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Ellis Island Tea

Food & Beverage, Coffee & Tea
Women Owned, Natural, Handmade
Ellis Infinity Beverage Company was founded in 2008 by Nailah Ellis-Brown. It is the manufacturer of Ellis Island Tropical Tea, an all natural, antioxidant-rich hibiscus tea. Ellis Island Tea is a smooth, flavorful Jamaican blend, steeped in family tradition, brewed and bottled in Detroit. The company operates out of a State of the Art production facility in Detroit, Michigan across from the Russell Industrial Center, an area near I-75 and I-94 once known for auto manufacturing that now is becoming home to artists and other creatives.

FBF Fitness

Health & Beauty, Bath & Body, Wellness, Hair & Headwear, Haircare, Hair Styling, Fashion, Clothing, Tees, Basics, Women’s, Accessories, Jewelry, Food & Beverage, Coffee & Tea, Miscellaneous
Women Owned
Apparel solutions for the office, the gym and everywhere in between.

Dorpare Tea

Food & Beverage, Coffee & Tea
Family Owned
Our mission for Dorpare is to create a craft decaffeinated ginger root tea in a consistent serving size, which is spicy, yet refreshing.By incorporating natural fruit flavors, we wish to put a twist on the taste of the ginger root we love. Our parents, our culture and ginger root is why we drink tea. The ginger loose-leaf tea comes in four varieties: turmeric and lime; raspberry; lemon; and pineapple. The turmeric and lime flavor creates a bright, almost currylike color when steeped. The ginger gives it a warm spiciness, and hints of citrus make it taste refreshing even when it's hot.

Great Mornings Coffee & Tea

Health & Beauty, Wellness, Home & Garden, Other, Food & Beverage, Coffee & Tea, Other
Women Owned
At the end of 2017, Great Mornings went on hiatus after operations were moved from Hawaii to Georgia. At the beginning of 2019, Great Mornings Coffee & Tea relaunched through the help and support of its loyal customers, family, and friends. Since the relaunch of Great Mornings, we have expanded our selection of gourmet coffees and unique tea blends. Along with coffee and tea, we also offer a handcrafted sugars, mugs, tea infusers, and more. While we no longer offer coffee and tea bar services (hopefully we will again some day), we still strive to provide our customers with quality products that will make every morning a great one.

The Blooming Herbalist Apothecary, LLC

Health & Beauty, Bath & Body, Skincare, Beardcare, Wellness, Other, Food & Beverage, Coffee & Tea
Women Owned
We strive to provide convenient, relevant, and simple herbal based alternatives to promote a holistic approach to physical, mental, and spiritual well-being for all people.

Grandma’s Tea

Food & Beverage, Coffee & Tea
Women Owned, Youth Involved
Enjoy this wonderful line of herbal tea and let us know what you LOVE about each flavor! This company is a tea company that promotes tea time for kids. Owner Bray has always enjoyed a nice warm cup of tea from as young as she could talk. Her Grandma gave it to her as a remedy to help with a cold and to our surprise she loved it. She began having tea with both of her grandmas regular and would even ask for it some times when we went to local restaurants.So her mother knew when she came to her with the ideal about the company she would love it. This nine year old is excited about spreading her love for tea and sharing her wisdom with the youth and her elders.

Open Door Apothecary

Health & Beauty, Wellness, Food & Beverage, Coffee & Tea
Women Owned, Family Owned, Made in America, Handmade, Natural
Open Door Apothecary provides holistic health services and plant based products. I utilize my fifteen years as a chef, in herbalism and Ayurveda traditions to intentionally create products to assist others on their journey. We source certified organic plants to craft herbal infusions, spice blends, yoni stems and other plant based products. In addition, we offer one on one consults to craft individual herbal blends and holistic modalities.


Home & Garden, Other, Food & Beverage, Coffee & Tea, Other
Free Shipping, Ships Internationally, Women Owned
Gluten-free Handrolled Chocolate bars. Dairy free. No preservatives. Enjoy all benefits of pure dark chocolate.

The TwenTea Company

Health & Beauty, Wellness, Home & Garden, Other, Food & Beverage, Coffee & Tea, Miscellaneous
Women Owned
The TwenTea Company, Llc, a Social Purpose Corporation established in Texas in 2017, provides customers with high-quality teas and teaware. Our teas are hand-selected by the company's owner, after careful tasting and analysis of the notes, flavors, and quality of the individual teas. Our tea producers provide only the best blends from the top tea-manufacturing countries in the world (i.e. China, Sri Lanka, and India). Our herbal blends are mixed from natural ingredients, featuring the finest flavors and aromas.

Aquarius Herbs and Teas

Health & Beauty, Wellness, Food & Beverage, Coffee & Tea
Women Owned
Aquarius Herbs & Teas is built on the idea of self-care as a part of your personal health care. Our mission is to provide the highest quality herbs, herbal products and teas to our customers, as well as providing important information on healthcare and self care.