weeks of consistent use, and even sooner when paired with weight training. All products are backed with science & research to promote optimum results. Increase Your Breast size and hips, naturally. Gain extra pounds to fill your jeans! Better Than Any Other Supplement for women! We are the #1 Weight Gain Company No harmful chemicals or side effects! 3X Confidence booster

Vitamin CBD

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Free Shipping, Ships Internationally, Made in America, Natural, Cruelty-Free
At VitaminCBD, we celebrate the power of nature and science and believe that both can improve our quality of life exponentially. VitaminCBD uses organic hemp that is cultivated sustainably, without the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. With a well-balanced healthy lifestyle, VitaminCBD products can aid in improving health and vitality.

Robin Wilson Home

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Women Owned
Robin Wilson is an eco-friendly interior designer, author and entrepreneur with hypoallergenic products sold at Bed Bath & Beyond and other retailers. She is author of two award-winning books: Clean Design (Greenleaf, 2015) and Kennedy Green House (Greenleaf, 2010). She is the first woman with a branded line of custom kitchen & bath cabinetry that was sold by over 400 independent Holiday Kitchens dealers nationwide. She was first featured in Oprah’s magazines and her work has been featured in national press such as Good Housekeeping, House Beautiful, Esquire, Essence, and Natural Homes & Gardens, among others. Her design firm continues to handle select projects across the country and has been a member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID). She is an unpaid ambassador to the Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America, and finished a term as VP the board of the Sustainable Furnishings Council. In 2014, she partnered with consumer products giant Panasonic to promote their latest line of cutting edge products for the home. In May 2013, her furniture line, Nest Home by Robin Wilson, premiered at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) in New York. She regularly appears on the speakers circuit, on television and print with commentary on design, wellness, sustainability and allergy & asthma issues.