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Scent Affairs

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Our goal is to continuously strive to make and provide a quality product. Scent Affairs loosely became a concept in the fall of 2018. Over time the concept began to take shape until it became a reality in the spring of 2019. The goal, create a safe, effective, quality product with a long lasting scentual affect. One that would evoke in the customer thoughts of distant exotic lands and far away places or memories of homemade treats in grandma’s kitchen. Thoughts of clean freshness like after you’ve just given your home your personal State Board of Health cleanliness stamp of approval. Having the perfect clean and fresh scent, like Oh So Fresh is the BOOYAAH finishing touch!!! Only the finest ingredients go into our scents because we take earning your business seriously.

Doe Wiz Apparel

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Doe Wiz apparel was found by Kamar Doe Wiz Lewis. The term Doe came about from the street meaning ""Money,"" and the term ""Wiz"" short for wisdom. By combining the two terms, we have the name ""Doe Wiz"" which means ""A smart way to get money."" We love what we do because we love to see our customers happy and we believe that in each one of our customers there is a Doe Wiz drive; A drive to live up to ones expectations. A drive that says you are tough enough, smart enough, you got what it takes to get what was destined for you. We believe that success is not measured by wealth but by what drives a person to thier persuit of happiness.

Fishing Caddy

Sports & Outdoors
Our company is dedicated to bringing you the absolute best system for fishing and overall enjoyment of the sport.

Jarvis Boards

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Jarvis Boards' mission has always been to craft paddle boards in Austin, Texas that are environmentally friendly, look great, and perform well. To accomplish this, we employ a wide range of techniques to craft our small-batch production wooden SUPs in our Austin studio. All of the wood SUPs that we make are designed to be lightweight, functional, and as environmentally friendly as possible while weighing between 23 and 28 pounds. Given this mission, we build paddle boards primarily using a recycled foam core, eco-friendly lightweight wood, and resins made from recycled bio-waste by Entropy Resins. Finally, our boards are finished with solid wood tail blocks and a leather laser engraved removable carrying handle.

Dynamic Confluence

Sports & Outdoors
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I have items that I carry with me anywhere I go in case of an emergency. I couldn't find an emergency kit that was complete, so I made a few of my own. I hope people will find these items useful. It's better to have and not need, than need and not have.


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SUPER SOFT, ABSORBENT TOWEL Super soft, absorbent microfiber Sized just right for optimal flexibility 100% cotton. Machine wash. Imported

Lyfestyle Clothing

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It’s our goal to produce quality clothing that embodies our inspirations of the moment. We only source premium fabrics, usually directly from NYC's garment district. All of our cut and sewn garments are made at our Brooklyn factory. We strive to build a strong brand by consistently making quality clothing that our customers can be proud to wear.


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POWERHANDZ is a global company that manufactures unique skill development products used by thousands of professional and youth athletes in multiple sports.

NinetyNine Products

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Our mission is to deliver functional & beautiful product that celebrate the people who help people. 99% of our marketing dollars will spotlight those individuals we believe do more than their fare share of shaping our communities in positive ways. The teachers, the doctors, the veterans, the artists. This is our way of giving back. NinetyNine Products celebrates people who help people with high quality sneakers designed for style and engineered for performance.

The Better Results

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The Better Results Push bar was created to solve a Problem, the equipment has been patented and now the hopes in every one can benefit from the invention.