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The DynaSmiles by DNT

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Free Shipping, Women Owned
The DynaSmiles® are our irresistibly cute and lovable character illustrations drawn by Daveia Odoi with the brightest of smiles and sold on high quality goods including notebooks, phone cases, t-shirts and more.

Brothas N Sistas

Home & Garden, Decor, Fashion, Clothing, Men’s, Women’s, Accessories, Handbags, Office, Paper & Stationery, Notebooks, Other
Women Owned

Brown Girls Stationary

Home & Garden, Other, Children, Accessories, Handbags, Office, Paper & Stationery, Notebooks
Women Owned, Youth Involved
Brown Girls' Stationery is an online stationery company whose vision is to celebrate the beauty and uniqueness of brown girls. Brown Girls' Stationery was started in 2016 by a mother/daughter duo seeking to provide brown kids with stationery and back-to-school options that reflect who they are.

The Art of Chiristoff Davis

Home & Garden, Decor, Fashion, Clothing, Women’s, Accessories, Handbags, Office, Paper & Stationery, Stationary, Notebooks, Other, Miscellaneous
Women Owned
The Art of Christoff Davis is one of the more unusual Black-owned businesses included in the Nile List. Davis’ art is a breath of fresh air. She creates her whimsical and happy pieces the old fashioned way. She draws and paints each piece by hand and photographs her work to capture all its richness and texture. She combines her vibrant imagery with excellent thick papers and sumptuous fabrics. She devotes much time to pick the best quality materials and textiles, which she chooses with care. The result is beautiful and luxurious. Each painting owned by this black-owned business harkens back to Davis’ childhood. She grew up in the lively city of New Orleans, La. Childhood, vintage-shopping trips, and travels all are present in her creations. She pours all these experiences and inspiration into her art. Davis completed her education at the University of New Orleans.

Cultured Wear

Home & Garden, Other, Fashion, Clothing, Tees, Women’s, Unisex, Office, Paper & Stationery, Notebooks
Women Owned, Charitable
Cultured Wear was created for the passport having, dream chasing, culture seeker who recognizes that life is a journey and meant to be lived. Cultured Wear apparel and accessories embodies the nature of the cultured traveler that has a story to tell to inspire others to get out and see the world. Cultured Wear is a movement. In honor of Dr. Sandra Earley, late mother of Cultured Wear founder Jenn Earley, and former principal in Waverly Community Schools, a portion of proceeds from Cultured Wear sales are donated to Waverly High School students in Lansing, Michigan. This donation helps support travel enrichment journeys through language class immersion experiences.

Drama Mama Bookshop

Office, Paper & Stationery, Notebooks, Other
Ships Internationally, Women Owned
Here at the Drama MaMa Bookshop we believe in the written word. Whether these written words come together in order to pass down priceless information or simply to keep us organized as we go about our day, we know that there’s magic in every stroke of your pen. So whether you are embarking on a new journey, creating a world that's all your own, planning a better tomorrow or just being mindful of today. We're here right along with you. Offering you a boost of encouragement and a ton quality. Choose us and explore the pages of the past or create the pages of tomorrow… with a little bit of Drama and a lot of love.

Effie's Paper

Hair & Headwear, Accessories, Home & Garden, Candles, Clothing, Tees, Women’s, Accessories, Jewelry, Office, Paper & Stationery, Stationary, Notebooks, Other, Miscellaneous
Free Shipping, Women Owned, Natural
Effie’s Paper :: Stationery&Whatnot is a lifestyle brand that sets the trend for cool accessories to buy, travelling in style, and how much coffee it’s chic to drink on a daily basis. We believe that from the door to her desk, a woman should be surrounded by pretty things that make her heart leap! Our products are a unique mix of casual elegance, motivation and social engagement. Although named after our founder, Kalyn Chandler’s grandmother, Effie’s Paper::Stationery&Whatnot is not your grandmother’s lifestyle brand! The goal was simple, to create lifestyle products that could co-exist with today’s technology. Et voilà! We offer an on-trend, curated selection of stylish desk, stationery, travel and gift accessories. Our products reflect our belief that the future is female and is being shaped by the power of Black Girl Magic!

Ibere Apparel

Home & Garden, Decor, Other, Fashion, Clothing, Tees, Men’s, Women’s, Accessories, Jewelry, Office, Paper & Stationery, Stationary, Notebooks, Miscellaneous
Free Shipping, Ships Internationally, Women Owned
IBERE APPAREL was created to enable us to proudly and publicly Celebrate Black History and Culture 365 days a Year! Our brand is for everyone - we have a wide variety of products from Mugs, to T-Shirts, to Pins, Stickers, Cards, Stationary and more! With our products, you will have so many ways to express your pride in your history & culture, as well as to remind yourself and others of your greatness, each and every day! IBERE APPAREL is here to tell the world: We don’t need a particular day to love one another, we don’t need a particular day to remember who we are. We are Black 365 days a year, so let’s Celebrate Black History and Culture 365 days a Year!

Izzy & Liv

Hair & Headwear, Accessories, Home & Garden, Decor, Fashion, Clothing, Men’s, Women’s, Childrens, Accessories, Jewelry, Handbags, Office, Paper & Stationery, Notebooks, Other, Miscellaneous
Women Owned
Our goal is to make sure that the things you love are reflected in the things you buy. Who doesn’t love a graphic tee? They are effortlessly chic and fun and often become the first clues into your personality or mood. Browsing the racks of your favorite mainstream brands you certainly won’t be hard-pressed to find a variety of cute and fashionable tees. Chances are, however, you will be hard-pressed to find tees that truly reflect your culture and the things you love. Though the exclusion of women of color in media and product development is not as polarizing as it has been in the past, we are still often bombarded with media that pushes stereotypes and images that do not always reflect us fully. This is why Izzy & Liv was created. We're not all the same... but we've got somethings in common Black women come in all shades, shapes, sizes and styles. We come from different walks of life, have varied interests and a range of experiences. We are each unique and possess a beauty that is our own. Still, often times we feel an unspoken bond. This is true whether we are blood-relatives, life-long friends, or strangers in a room of unfamiliar faces, who give each other that familiar nod or reassuring smile that says ""you have a friend here."" THIS is the powerful, unexplainable bond that many of us have. This is the aura Izzy & Liv taps into with our apparel and accessories. Our brand is self-affirming, inspirational, fun, sassy, filled with pop culture references and a bit retro. Our goal is to to design pieces that reflect some of our shared experiences; celebrates the icons we love; reinforces the empowering beauty we possess, and immortalizes the things we can’t get enough -- things that makes us laugh and smile. When you shop at Izzy & Liv, you're bound to find something that you can relate to! As women of color continue to rock around the world, Izzy & Liv’s mission is to help them do it confidently and stylishly. Our brand launched in 2014 by Nicole W. Brown. Her daughters, Isabel (Izzy) and Olivia (Liv), gave her the inspiration to create a clothing line that speaks to both black women and little girls who want to see more of themselves in the mainstream.

Kelly U Fine Art Studio

Home & Garden, Other, Fashion, Accessories, Handbags, other, Office, Paper & Stationery, Notebooks, Arts & Crafts
Women Owned
Art that celebrates beauty and strength. Artist, Kelly U Johnson, works with acrylic, watercolor and printmaking to create original paintings, prints and wearable arts.