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hunnybunny is a boutique manufacturer and retailer specializing in all-natural bath and beauty products. Each item is handmade with care and superior ingredients. Because skincare and haircare products are absorbed into your bloodstream like food, hunnybunny only uses natural and healthy ingredients to nourish your skin. Many of our ingredients are food-based items you will find in your own kitchen.

Ilera Apothecary

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Free Shipping, Women Owned, Natural
Creators of the 100% truly natural, aluminum-free deodorant. Rooted in native Nigerian principles, all skin care products are meticulously formulated for a smoother appearance. Founded by sisters Chinonye & Nneji Akunne, ILERA Apothecary is a skincare line rooted in native Nigerian principles that uses 100% natural ingredients. Our products contain NO parabens, NO sulfates, and NO pthalates. Each of our products is 100% free of any synthetics. ILERA Apothecary is a Brand owned and operated by ILERA, LLC. The majority of the ILERA Apothecary product line includes “Okwuma”, the Igbo term for Shea Butter. Shea butter is a natural plant-based oil that has been used in their family for generations, keeping their skin soft, vibrant and youthful. Each product and scent is formulated in-house using simple ingredients by the ILERA Apothecary team.


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OUR MISSION WE ARE AN OAKLAND BASED BEAUTY COMPANY THAT HANDCRAFTS ORGANIC PRODUCTS FOR THE NATURAL CARE OF BODY AND HOME. OUR PHILOSOPHY We are an environmentally conscious brand and we are working towards zero waste. Our promise is to deliver products that make people feel good inside and out, by implementing recycling, green practices, and conscious minimalism. We create product that doesn’t harm animals, people, and environment because we believe in the harmony between nature and living beings. OUR PROCESS We study plant properties and environmental changes to engineer the most effective product combinations. We carefully select and source the best quality ingredients. We collaborate with industry experts to guarantee the best practices and continued innovation. We test ingredients and create products that are vegan and free from parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrance, and other harmful chemicals. We deliver our offerings in packaging that is made of recycled and/or recyclable materials. We engage our customers in the process by rewarding green practices with free product.

Jade & Fox Co.

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Jade & Fox Co. is a luxury lifestyle brand that uses the science of nature to create solutions to everyday skin care conditions and bring tangible results. Using food grade ingredients, Jade & Fox creates an entire experience using original formulas curated by the maker. By revolutionizing the personalized skincare industry, our hopes are to offer a new outlook on the indie beauty industry for both men and women.

Kissed by a Bee

Health & Beauty, Bath & Body, Skincare, Beardcare, Feminine Care, Other, Haircare, Hair growth/repair
Women Owned
Our mission is to bring affordable natural remedies to the people. Old School Apothecary with a Modern Twist.


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Women Owned, Natural
The morals and values of BK Naturals have remained consistent from Day One. We strive to find the best, all-natural ingredients that are both effective and gentle. If we cannot find an all-natural ingredient that works the best, we will use the safest and most effective alternative. We strive to never use harmful and synthetic ingredients such as parabens, sulfates, alcohol*, glycerin, harmful perfumes, dyes, EDTA, SLS, phthalates, or any other ingredients you can’t pronounce. We strive to offer pH-balanced solutions wherever we can. We strive to educate women on the importance of vaginal care and maintenance, naturally *some products may contain natural alcohols, not the drying type! Our commitment to reducing breast and gynecologic cancers: We are confident that Kushae’s natural products can assist in reducing the overall toxic impact in the lives of women and more importantly, the recent rise in gynecologic and breast cancers all across the globe. Our partnerships with amazing cancer research and patient support organizations are a testament to our commitment as we provide education, natural products pH balanced wherever we can, and additional in-kind support. We aim to give women back their voices in advocating for feminine health and hygiene and to insist on natural products made especially for women, by women. To learn more about how we may be able to partner with your cancer research foundation or patient advocacy group, please contact us. OUR MISSION We want to break the cycle of the overuse of antibiotics and harmful chemicals that are harsh on our bodies. We give women natural alternatives to chemical-laden products on the market, while educating them on how to use these products to maintain their intimate health.

Lotus Organics

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From Fresh picked lavender & Chamomile to the freshly ground arrow root powder and diatemaceous earth. Every one of our ingredients are organic, and can easily be found in nature. Our business only invests in ingredients that are pure; such as some of our essential oils : patchoulli and bergamot. 70% of our ingredients come right from our own backyard garden; we stride to attain the best out of each ingredients in each small batch we produce. Our Butters that server as the moisturizing agents such as: our raw Shea butter is shipped directly from the Country of Ghana in Africa, and our raw cocoa butter is from Bangladesh, India


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Majenye is skin care re-imagined. Our plant based skincare is powered by super-foods with properties that improve your skin naturally. Majenye’s wild-crafted products are infused with powerful healing crystals. The energetic properties of crystals have been used for centuries for spiritual cleansing and renewal. We are dedicated to delivering cruelty-free products that harmonize the body, mind, and spirit.

Nandi's Naturals

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At Nandi's Naturals, our mission is to produce quality handmade bath and body products that are as close to nature as possible. As someone who deals with an irritating skin condition caused by hyperthyroidism/Grave's Disease, Nandi's Naturals' founder Yolanda ""Nandi"" Jacobs, understands that nature-based, toxicity-free products can help tremendously in providing our largest organ the right ingredients to protect it from everyday exposures. It is for this reason, we limit the use of fragrances in our products and flat-out refuse to use synthetic fragrances, dyes, perfumes or drying alcohols. Instead, we go heavy on natural butters and oils, creating products that replenish, protect and hydrate dry, dull and sensitive skin. We pour the same toxicity-free concept into our all-natural deodorants. These non-staining, non-irritating, powerfully effective deodorants will change your mind about natural deodorants. You'll be surprised how something so light and airy feeling could be so potent against underarm odor. Bringing you high-quality products, with ethical ingredients you can trust, fulfills our mission of cozying up to nature.

Natural Jewels

Health & Beauty, Bath & Body, Skincare, Beardcare, Other, Home & Garden, Candles
Handmade, Women Owned
Our goal is to produce a line that influences our customers to a healthier lifestyle, while delivering quality skin care and skin care treatments, that leads to lifelong results. Experience a natural approach to moving you and your skin towards beautiful balance. Natural Jewels is committed to making simple, pure, all natural and chemical-free skin care, using the highest quality products. We strive to support small businesses, buying butters, oils, packaging and ingredients from fellow small business owners. Our goal is to produce a line that influences our customers to a healthier lifestyle, while delivering quality skin care that leads to lifelong results.