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Hengelh’s Honey

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Free Shipping, Luxury, Women Owned, Family Owned, Made in America, Natural
Hengelh’s Honey is a black, latinx, and woman-owned business providing natural honey products to communities of color. We are a first generation beekeeper and entrepreneur striving to enhance your health one jar of honey at a time.

A Little Love Seasoning, LLC

Food & Beverage, Condiments & Spices
Free Shipping, Family Owned, Made in America, Handmade
My name is Hepston H. Henry II. My mother is from St. Croix, and my father is from Jamaica. Growing up, one of my fondest memories was the house booming with Soca and Reggae while my mother and I whipped up several herbs and spices into a unique blend for our Caribbean dishes. My father and I would then use this blend to season the food for the grill. As we sat on the patio, the silence was broken up by intermittent laughs, him sipping his beer, and guidance of how to man the grill, and life in general. I have kept these memories and my family secret blend of spices with me A.L.L. these years, and have incorporated it into my own cooking. I watched close friends enjoy my cooking and my family recipe; now I would like to share it with you A.L.L.  Some of the strongest values of my family were God, Love, Loyalty, Hard Work, and Willingness to Help! These are values I exhibit in A.L.L. aspects of my life. I take pride in the product I'm sharing with you, and I hope you enjoy a little bit of my culture in every bite you take!


Food & Beverage, Condiments & Spices
Free Shipping, Family Owned, Made in America, Natural
KYVAN Foods is a line of specialty products created by Former NFL Player, Reggie Kelly. We have products that can cater to your breakfast, lunch and dinner needs. Products such as Honey Apple Salsa, Honey Apple Butter, Various Wing Sauce, Seasonings and Jambalaya Sauce. Our products are unique, full of flavor and made with LOVE. "One taste and you will Appreciate the Goodness!"

Shaquanda's Hot Pepper Sauce

Food & Beverage, Condiments & Spices
Shaquanda Coco Mulatta was born at The Slide (a former bar on the Bowery) in 2005, an alter ego developed by Andre Springer, who lives mostly in the 4th dimension. Shaquanda is a downtown nightlife performer providing an audience with shows that are "hood avant-garde." Why the name Shaquanda? Why not? Shaquanda is a celebration of Bed-Stuy. Shaquanda's Hot Pepper Sauce made their first appearance at Bushwig in 2013 when Simon Leahy (the event's organizer) asked Shaquanda to perform, Shaquanda would only do it if she was able to perform in the mouths of others. Enlisting the graphic design help of long-time collaborator Dominic Mondavi, the Bushwig blend was created; a hot sauce creation made specifically for Bushwig, a performance of flavor in context to the event. Later that evening, Shaquanda and friends strolled the streets of Bushwick - shopping cart and all - serving sauces to randoms, performing in the mouths of strangers she would never see again. Shaquanda's Hot Pepper Sauce is about flavor and heat. Each batch is unique, Using mostly Fresh ingredients, the season plays a role in how flavors are pronounced. We use fresh chili peppers for a well rounded intense heat, that is paired with the robust flavor of onions and tomatoes, and finally, a gentle creep of heat to the back of your throat and into the nose. This is a condiment and a cooking/seasoning sauce. Don't be afraid to dump a tablespoon in a stew you are cooking, or even a marinade for your steak before grilling. Let Shaquanda into your home, and in your kitchen, for a performance you will never forget.

Everly Organics

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Women Owned, Made in America, Handmade, Vegan
Everly Organics is a high end, yet approachable, organic beauty line featuring CBD oil as a key ingredient. The brand is a unique boutique experience for women of color and women facing unique skin care challenges. OUR MISSION. Everly Organics is simplicity. Trusting her heart, our founder works with female cosmetic formulators, and women-owned labs, to develop products she uses herself. At Everly Organics, we believe details matter. Mindful products are our mission. Our artisan products are handcrafted in the USA using cruelty-free ingredients and packaged beautifully. Key to everything we do is our message - all of our products are meant for all women, carefully crafted to uplift you, or give you peace when you need it.


