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Afrotouch Design

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Free Shipping, Women Owned, Charitable
Georgina Fihosy is the creative behind AfroTouch Design (the former Special Touch Designs), an Afrocentric stationery brand that is unique among black-owned businesses. Fihosy creates urban greeting cards and gift items for all occasions and seasons. She started what was then Special Touch Designs in the summer of 2015. At the time, she was on maternity leave with her second child. She was frustrated with the lack of representation in the greeting card industry. She wanted to find a card for a friend who had had a baby but couldn’t find one with a black baby or one that reflected her and her family and this beautiful occasion. Fihosy wanted something fun and urban - so she decided to make one herself. That was how her black-owned business, Special Touch Designs, was born. Fihosy is self-taught and learned how to make and design cards via Google University.

Brothas N Sistas

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Women Owned

By Ms. James

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Free Shipping, Women Owned
By Ms James is a paper goods company inspired by family, the appreciation for black culture and a weird obsession with doodling.

The Art of Chiristoff Davis

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Women Owned
The Art of Christoff Davis is one of the more unusual Black-owned businesses included in the Nile List. Davis’ art is a breath of fresh air. She creates her whimsical and happy pieces the old fashioned way. She draws and paints each piece by hand and photographs her work to capture all its richness and texture. She combines her vibrant imagery with excellent thick papers and sumptuous fabrics. She devotes much time to pick the best quality materials and textiles, which she chooses with care. The result is beautiful and luxurious. Each painting owned by this black-owned business harkens back to Davis’ childhood. She grew up in the lively city of New Orleans, La. Childhood, vintage-shopping trips, and travels all are present in her creations. She pours all these experiences and inspiration into her art. Davis completed her education at the University of New Orleans.

Because of Them We Can

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Women Owned
THE ORIGIN OF BOTWC Because of Them We Can® was started by Eunique Jones Gibson in February 2013 as a 28-day photo campaign where children appeared as iconic Black history figures of the past and present. Inspired by her sons, Chase and Amari, it was a way to teach and refresh Black history while connecting the dots between the past, present and future.

Cloth & Paper

Office, Paper & Stationery, Stationary, Other
Free Shipping, Women Owned
Cloth & Paper is one a Black-owned business that sells stationery. This company offers beautiful leather planners and paper planner inserts. It also sells foil dividers and exclusive stationery items. Cloth & Paper aims to change the look and feel through minimal design and luxe finishing. Established in 2015, the birth of Cloth & Paper was out of necessity! Owner Ashley Reynolds had left her corporate job of nine years. She needed to devise a plan on what her next career move would be. Reynolds has always been a paper-loving, pen-hoarding, notebook collector. Over time, her collection became overwhelming. When she got engaged to her now-husband, he requested that she sell part of her stash. He needed relief from the clutter before they moved in together. Little did he know what was in store for him. Today his wife’s Black-owned business is full of pens, paper, gold foil, and all things planner related.

Coily and Cute

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Women Owned
African-American business owner Sharee Miller stays very busy. She is a t-shirt graphic designer by day and an author/illustrator by night. Sharee has loved art all her life and has taken every opportunity to study it. She runs one of the Black-owned companies where customers can buy art prints. They can also order custom portraits and even find books, all in one place. She's the author and illustrator of Princess Hair and Don't Touch My Hair. Both books are publications of Little Brown for Young Readers. She is also the illustrator of THE SHAI AND EMMIE SERIES by Quvenzhané Wallis and Nancy Ohlin. Another of her books is The Excursion, published by Homebound Publications. She created The Excursion in partnership with the Make a Wish Program. She creates her colorful happy characters are using watercolor and pen.

Detroit is the New Black

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Women Owned
DITNB is a brand at the crossroads of culture, fashion & community. We take pride in our city and the people who go out and make it their own every day.

Drama Mama Bookshop

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Ships Internationally, Women Owned
Here at the Drama MaMa Bookshop we believe in the written word. Whether these written words come together in order to pass down priceless information or simply to keep us organized as we go about our day, we know that there’s magic in every stroke of your pen. So whether you are embarking on a new journey, creating a world that's all your own, planning a better tomorrow or just being mindful of today. We're here right along with you. Offering you a boost of encouragement and a ton quality. Choose us and explore the pages of the past or create the pages of tomorrow… with a little bit of Drama and a lot of love.

Effie's Paper

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Effie’s Paper :: Stationery&Whatnot is a lifestyle brand that sets the trend for cool accessories to buy, travelling in style, and how much coffee it’s chic to drink on a daily basis. We believe that from the door to her desk, a woman should be surrounded by pretty things that make her heart leap! Our products are a unique mix of casual elegance, motivation and social engagement. Although named after our founder, Kalyn Chandler’s grandmother, Effie’s Paper::Stationery&Whatnot is not your grandmother’s lifestyle brand! The goal was simple, to create lifestyle products that could co-exist with today’s technology. Et voilà! We offer an on-trend, curated selection of stylish desk, stationery, travel and gift accessories. Our products reflect our belief that the future is female and is being shaped by the power of Black Girl Magic!