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How to Make Giving Black a Lifestyle, and Not Just a Trend

As a college professor, I have extensive interactions with organizations dedicated to helping the Black community on a daily basis. While recruiting high school students, I am often telling Black parents about free SAT/ACT programs, robotics, engineer, coding, pre-pharmacy, and veterinary summer programs. Some of the programs even pay the students to attend, while others are free or low cost. And I always feel great when I can help promote an organization that is doing good in our community.

But these organizations need more than our promotion and verbal support. They need our money. That is one of the reasons I created the Give Black App. Similar to The Nile List, Give Black seeks to make people aware of services that are already being offered in their community, and to make it easier to fund those services. The Give Black mobile app is the world’s first platform dedicated exclusively to making donations to HBCUs, black nonprofits, businesses, churches, and other nonprofit and organizations that make the Black community great. The app was created by my co-founder Fran Harris and Fran Harris Enterprises. 


According to the Philadelphia African American Leadership Forum (PAALF), when compared to white-led nonprofits, African American nonprofits are more likely to serve the most challenged groups with the least amount of resources ー yet, they are smaller in terms of staff and volunteers, have fewer cash reserves and depend more on government grants. Less than 33% of Black nonprofits have four or more months of cash reserves, which means they’re spending a lot of energy just keeping the lights on. 

Not to mention, Black nonprofits have less access to certain social networks, particularly those connected to grant-making. That’s why I feel that the Giving Black App is so important. Our app and website are solely dedicated to increasing funds and making stakeholders aware of services provided in their community. We have the money to give and our community is extremely philanthropic. In fact, a report by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation found that African Americans give away 25% more of their income per year than white Americans. So if we practice philanthropy, why not be intentional in where we place our capital? This is more important now than ever, as the nation begins to feel the crunch of the current crisis.

Thirty years ago, someone in Detroit would not have been able to donate to a company in Los Angeles without sending a paper check or being directly connected to that business. Today, we can save or support an organization from our phones, but those solutions are rarely Black-focused and never Black-owned. Similar to other donation apps, Give Black puts the power of giving, donating, and fundraising into the hands of the user. But unlike most other apps, Give Black is Black-owned and focuses on empowering our organizations so that they can empower our community.

So how can you Give Black?

The Give Black app is available as a free download in Apple’s App Store and in Google Play. Registration is free for donors. However, any organization or business seeking donations has two options. Option #1: $299 initiation fee + $19 a month or Option #2: $399 annually (with no monthly fee), a savings of $128. A low 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction fee is charged by Give Black’s third-party payment processor, Stripe, and will be applied to all transactions in Give Black (regardless of signup option). All donations are deposited directly into the company’s bank account, directly from Stripe, within five business days. For more information about what we do, visit, and follow us on social media @Giveblackapp on all social media platforms. 

This is a guest blog written by David Hughes, the founder of the Give Black app. Please email Give Black at or email David directly at with any questions. And don’t forget to Give Black!


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