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Food & Beverage, Condiments & Spices
Youth Involved, Vegan
At Dipalicious we provide a selection of healthy vegan snacks for everyone to enjoy. Founded by Multi Award winning Vegan Chef. 10yr old Omari McQueen. Inspired by his Jamaican background & bring people together through food!

Glory Foods

Food & Beverage, Condiments & Spices, Other
Glory Foods is a category leader in Southern-style, heat-and-serve products, and our products are symbolic of the tradition of home-cooked taste our consumers have come to expect. Glory Foods full line of products includes canned vegetables, beans and sides, and fresh-cut bagged vegetables. Glory Foods products are available in grocery stores nationwide.

The Painted Pretzel

Food & Beverage, Condiments & Spices, Other
Women Owned
The Painted Pretzel® began out of the small kitchen of a stay at home mom and has grown into a confectionery success. Today our products can be found in retail locations throughout the country making it hard to remain one of sweets lovers’ best kept secrets. We invite you to enjoy our products and are positive that once you do, you’ll be back for more!

The Spice Suite

Home & Garden, Other, Food & Beverage, Condiments & Spices
Women Owned
The SpiceSuite is an interactive spice bar which features unique infused cooking oils and spice blends. Our goal is to introduce you to flavors you can’t find in your grocery store. We host pop up shops, free of charge for other small business owners everyday. If you don’t live in the DC area, you can purchase a SpiceBox.

Essie Spice

Food & Beverage, Condiments & Spices
Free Shipping, Women Owned, Handmade, Vegan
Our sauces and spice blends have been crafted in small batches using traditional West-African spices and cooking methods with influences from Asia, the Caribbean, South America and Europe. They draw on the uniqueness of each place but also the seamless fusion of the different spices that complement each other.

Felton & Mary

Food & Beverage, Condiments & Spices
Family Owned
Felton and Mary Campbell were a remarkable couple with a gift for hospitality. In their home and in their celebrated barbecue restaurant, they loved to cook and serve meals for a crowd. Felton and Mary’s home in Berkeley, Calif. was an urban oasis: a yard converted into a vegetable garden, a big smoker in back, and plenty of space for friends and family to gather. Felton loved to spin yarns. Mary loved to listen. Together, they loved to make every occasion a celebration. Nothing made them happier than seeing the messy face of a grandchild who had just buried his face in a plateful of ribs dripping with zesty BBQ sauce, or the smile of a neighbor digging into sweet potato pie. Children, grandchildren and friends all congregated here, not just to be fed, but to be nourished. In 1984, the road tripping bohemians loaded up a van with their cherished cooking equipment and drove to Portland, Ore., where they opened a barbecue restaurant. Felton and Mary's barbecue joint wasn't just any restaurant. It was a laboratory for Felton’s culinary creativity. A showcase for Mary’s ability to create community wherever she went. A place where the open handed hosts turned strangers into friends, friends into family, and someone down on their luck always had a place to stay and a job washing dishes until they got on their feet. A place where their customers called them ‘Mom’ and ‘Dad,’ and where they made and served the best brisket, pork ribs, collard greens and peach cobbler found anywhere. Now you can become part of the Campbell family. The sophisticated flavors and warm hospitality that Felton and Mary brought to their cooking can currently be found in your local Portland based New Seasons Market grocery store in their original sauces. When you serve Felton & Mary’s to your family and friends, you pass the love along. Felton and Mary Campbell were adventurous free spirits, loving grandparents, yard-sale aficionados, generous hosts. The trail they blazed for their children and grandchildren to follow took them down scenic byways and meandering side roads, ending in Portland at the city’s most beloved barbecue restaurant. Now the generous spirit that infused every dish they made can be yours to share.

Ivy's Tea Co.

Food & Beverage, Coffee & Tea, Condiments & Spices
Women Owned, Charitable
Ivy's Tea Co. was founded with three very important principles in mind: a commitment to supporting ourselves, others, and building a community. On the third Friday of every month, we give a portion of the day's sales to charity. We started on March 3, 2017 and we'll continue this work. Ivy's Tea Co. is still a very small business, but we can make an impact where we are, with what we have. Help us do some good. Learn more about our philanthropic efforts through Ivy Cares.

Iya Foods

Food & Beverage, Condiments & Spices
Free Shipping, Women Owned, Made in America
At Iya Foods, we stay true to a culture of nourishment & exceptional flavor, it drives everything we do. This is why all of our products are free from msg, gluten, preservatives & artificial harmful stuff. Our offerings include: 1. One-Pot Savory Simmer Sauces 2. Better-For-You Flours 3.Spices, Herbs & Seasonings 4. Dried Hibiscus Flowers & Powders Founded in Illinois by Toyin Kolawole in 2015, Iya Foods is proud of its Illinois roots. Our sauces are 100% made in the US with home grown ingredients, no added sugars, no msg , preservatives and bursting with flavor for all your one-pot meals, jollof rice & more All our spices, edible flowers and flours are sourced direct from traceable sustainable farms and small businesses. We are so excited for you to try our ingredients. If you have any questions or comments, you can reach us directly

Joe's Gourmet Fish Fry

Food & Beverage, Condiments & Spices
Veteran Owned
We have the tastiest, golden light fish fry in the world! Want to make your seafood amazing! Just dip and fry! Joe's Gourmet makes the best breading on the Planet! Joe's Gourmet is a delicious all in one breading mix that's crushing any other breading mix.

Jones BBQ

Food & Beverage, Condiments & Spices
Women Owned, Family Owned
Famous BBQ made from scratch daily.