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I've worked as an engineer in corporate America for 19 years. I finally had enough I was not a lover of honey. The honey from Jamaica changed my mind. In fact, I liked it so much I moved two of my threes sons to Jamaica and became a bee farmer. That is when Ivyees "Everything Honey" came to be. Throughout the years, I have faced so many oppositions. My advice: "Believe in what you're doing because nobody else will." I care passionately about my products. I truly want to help people become more aware of what they are putting in and on their body. and everyday I work toward that goal. Yes! I'm a happy bee.

Infusion Blends

Food & Beverage, Condiments & Spices
Ships Internationally, Veteran Owned, Women Owned, Made in America, Natural
Infusion Blends began with my desire to give everyone from novice cooks to expert chefs the ability to add flavor and excitement to meals in minutes. I have created a line of amazing gourmet butters that are free of hormones, preservatives and artificial additives. We source the highest quality spices, herbs, fruits and milk in order to deliver on our commitment of producing the freshest, best-tasting butter. I start with flavors that consumers are familiar with, such as rosemary, cajun, peach and blueberry, and then pack them with tons of flavorful ingredients that spark the imagination with endless ways to use them with any appetizer, main course or dessert. How fresh is the butter? We buy our artisan butter direct from the dairy farm to provide you with the freshest butter to infuse with my signature spice and fruit mixes. How I Got Started: In early 2016 my best friend was diagnosed with cancer. In an effort to help, I would prep her meals so she could easily cook for herself. To simplify the recipes, I combined my spice rubs for steaks into butter for her to use on her meats. She began using them on stir fry veggies, in her pasta and as a spread. This inspired me to begin producing my own line of spice-infused artisan butters. I started selling my butters at local farmer’s markets, teaching myself along the way how to build a successful business, from setting up manufacturing to marketing and product fulfillment. I was doing it all. Within a year, Infusion Blends was being sold in national supermarkets! Creating Infusion Blends has been one of the best journey’s of my life, and I hope you enjoy using our butters as much as I enjoy making them!

Goch & Co.

Food & Beverage, Condiments & Spices, Other
Women Owned, Family Owned
Goch & Co. was founded by Stan and Val Creusailor in May 2012. Our love of chilli sauce and fiery, great-tasting foods was nurtured in Zimbabwe. Our products are inspired by our secret family recipe and our rich Southern African heritage where homegrown spices and pickle making for celebrations, build strong foundations for family bonds and traditions. ‘Goch’ means red in Welsh, and is ‘slang’ for BBQ in Shona. Goch & Co. Ltd is an award-winning producer of fine condiments and seasoning, offering traditional and authentic tastes of Africa, made in Wales. All products are concentrated fusions of natural goodness that are addictively refreshing and delicious. We love our chilli sauces, chilli jams, chutney and chilli oils available as gluten-free, vegan, with no artificial additives, colours or preservatives. We thrive to continually develop new products to keep up with market trends and customer requirements. Our aim is to provide high-quality products and personalised customer service with a speedy turnaround for the fast-paced food industry.

Cheff Curl Ardee

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Free Shipping, Ships Internationally, Women Owned
Rachel currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia where her favorite place to eat is still her kitchen. Growing up, she had no real aspirations to curate dishes, write recipes, or cook, but after going to college, she developed an allergy to onions. Instantly, her aspirations changed and her desire to cook fresh and flavorful meals heightened as did her creativity given her preference for low sodium. She developed a line of spice blends and seasonings to address the concern of seasonings packed with salt as well as her allergies and thus was born Chef Curl Ardee. Each of Chef Curl Ardee's blends are either low in sodium or salt free but none of them skip a beat when it comes to flavor and amazing taste.

Supreme Vinegar

Food & Beverage, Condiments & Spices
Supreme Vinegar LLC is a Bensalem, PA based company dedicated to excellence and the production of flavorful, niche vinegars from around the world or created in our own kitchen! Supreme Vinegar was created by its founder (and vinegar lover), Reginald Smith, who made vinegar in his own home for years for a variety of flavors that seemed to have been forgotten by the market. While the modern industrial process of vinegar making has reduced its cost and made it accessible to all, it has homogenized flavors so that there are only three: white, apple cider, and balsamic/red/white wine vinegars. Dozens of other varieties are no longer produced except as flavorings of apple cider or wine vinegar. Supreme Vinegar is dedicated to bringing these back to your kitchen!