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Violet Botanical Skincare

Health & Beauty, Bath & Body, Skincare, Miscellaneous
Women Owned, Free Shipping
In 2014, I began researching natural remedies to help relieve my husband's and son’s eczema. Slathering themselves in steroid creams filled with toxic petrochemicals and synthetics was not an option. I thought about all the times my grandmother would make homemade remedies. I immersed myself in books about African herbalism, ancient Egyptian aromatherapy, Southern folk herbalism, and modern-day herbalism. I was surprised to find out that a lot of the remedies my grandmother used to prepare for minor illnesses, which we jokingly called, ‘old wives remedies,’ were found amongst the textbooks I read. I was slack-jaw. My grandmother never put a name to anything she whipped up. She always described these concoctions by their contents, physical features, and where she stored them. Eureka! “So that’s what that stuff was called that she gave us.” It all made sense now. These were herbal remedies passed down from generation to generation from our homeland on the continent of Africa. My ancestors never wrote them down. They were just passed down from memory. I was excited to recognize the decoctions, tinctures, and salves she made. Especially since they cured our ailments! If it worked for all of those generations down to me, then I was going to take up the torch. Armed with my newfound information and vigor, I ventured to make my own products. Therefore, I’d have peace of mind knowing exactly what ingredients are in each product and that they will be effective. Guided by these time-honored African formulations and centuries-old ingredients like Shea butter, nutrient-rich oils and essential oils, I handcrafted my first body butter. Not only did my two favorite guys have success with the body butter for their eczema, we all used it as a daily body moisturizer. The positive changes in our skin were visible to the naked eye. Our skin took on a healthy glow and soft touch. This was great. I had to find other test subjects. I tested the body butter on family and friends. They were good sports about it and no one was harmed during testing. Actually, they all liked the product and the results they saw in their skin. I credit the success of the body butter to my forefathers, who knew how to live in harmony with the earth and its ingredients. I sourced the purest, organic and/or wild-harvested, ingredients I could find. I researched vendors, read every page on their website, requested samples and called them with additional questions. I vetted them thoroughly before I partner with them. Riding high on the response of the body butter, I meticulously tested recipes for body wash, body scrubs, body oils, and bath salts. I knew this journey was going to be a labor of love. I was determined to create a skincare line that people would be passionate about. It was out of this passion and desire that Violet Botanical Skincare was born. I invite you to experience the magic and awaken your nirvana.

Well Fed Apothecary

Health & Beauty, Bath & Body, Wellness, Other, Hair & Headwear, Haircare, Hair Styling, Hair growth/repair, Food & Beverage, Coffee & Tea
Women Owned, Sustainable, Organic
“BRIDGING THE GAP BETWEEN SCARED INDIGENOUS KNOWLEDGE AND THE MODERNIZED ... FUNCTIONALITY OF OUR WORLD”. Her Story. Well Fed Apothecary is a women-owned and operated small business curated and created by Wilnise Francois. She belives the hand of women within healing, is a sacred source; that is the foundation throughout communities she tries to reach. Wilnise Francois is a Haitian-American Licensed Nurse and Herbalist that has worked in the allopathic modality of healing for over a decade. Working alongside physicians and caretakers alike facilitating wellness to those across the life span. Her role as an herbalist expanded with the personal need and integration of herbal medicines from her coveted traditional Haitian practices and studies in Western herbalism. As a community herbalist, she is working to revolutionize the cultural affinity of our plant friends through our relationships with the earth and stars. Her aim is to integrate the very love our herbs show us and implement that essence into our daily lives; creating a lifestyle of health and wellness. Herbalism and its cultural influence on Wilnise as a first-generation Haitian American shapes the healing modality she follows today, a blend of western folk medicine making to rooted ancestral herbal maji. Well Fed Apothecary is an e-commerce site immersing the use of herbal preparations and wellbeing. Bridging the gap between scared indigenous knowledge and the modernized technological functionality of our world. The goal is to expand community outreach through sacred plant medicine. Outsourcing through local communities and across the Caribbean; building sustainable jobs of farming and cultivating crop for healing. Reaching an audience that not only engages but is accessible to wellness is a hurdle she tries to overcome. “ We see the need for healing within spaces that we have not always seen. With the broad use of technology we now have a reach that not only engages but is an open door.” (Wilnise Francois)

Breedlove Beauty Co.

Health & Beauty, Bath & Body, Skincare, Beardcare, Feminine Care, Other
Women Owned, Handmade, Natural, Made in America, Sustainable, Cruelty-free, Ships Internationally
Natural, minimalist skin & hair care is what we're all about. Breedlove Beauty Co. is a natural skin care and beauty company. Based on the need to take the complexity out of skin care and create a more minimalist approach. Each product is formulated in house with careful research as to how each ingredient affects the product and skin type it is formulated for. All products are made for a specific reason and every ingredient has a benefit and therapeutic reason. No fillers of any sort, each product has active ingredients beneficial to your specific skin type without adding complexity. Our products are made with natural oils, herbs, clays, minerals and extracts. Fragrances are obtained with high quality essential oils, no artificial fragrances. The use of clays are the colorant for our products, no artificial colors or dyes used. We believe in using these ingredients to return skin to its health and rejuvenate it without difficult rituals and complicated products. Minimalism is the way to effective skin care that heals from the source and produces results that can be seen and felt. You should look forward to the products you use on your skin and feel indulged, relaxed and rejuvenated and equate your daily shower and moisturizing with this feeling not just on occasion but everyday. We make these products with life in mind and believe in minimizing the work so you can enjoy treating your skin and self. Thoughtfully made with you in mind. All of our formulations, packaging and graphic design work is original and made by us and reflects our mission of the minimalist approach.

