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I wear African

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I Wear African is a campaign initiative created to promote and celebrate the contemporary African lifestyle by bringing the best quality Afrocentric brands to our fans.

Roxy Crochets Does Journals

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I am a one woman show when it comes to creating my journals. My journals design covers appeal to a array of interests.


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Quote the Culture is a small business powered by Etsy. It features journals with common phrases from movies, songs, shows or popular culture. Carry your favorite quote in your bag with @hiphopisms .

Pretty Girl Goals LLC

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My name is Bievienea. I am a Certified Credit Consultant and Educator and also the leading force behind Pretty Girls Goals – women empowerment & lifestyle brand. I started my career as a healthcare professional. The money I earned was carelessly and rather lavishly thrown around on my own expenses; lavish dinners, shopaholic streaks and careless expenditures were a norm for me. It was after the birth of my daughter, when the responsibilities that come with being a mom dawned upon me - this made me take the decision to turn my life around. I no longer wanted to fine-dine or spend money on lavish clothes. All I wanted was to manage my expenses and get the most out of the money I had. Through my exposure to budgeting and financial literacy, I realized just how easy numbers came to me. With my newfound passion I saw an increase in my financial literacy and an eventual increase in my savings and credit ratio. I had singlehandedly turned my financial situation around. It was then and there that I decided to pursue my passion and interest forward by creating my own business to address this problem. This is how, Pretty Girl Goals came into being. Pretty Girl Goals LLC is a lifestyle brand that inspires and motivate women to achieve their financial goals. The mission behind this brand is to embody what the working woman aspires to be while creating products that help them achieve their goals. We exist to help and encourage all the pretty girls out there to invest in their dreams, set career & business goals, and then hustle hard to reach them. Our brand ensure career fulfillment for all the ambitious girls whether they are working for a company, running their own business, or managing a home.

Pretty Girls Sweat

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PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT founder, Aeshia DeVore Branch, grew tired of the alarming obesity rates plaguing youth and set out to create solutions with a highly engaging, lifestyle brand that makes fitness fun, affordable, and accessible for the population that makes, or will make, 80% of the healthcare decisions in the household... women. Our wellness experiences, annual fitness festival, digital content, and inspiring merch form a “Sweat Sisterhood” uniting women to "sweat with purpose," raise awareness for childhood obesity, become health leaders and give back to underserved communities. Due to our passion combined with our strategy for changing the face of fitness, we’ve been featured on ABC, BET, PopSugar, and Essence!

Morgan Harper Nichols

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I write poetry and make digital mixed media art as a daily creative practice. My practice consists of making new art series every day using both digital and handmade elements on creative consumer applications like Adobe Sketch, Adobe Fresco, and ProCreate. I like to include both abstract and figurative elements in my work, as well as both conversational and poetic language. For me, this is about learning to hold what is known and unknown, in grace. My work is inspired by real life and in-the-moment experiences, including my interactions with others. At the heart of what I share, I believe art and creativity are valuable ways to connect with others about matters most.