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7 Black-owned brands that you buy on Amazon

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Since the quarantine, many of us have been ordering online more than ever! And also since the quarantine began, The Nile List has been providing you with easy access to thousands of Black-owned brands that ship worldwide! With that being said, our team figured what better way to celebrate Amazon Prime Day than by supporting Black-owned businesses while y’all get that 2-day shipping! If you haven’t caught on by now here it is: You can shop your favorite Black-owned brands on Amazon with just a click at! 

See below a few of our favorite Black-owned brands you can buy on Amazon. Don’t see what you’re looking for? No worries - there are 10x as many Black-owned brands that you can shop on Amazon...we couldn’t fit them all in this blog but view the entire compilation here!

Mented Cosmetics 

Ladies, have you been looking for a Black-owned makeup line made just for you? Look no further as Mented Cosmetics has everything you need for you Facetime with Bae!

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No matter how short or long your hair is, no one wants it to get wet! We’re pretty sure Hairbrella is the best invention since sliced bread. 

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The Honey Pot Company

Finding a Black Woman-owned feminine product line made every one of our Nile team members throw away their old products. PLUS they’re organic!

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House of Marley

Listen, playing Black Is King on Black-owned headphones is Black! 

Thank you, House of Marley.

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Vegan Smart

Any fitness guru’s out there? This Black-owned health product is what you need to end and start your day with!

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True Products

Your mother never let you leave out of the house dirty so why start now? True Products has your mother’s scrubbing power plus is vegan! 

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BLK & Bold 

Lawrence Fishburn is the only person telling you to “Wake Uppppp” this Black-owned Coffee line will get you and going in no time! 

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