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Three Little Birds Tees

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Greetings, my name is Nandi Tahir. I am a mother of two sons and one daughter who happens to be my favorite muse. Some of you may have known my business Pearl of Africa which was located on the world famous South Street here in Philly for 20 years. There have been thousands of locals and famous people who have passed through the doors of Pearl of Africa and I am thankful to all of you who supported us through the years. After my husband and business partner passed away in 2012 due to lung cancer, I made the arduous decision to close Pearl of Africa. Pearl of Africa is greatly missed in the city of brotherly love but I am forever grateful to Etsy for being here as an outlet for me to further my entrepreneurial pursuits. The name Three Little Birds Tees was inspired by the Bob Marley song of the same name which has gotten me through many tough days "every little thing is gonna be alright"... TLBTees is my offering to the world as I continue the legacy of Pearl of Africa to honor and celebrate our ancestors and people of African descent in the diaspora.

Fashio Knits

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Crafty mommy sharing my craftiness to all who'll have it. I am a wife and mother of three who enjoys creating crafty things. Knitting, Crocheting and sewing helps calms my very busy life. I want to share my passion of crafty things to all who enjoy quality handmade goods.

The Weekend Store

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Women Owned
I've always been crafty. Although my family encouraged me to be scholarly, I was attracted to the arts, to thinking, dreaming, creating. When I lived in Burlington, Vermont many years ago, a friend owned a shop across the lake called The Store in Essex. It had such a plain name, but it was the most beautifully appointed, well edited shop I'd ever seen. Later, when I moved back to San Francisco, there was an antique store I'd pass on Valencia Street every day that was only open on the weekends. It was so cool - I could see all the great things they had for sale through the window - and I'd think to myself "That's kinda awesome they're only open when they really want to be". So, I combined both elements of the two shops I admired, and came up with The Weekend Store. My line has evolved over the years, from beaded earrings to typewriter key jewelry to my current line, small housewares and accessories made with mid 20th century maps. I totally love what I do. I am humbled and grateful that I get to make my living by creating meaningful treasures out of things that might otherwise be considered obsolete.

Oakland Craft Company

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Small but Mighty I began The Crafty Store in the spring of 2009 after I grew frustrated with the lack of interesting, well made, American made findings on the market. I decided to make my own, and I am thrilled with that decision! In the fall of 2016, I decided to change the name of my shop to the Oakland Craft Company. Change is good. What started as a line that included two rings has now expanded to include tie clips, cufflinks, bracelets, pendants, vintage ephemera and other really cool things, made in the US.

DPW True Serenity

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Women Owned
DPW True Serenity started off as my leisure thing. The ME TIME! It is a stress reliever and mediation from the worldly things that we all have to endure daily. Before I knew it my stress reliever and mediation time, became what others enjoyed wearing also! I give all praises to the MOST HIGH for my season! I am very thankful, humble and overwhelmed by the respond. I am very thankful also for people that “Our Father” has placed in my life that have inspired me to keep believing, trusting, The Truth and telling me don’t ever lose my FAITH!

Love Nana Co

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Women Owned, Handmade
I started my company, Love Nana Co. in 2019 during my last semester of college as a way to explore the world of jewelry creation and occupy my restless soon-to-be post-graduate mind. - The name Love Nana comes from a letter that my grandmother wrote to me while I was in kindergarten. I was graduating and she wrote to me "keep striving higher and higher to be the best that you can be" and signed that letter "Love, Nana." She passed of Alzheimer's in 2017 and I decided to name my company after her and take her advice. Each month, a portion of the proceeds will go to the Alzheimer's Association which funds Alzheimer's care, support and research. I will continue to strive higher and higher in order to let everyone know who she was and create some cool things along the way.

Adena Jay Designs co

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Women Owned
I remember when Adena Jay Designs was just a dream. Well, the name wasn't decided at that time but the desire was there. I always dreamed of having a life where I could wake up everyday and go to "work" that wasn't work at all. I decided to walk away from my full-time job in the Mental Health field May 2018 to regain my happiness and I couldn't be happier. Mental Health awareness is still a big part of my life's mission, some of our custom designs will be geared towards shedding light and love around the subject. I've always done crafty projects in in my free time. I had no idea about how to make decorated apparel, or what the heck a vinyl cutter was :). A few YouTube videos later, I had a vinyl cutter and craft stores became my happy hour of choice. We pride ourselves on the customer experience. It is our intention to be transparent every step of the design process. When you buy from Adena Jay Designs you will walk away feeling confident in your decision to work with our team. Every custom order will receive a design proof before going to the creation phase. Designing together is better.


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Women Owned
Solome Katongole specializes in customized women’s clothing. Her garments are for the fashion forward woman with an exclusive taste and not afraid to experiment with unique fabrics and style. She explores and mimics art with fabrics to create garments that are sexy, sophisticated, and make a statement. Also influenced by her Ugandan culture she merges western and traditional silhouettes/fabrics to create modernized garments. Her work has graced the runways at Africa Fashion Week New York 2010, Boston Fashion Week 2010 “Fashion Expose”, Mercedes-Benz of Buffalo fashion week 2011 and at Hub of Africa Fashion Week 2012.

Bitz of Culture

Fashion, Unisex, Accessories, other, Miscellaneous
Women Owned, Family Owned, Made in America, Cruelty-Free, Vegan
Here are the things that you absolutely need to know about 'US." We are a BLACK-OWNED business (yay! I know). We are a WOMAN owned business (yay! I know). When I say 'we' I really mean ME. I am a DOUBLE HBCU grad (Howard University and Bowie State) who believes that black and brown people should be able to express their personality via Crocs (which aren't cute shoes to begin with lol). Bitz of Culture is a one-woman show. That makes me the CEO, COO, Marketing, Accounting, Customer Service, HR, and everything else under the sun. Our number one priority is to make sure that every person willing to support a small black-owned business has the best experience possible. Thank you!