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Dr. Kristian Henderson’s Journey to Creating BLK+GRN

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For almost every platform that supports Black entrepreneurs and businesses, there is a personal story that led the founders on that journey. This is true for Nile, and it’s also true for our partner, BLK+GRN. Following the murder of George Floyd, many consumers are highlighting the importance of buying Black and supporting Black-owned businesses. But even before buying Black became a trending topic, BLK+GRN was leading the way as an all-natural marketplace by Black artisans founded by Dr. Kristian Henderson. The goal of BLK+GRN is to connect Black people with natural lifestyles to high-quality, toxic-free brands. Another goal is to promote overall good health and wellness to the African American community while supporting other black people.

Dr. Henderson’s Journey to help us Buy Black-owned

BLK+GRN is the result of the life’s work and interests of its founder. Dr. Henderson is a professor of public health and a natural lifestyle enthusiast who also holds a Bachelor’s degree from Yale and a Doctorate degree from Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. Her road to building and maintaining this business has not been easy. Last year, on July 1st, 2019, Dr. Henderson was in a life-threatening car accident with her husband and infant son. Kristian went into an instant coma and suffered a traumatic brain injury that required removing a portion of her skull to relieve the blood building on her brain. Her husband and son suffered injuries as well, but were able to recover at a faster pace. 

While Kristian was in a coma, her husband and family