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Ibere Apparel

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IBERE APPAREL was created to enable us to proudly and publicly Celebrate Black History and Culture 365 days a Year! Our brand is for everyone - we have a wide variety of products from Mugs, to T-Shirts, to Pins, Stickers, Cards, Stationary and more! With our products, you will have so many ways to express your pride in your history & culture, as well as to remind yourself and others of your greatness, each and every day! IBERE APPAREL is here to tell the world: We don’t need a particular day to love one another, we don’t need a particular day to remember who we are. We are Black 365 days a year, so let’s Celebrate Black History and Culture 365 days a Year!


Home & Garden, Decor, Fashion, Clothing, Tees, Women’s, Office, Paper & Stationery, Stationary, Other
Charitable, Women Owned
LLULO is a dynamic independent fashion/lifestyle brand and cultural presence. We are a creative collective representing prolific design, lifestyle and cultural identity within the digital space and retail forum. The LLULO brand expresses and exudes the strong essence of Africa and its People while serving as an exclusive presence to connect fashion and lifestyle consumers around the world with Ankara fabrics and other cultural influences. We strive to make Ankara fabric wearable in every way, shape, and form! More than just a brand, LLULO is always striving for ways to improve the quality of life and happiness in Africa by creating more jobs and shelter for those in need. We have selected to work strictly with cutting edge designs and noteworthy fabrics. LLULO is LOVE. LLULO is STRENGTH. LLULO is PEACE.

Seek Your Truth

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Women Owned
Seek Your Truth is a Women Empowerment Organization inspired by Faith & Transparency. We help encourage women to seek their true self in who God has called them to be.


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Hello! I'm Geneva Bowers, a self-taught illustrator based in Western North Carolina. I love manipulating color and adding whimsy with a touch of realism and calm.

ALC Crafts

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Women Owned
ALC Crafts LLC is a boutique specializing in custom-designed crafts, apparel, and accessories. We are focused on creating “all-things-glam” for amazing and dynamic women, to support them in their goals & vision, and inspire confidence to be unstoppable!

Because of Them We Can

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Women Owned
THE ORIGIN OF BOTWC Because of Them We Can® was started by Eunique Jones Gibson in February 2013 as a 28-day photo campaign where children appeared as iconic Black history figures of the past and present. Inspired by her sons, Chase and Amari, it was a way to teach and refresh Black history while connecting the dots between the past, present and future.

Shades of Color

Home & Garden, Decor, Other, Fashion, Accessories, Handbags, Office, Paper & Stationery, Stationary, Notebooks, Other, Miscellaneous, Arts & Crafts
Shades of Color, LLC is a black owned business dedicated to bringing the highest quality African American and Inspirational gifts available. Our brand UPLIFTS and INSPIRES through the curation of distinctive one-of-a-kind African American and faith-based gifts, home décor, stationery, accessories and calendars. Our original products are designed to stand out from the typical products offered in today’s market. A champion for black culture, Shades of Color was generated to spotlight the beauty, resiliency, and contributions of African Americans, dispelling societal stigmatization. The beauty of the African diaspora shines throughout every collection. We collaborate with several African American community groups, churches and sororities as well as new and established businesses. Shades of Color is constantly evolving and is one of the leading brands in the African American gifts industry. We spread positivity through our products as well as our philanthropic efforts within the African American and local community. Shades of Color strives to bring genuine Black Art to our communities by working with black artists nationwide to create functional items that uplift and inspire. Our mission is to bring positive images of African Americans to homes, schools and offices everywhere!

She's Got Papers

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Women Owned
The quintessential stationery collection for the sophisticated lady. She's Got Papers is witty, smart, fun and uplifting. It is reflective of my belief in self expression, my appreciation of words and my passion for paper. Join She's Got Papers as we pay homage to the personal touch. Every woman feels special when she receives a handwritten note in her mailbox. These hand drawn designs with empowering quotes are equal parts classy, sassy and inspirational. From self love to inner reflection to avant-garde & home decor, there is something in the collection for every paper connoiseur. Write On!

Sweet Potato Paper

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Women Owned
Sweet Potato Paper lets you up the ante with our diverse offerings with customizable illustrations. Discover our collection of cards and invites that allow you to customize the skin tone, hair style and even hair color to truly reflect your guest of honor.

XQuisite Soul

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Women Owned
Welcome to XQuisite Soul! Here you will find a diverse and imaginative collection of exclusively hand drawn planner stickers and more, that are specifically geared toward women of colour. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or giving as a gift, our unique stickers and planner accessories are just what you’re looking for!