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Dash of Dacy

Food & Beverage, Condiments & Spices
Women Owned, Made in America
I’ve shared ‘Dishes By Dacy’ with you for the last few years. Truthfully, I’ve always felt a tad bit guilty because there is nothing like actually trying someone’s food and enjoying it. This is why I created Dash of Dacy seasonings; So that you will be able to enjoy a replica of my dishes by cooking with the same seasonings I use; as well as enhancing the flavor and quality of any dish you whip up. Dash of Dacy seasonings are a pleasurable blend of herbs and spices carefully selected from different regions of the world; masterly mixed by me. If you’re obsessed with having flavorful delicious food, then you need a Dash of Dacy in your kitchen!


Food & Beverage, Condiments & Spices
Women Owned
Home of Chef Oya's famed gourmet flavored butters. Delicious real butter blends that you can use for seafood, meat, veggie or pasta dishes!

Sacred Remedies

Health & Beauty, Bath & Body, Skincare, Beardcare, Feminine Care, Cosmetic, Oral Care, Eye Care, Wellness, Other, Food & Beverage, Condiments & Spices, Other, Lifestyle
Luxury, Veteran Owned, Family Owned, Handmade, Natural, Cruelty-Free, Vegan
Our Moss is 100% Wildcrafted Caribbean Sea Moss. Thin, Ocean bred & No Massive Salt Composites. You can trust that our Raw Sun-dried Sea Moss is Dr Sebi approved. Sea Moss contains 92 minerals of the 102 minerals that the human body consists of, such as zinc, iodine, iron, calcium, potassium, and B vitamins. It supplies energy to the body, oxygenates your cells, regulate digestion, and detoxifies the body of mucus & infection.

Polished Beauties

Fashion, Accessories, Jewelry, Handbags, Sunglasses, Books, Condiments & Spices, Savory, Lifestyle
Charitable, Free Shipping, Luxury, Veteran Owned, Women Owned, Made in America, Handmade, Natural, Cruelty-Free
Yalanda Jacques is the Owner & Founder of Polished Beauties based in the Atlanta, Georgia area. She has over 20 years in the beauty, fashion & entertainment industries combined. And honed her retail skills, and eye for quality at companies like the luxury retailer Neiman Marcus, where she managed their Fine Jewelry & Designer Handbag departments for several years. Ms. Jacques is also a Veteran of the U.S. Air Force, and has traveled all over the globe in admiration of beautiful fashion accessories with unique designs. Her travels have allowed her to understand beauty, fashion and culture on an international level firsthand that many ever have the opportunity to experience.

Basbaas Foods

Food & Beverage, Condiments & Spices
Women Owned, Handmade, Natural, Vegan
The name "Basbaas" comes from the Somali term for chili, but our sauces actually build on a much richer (and spicier) history. Somalia, situated in the Horn of Africa, lies between Djibouti in the northwest, Ethiopia in the west, and Kenya in the southwest, and ingredients such as turmeric, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger and pepper have been central to the region’s culinary identity since the 3rd millennium BC. Basbaas hot sauces are truly Somali and genuinely global. Inspired by heirloom recipes, the first two offerings embody the bold flavors of Somali cuisine with a uniquely American twist—fruits, herbs, and other flavors to create sweet and tangy offerings. And there’s more to come. Basbaas is the only authentic, packaged Somali line of hot sauces and chutneys currently available in the United States. Designed to perfectly complement Middle Eastern-inspired spicy chutneys and other ethnic sauces, Basbaas is hand-crafted in small batches, and bottled and sourced in Stuyvesant Falls, Hudson Valley. The products are all-natural, locally sourced, gluten-free and vegan.

Lomar Farms

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Women Owned, Family Owned, Handmade, Natural
LoMar Farms located in Palisades NY. We are beekeepers and hobby farmers, we sell honey and make great candles and other body products and potions. Most of our products are all natural and made by hand with love...Local beekeepers creating good intentions and great products. Honey, Candles, Soap and body balms. Help Save The Bees...

Foodace Spices

Food & Beverage, Condiments & Spices
Women Owned, Handmade
he Foodace Spice Range offer unique blends that meets everyday all-purpose needs without compromising on quality and flavour, from my kitchen to yours. My team (to be honest, my husband and I) are dedicated to creating chemical-free, low-salt spices with herbs and condiments from all over the world and shipped to you, all over the world.


Food & Beverage, Coffee & Tea, Condiments & Spices, Other
Women Owned, Family Owned
Birth by our love for food, DVees was founded by four sisters; the Aghoghovbia Girls. The name DVees was coined from the fact all our names start with the letter ‘V’, The Vees eventually became DVees. Growing up with parents who showered us with love, food was one of their expressions. We spent many nights ‘gisting’, laughing and creating beautiful recipes, many times with mum and dad. It is no surprise food became a big part of our lives. Our love for food is our family heritage. We grew up with a dad who loves good food. We had numerous cooking and baking sessions with him, from making crab soup to homemade cakes. He always came home with food from the latest restaurant he discovered or the staples like suya from the family country club in Lagos; Ikoyi Club. While he encouraged the flare for the western twist, Mum made sure we knew how to throw it down in the kitchen African style. With her occasional and often spontaneously organised cooking lessons, we were well equipped to prepare authentic African dishes. Our love for food has built a desire to share our rich culture and heritage which celebrates food, our unique burst of flavours and the ingenuity of West African cooking. We are passionate about pioneering West African fine dining and flavours through the creation of unique products. At DVees we say, “An exceptional culinary experience is better with laughter and great company”. We hope you enjoy, preferably with family and friends!

Dinka Appearl

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Ships Internationally, Women Owned, Youth Involved, Made in America, Handmade
Here at Dinka we combine a mixture of African and American Designs to make beautiful And high quality Clothing and Apparel.what makes us different is we take pride in our self's and our history .

Its Seasoned LLC.

Food & Beverage, Condiments & Spices
Free Shipping, Luxury, Women Owned, Made in America, Handmade, Natural, Cruelty-Free, Vegan
I started It’s Seasoned™ because through research, I have found that illnesses such as type 2 diabetes, and high blood pressure affect Black people at alarming rates (eg. more than 40 percent of non-Hispanic African-American men and women have high blood pressure). Although genetics can play a role, there is research that suggest there is a correlation between what we consume in our daily diets and our overall health. Here at It’s Seasoned™, we focus on making sure that you don’t have to compromise your health for the sake of delicious meals. We do that by provding individuals with the ingredients necessary to prepare delicious meals without compromising their health. Our ingredients come in the form of healthy seasoning blends, ensuring that your meals are “seasoned with your health in mind”: low sodium, No MSG, No GMOs, No artificial flavors, No artificial preservatives, No artificial dyes.