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Toya's Custom Baskets LLC

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Toya’s Custom Baskets is a boutique gift basket business based in the Baltimore, Maryland area. The seeds of Toya’s Custom Baskets were planted when I got married and had my son. Each of his childhood celebrations encourage my creativity to flourish. I enjoyed making the centerpieces for his christening, the coloring books for his Carousel themed birthday party, the invitations and thank you cards for all his special occasions. The handmade goody bags for my son’s parties turned into handmade custom gift baskets for adults and children alike. In 2016, when demand for my custom gift baskets grew I started Toya’s Custom Baskets, LLC. Custom gift baskets are my specialty. If you don’t see what you want on my website, no problem. Contact me and I will create you a truly custom gift basket based on your interest, theme, and special occasion. Toya’s Custom Gift Baskets are great for the holidays, bridal showers, birthdays, baby showers, fundraisers, and so much more. At you can create a custom gift basket for yourself or someone special today.

The Afro Gypsy

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I am Renei. I am a mother, sister, daughter, ex-wife, friend and human. I live to be different and make a difference in the ways I choose to. I prefer to NOT follow the norm. I started my company out of a need to care for my 2 daughters. I had to develop a line where my individual flair could shine and did not keep me away from my family too long. Over the past 4 years my line has changed to be more about owning your beauty, fierceness and power. What sets me apart? What makes a difference between me and the next person...? I'm not a trend. YOU ARE NOT A TREND. My items are hand made and unique. I use new and upcycled leather, fabric and wood to make my jewelry, accessories and home goods. My items are made by me for you. My art is for that part of our personality, that spirit filled excitement about love and possibilities. Freedom of thought, pursuit of happiness and goals. That excitement for bohemian like wanderlust for the world. For some, this means live out loud and for others... tends to stay "hidden". My goal: help you be OK to live in your skin and be bold enough to flaunt YOU...the BOLD, EXTRAORDINARY YOU you are. If you're gonna be, BE Bohemian with an AFRO-tude!

Psyche Collections, LLC

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During a therapeutic journey of mental health stability Renee' realized that self-care was the key to her happiness. She started Psyche Collections, LLC to help others focus on how to explore, plan, express and reflect on their self-care. Psyche Collections offers journals and planners (coming soon) dedicated to self-care. Future items will all be focused on some form of caring for ones self-care as it relates to their mental, social, emotional, physical, practical or professional health.

A Single Suggestion

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Hello! I'm Erika Burnett, owner and solopreneur of A Single Suggestion. I started this business because of my love of creativity and passion for making people feel special. After attending one card making class, I spent every weekend for 14 years creating cards just to send to loved ones. In 2013, I attended a female only networking event, showed everyone my handcrafted cards and was told that I should have been in business a long time ago. From that day forward, I received an abundance of love and support from my sisters in business. A Single Suggestion came to life 6 months later. A Single Suggestion creates one of a kind cards that put a smile on the faces of many people and happy memories in their hearts. This is where one of a kind says it all. ABOUT MY PERSONAL SIDE I'm a full-time Administrative Coordinator who resides in the lovely state of Pennsylvania.

Under the Sunlight

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Women Owned, Made in America
Under The Sunlight is a mindful stationary brand that creates beautifully crafted products that serve as a blueprint for living a purposeful life. We encourage people to enjoy the present moment, honor the parts of ourselves that make us special and invest in the nourishing practices of self care and curiosity.

Fewer Cards

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🚀 Fewer Cards let’s you share your social media & contact info instantly. Do more with fewer cards. 📱Works with iOS & Android 🚫🦠 No Germs | COVID Safe Fewer Cards is a touchless smart card that allows you to express yourself and share who you are with others by exchanging contact information, social media, and data seamlessly. The concept of Fewer Cards started from the fact that exchanging paper business cards is wasteful and cumbersome. Research shows that 9 out of 10 of people discard business cards after receiving them, which is an astonishing figure and a burden on our environment. So, we developed a product that helps people be more environmentally sustainable, COVID-19 safe, as well as more effective and efficient with building their professional and social connections and relationships. Also Fewer Cards is touchless so there is no spreading of germs when sharing information. How does it work? 1. Ask your intended business connection/recipient to simply tap or scan your Fewer Cards with their mobile device. This will immediately transmit your information to the recipient’s device. 2. Once the recipient has your contact information, kindly ask them to message you during that same meeting or conversation. Now, you have their contact information. 3. Continue to communicate and exchange social and business-related information. A new relationship is made quickly and seamlessly! You can do more with Fewer Cards!

House of Mosaic

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Through mosaic art, Toni seeks to take broken, disparate pieces of glass and transform them into distinct pieces for the home and garden. Toni’s mosaics are the perfect intersection of whimsical expression, cultural respect and all that is beautiful. Never one to consider herself an artist, this love of mosaic artistry surprised Toni most of all. “I stumbled into stained-glass mosaics quite unexpectedly. Seventeen years ago, I had two toddlers at home, and few nerves. Seeking an avenue of escape, if only temporarily, I enrolled in a variety of art classes, everything from faux painting, to stained glass, to tabletop fountains. It was after completing a class in traditional mosaics that knew I had found the perfect art medium.” Today, through House of Mosaic, Toni both teaches mosaic artistry and creates one of a kind pieces that showcase the play of light and texture glass provides. “I love the way light reflects off the glass on my art, and it is so much fun to put each piece in place, knowing that at some later point, the whole picture will truly take shape.” Please contact me for information on custom pieces or classes. Candles, Candles, Candles! Who doesn’t love candles? While I just started making candles in 2016, I have embraced the science and art behind making unique, one-of-a-kind candles. My goal is to transport you to a tropical island, romantic getaway, peaceful retreat, or family reunion everytime you light them. Do you have a special event coming up? Candles make wonderful gifts. I am happy to customize labels, scents, and colors to match your special occasion. Please contact me for additional information.

Tihara Smith

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Tihara Smith is a fashion, accessories and lifestyle brand. Founded by designer Tihara Smith after graduation from University for the Creative Arts Epsom and showing her Windrush inspired collection at Graduate Fashion Week 2018. Inspired by her heritage, Tihara’s pieces take inspiration from the Caribbean with a London twist. Each piece is crafted by hand in London, using contemporary and traditional craft techniques. Tihara is inspired by interesting textiles, bright colours, tropical flora and fauna. She strives to create distinctive pieces that each have a story, and allow people have a little piece of the Caribbean.


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Golf Wang is an American clothing brand established in 2011 by American musician Tyler, the Creator. The brand is known for its colorful, vibrant, and sometimes controversial designs. The name Golf Wang is a spoonerism of Wolf Gang, a common phrase used throughout Tyler's early music. The brand caters to streetwear, skateboarding, and hip hop culture. The brand produces clothes, shoes, accessories as well as manufactures skateboards which are designed and styled by Tyler and modeled by his close friends.