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THE ART Facemadics exists to create and sell unique stationery, photographs, and hand-made prints by Western Pennsylvania artist, Jabari (Stanley) Mason aka Daimond Axe. The art shares messages of a generational outlook, and strives to show reverence to a cultural past. He explores his ideas using bold colors in cut paper collage, acrylic paints, marker strokes, and photo editing technology. Facemadics offers impressions of a new-age graphic style, precedent and truthful voice of today’s brave generation.

Gavin Luxe

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OUR PHILOSOPHY IS SIMPLE - TO DELIVER A SENSUOUS LUXURIOUS EXPERIENCE. Close your eyes and just imagine being submerged in a multi-sensory experience. The flickering flame dancing atop a candle, accompanied by richly scented fragrance, gently filling the room with an irresistible aroma. And then it happens. You are enveloped in a pleasurable, indulgent experience that will ease emotional tension and arouse the senses. Gavin Luxe products tell a story. There is a little sensuality in everyone; love, connectivity, fascination, desire, mystery, passion; we all experience it. As we unwind and relax, these emotions are heightened and it’s what we become. Gavin Luxe products provoke the inevitable. Based out of San Diego, California, Gavin Luxe is a contemporary interpretation of vintage craftsmanship. We are enthusiastic practitioners of aromatherapy and we understand the benefits that fragrance and essential oils bring when blended in the right way. Driven by our deep passion for practicing and blending fragrance, Gavin Luxe was established to share the benefits of sensual aromatherapy through a range of finest quality fragrance oils, essential oils and resources available. We continue to develop and expand, and our products are now sold at exclusive retail outlets worldwide. We love the inexhaustible variety of plants and flowers. There is an art to working with them. Taking the purest, natural ingredients, we create blends that enhance the oil’s inherent properties, turning them into rich, luxuriously scented products that deliver sensual experiences. Every ingredient in every product has a role to play. The integrity of our ingredients it vital to us, and we actively source every fragrance and essential oil and plant extract that goes into our products. Our raw materials are native to some of the most native and remote places in the world. We take great care to ensure our ingredients are of the highest degree of purity, quality and ethical standards.

Greentop Gifts

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Christmas is coming early! We are excited to share Clarence Claus with you. Clarence represents what we were missing during the holiday season – wrapping paper and products that featured the ""jolly"" old man from the North Pole that looked like us. As a mother, I wanted something that my son and our friends and their families could enjoy and look at for years to come. Because that didn't exist, each year we would color Santa’s face with paint or markers. The clear problem that families like us face is a lack of diverse images on Christmas themed wrapping paper. So we decided after going through this exercise one too many holiday seasons that we would solve this problem and make our own!

Izzy & Liv

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Our goal is to make sure that the things you love are reflected in the things you buy. Who doesn’t love a graphic tee? They are effortlessly chic and fun and often become the first clues into your personality or mood. Browsing the racks of your favorite mainstream brands you certainly won’t be hard-pressed to find a variety of cute and fashionable tees. Chances are, however, you will be hard-pressed to find tees that truly reflect your culture and the things you love. Though the exclusion of women of color in media and product development is not as polarizing as it has been in the past, we are still often bombarded with media that pushes stereotypes and images that do not always reflect us fully. This is why Izzy & Liv was created. We're not all the same... but we've got somethings in common Black women come in all shades, shapes, sizes and styles. We come from different walks of life, have varied interests and a range of experiences. We are each unique and possess a beauty that is our own. Still, often times we feel an unspoken bond. This is true whether we are blood-relatives, life-long friends, or strangers in a room of unfamiliar faces, who give each other that familiar nod or reassuring smile that says ""you have a friend here."" THIS is the powerful, unexplainable bond that many of us have. This is the aura Izzy & Liv taps into with our apparel and accessories. Our brand is self-affirming, inspirational, fun, sassy, filled with pop culture references and a bit retro. Our goal is to to design pieces that reflect some of our shared experiences; celebrates the icons we love; reinforces the empowering beauty we possess, and immortalizes the things we can’t get enough -- things that makes us laugh and smile. When you shop at Izzy & Liv, you're bound to find something that you can relate to! As women of color continue to rock around the world, Izzy & Liv’s mission is to help them do it confidently and stylishly. Our brand launched in 2014 by Nicole W. Brown. Her daughters, Isabel (Izzy) and Olivia (Liv), gave her the inspiration to create a clothing line that speaks to both black women and little girls who want to see more of themselves in the mainstream.


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JIBRI is dedicated to creating garments for the fashion-conscious, curvy woman. JIBRI is a perfect combination of high fashion chic and urban street sleek garments in sizes 10-28.

JiJi Designs

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That was the question that planted the seed for what is now JiJi Designs Paperie, LLC, better known as JiJi D. Oh, and we actually still have a screen shot of that post from January 31, 2015. How grateful we were to be asked such a simple question. As stated on our homepage, JiJi D. makes simply dope* designs. :-) We specialize in custom handcrafted greeting cards, designed to tug at the recipient's heartstrings. Not only do we take pride in making a a unique front card cover, but we also take the time to make the inside of each card just as unique-- something you don't see everyday. We use quality card stock, pretty patterned paper, and other fun accessories to add some pizazz to our cards. In addition to our greeting cards, JiJi D. also delights in dabbling with the creation of invitations (digital included) and other fun miscellaneous items such as party banners, wall art, and party props.

Dolce & Lay

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Dolce & Lay is recognized as a symbol of self-care and self-love with natural and organic skin care products and a guided experience that helps self-care enthusiasts in creating their own self-care habits that will refresh, reset, and renew their mind, body, and spirit!

Khristiana Howell

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We help you and brands harness the power of design to live the beautiful, fearless, and chic life you deserve. An intuitive designer is part coach, part teacher, and part therapist. Everyone needs and is worthy of a well designed life. Design should not and is not reserved for people of a certain means. Just like everyone should wear clothing that fits their body, everyone deserves to live in a space that is a reflection of who they are and how they want to feel. For us it really is ALL about the feelings. We create product that makes you feel something. We consult with clients big and small to make sure that je ne sais quoi, that feeling is reaching their customers and clients. We help individuals understand they not only deserve, but MUST feel good in their spaces. In short we believe in Fearlessly Chic Living for all!

KLT Art by Kendro

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KLT Art by Kendro is a Chicago based art business that creates one of a kind paintings, jewelry, & more. Shipping is available to national and international customers as well as customizing items like jewelry, shoes, clothing, paintings, & more. For Chicago/Chicago area customers, we also host art parties (paint and sip) where customers are able to choose between painting on canvas, making jewelry, painting wine glasses, & more. We’re also available for live paintings, speaking events, interviews, and more. Whatever you imagine, Kendro can create it. KLT Art was officially founded in June of 2014 in Chicago, IL. It was officially established online through the means of creating necklaces, paintings, and other artistic pieces.


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LLULO is a dynamic independent fashion/lifestyle brand and cultural presence. We are a creative collective representing prolific design, lifestyle and cultural identity within the digital space and retail forum. The LLULO brand expresses and exudes the strong essence of Africa and its People while serving as an exclusive presence to connect fashion and lifestyle consumers around the world with Ankara fabrics and other cultural influences. We strive to make Ankara fabric wearable in every way, shape, and form! More than just a brand, LLULO is always striving for ways to improve the quality of life and happiness in Africa by creating more jobs and shelter for those in need. We have selected to work strictly with cutting edge designs and noteworthy fabrics. LLULO is LOVE. LLULO is STRENGTH. LLULO is PEACE.