Divine Purity

Health & Beauty, Bath & Body, Home & Garden, Candles
Women Owned
DIVINE PURITY AURAPOTHECARY IS..our collection of intuitively handcrafted aromatherapy and body care that supports you during your time of self-care, healing, and spirituality. Enhance your mood and create a sacred space for introspection as you connect to the transcendent power of aromas combined with intention. I'm Cassandra, just a regular human being that decided to answer the calling of my purpose to heal and operate in the gift of transparency. I understand the journey to healing because I'm still on it. I also understand the need to feel loved, nurtured, and supported during the process of it all, and that's why Divine Purity Aurapothecary exists. My healing energy is the desire to see you become your best self by doing “the work”. Every product we offer is infused with my healing energy and love for aromatherapy. When we do the work to discover why we are the way we are, we can then dig deep to remove the weeds from the garden of our soul, but this does not come without getting dirty. Once again, it's all a process. Healing looks good on you.

Goodnight Diane Skincare

Health & Beauty, Bath & Body, Skincare, Other, Home & Garden, Candles
Women Owned
Goodnight Diane focuses on self-care for everyone—not in a grandiose way but a meditative and loving sense. Often skin issues can affect self-esteem and these products prompt taking a moment to love on one’s skin and appreciate the peace of moisturizing your body from head to toe. We want to focus on giving the skin outside radiance to match all the ways one radiates on the inside. The brand is about self-care for you first and foremost. Goodnight Diane is a labor of love, handcrafted by me, Remii, and is small batched with all natural, easy to read ingredients and topped off with a unique, essential oil blend.


Health & Beauty, Bath & Body, Other, Hair & Headwear, Haircare, Conditioner, Hair Styling, Hair growth/repair, Other
Women Owned, Free Shipping
When was the last time you felt sexy? I confess not so long ago I lost my sexy. My name is Nadja Renise and I became a mother at the age of 20 while still in college. Nearly 7 years later I gave birth again and made the life changing decision to cut off my natural hair (read about that tragic experience here). The stress of being a mother of 2 caused me to lose myself and forget who I was as a woman. My looks had gone down the drain and my hair was falling out. I was embarrassed and ashamed I'd let it get this far. Passion faded from my romantic relationship and my self-esteem suffered. I felt lost, unattractive and overwhelmed. I wanted to break every mirror I passed and hide from everyone including myself. FEMMENOIRE is how I got my sexy back. Creating beauty products became an outlet, a light in the darkness. While mixing exotic ingredients and devouring the alluring aromas I got butterflies daydreaming about when I felt sexy, flirty and was being romanced by my guy. My passion evolved to a collection of beauty products created from the desire to awaken the feminine power inside. When I use FEMMENOIRE products I feel damn good! I exude beauty, confidence and seduction. I share this with you so you can feel it too. You deserve to feel as good as you look, from the boardroom to the bedroom. Unlike other uninspiring yet healthy beauty products this is different. Simple and effective vegan hair care products, for your naturally curly hair, kissed by luxury that empower you to embrace your feminine essence. Seriously, can it get any better? In a space where “natural” is overused and beauty has become artificial I vow to honor you and your health. This means handpicking exotic plant-derived ingredients and intentionally avoiding things that damage your hair & body. This means creating pure products so you can feel good about what you put on your body. All products are cruelty free, vegan, PETA certified and free from sulfates, parabens, mineral oil, paraffin (petroleum) silicones, DEA, glutens, and phthalates. I invite you to try any of my products and if your hair isn't satisfied you can return it for a full refund, I promise. Love is best when shared with others. I spread love by reserving a portion of our profits to contribute to women’s empowerment charities. We also donate clothes, blankets, and beauty products to local women’s shelters and organizations and sponsor women so they can provide for their families. Some organizations we support include Women For Women and Equality Now. Connecting with you in deep meaningful ways beyond styling your curls is what I do. Making a positive impact in the lives of others and giving back to women in need is what we do, together. xo, Nadja Renise

Skin By Nequai

Health & Beauty, Bath & Body, Skincare, Beardcare, Other, Hair & Headwear, Accessories, Miscellaneous
Women Owned, Handmade, Made in America, Free Shipping, Natural
Skin care has always been something that was important to Owner/Creator Shanah-Nequai Rieara. With a desire for clear skin and love for the environment, Skin By Nequai was born. We offer hand-crafted skincare that actually works to help keep your skin under control. We want you to feel beautiful and confident in your skin. Our products are designed to give you real results in as little as two weeks. Whether you’re battling hyperpigmentation, or pesky pimples, #SkinByNequai has you covered. Handmade with ? in the U.S. Virgin Islands

Heritage Apothecary

Health & Beauty, Bath & Body, Other, Home & Garden, Candles, Decor, Other, Miscellaneous
Women Owned, Charitable, Free Shipping
Heritage Apothecary exists to support your journey to becoming the fullest expression of your highest self. We know how it feels to be stuck in the muck of negative energy! So Heritage products were created to help you transcend your energetic blocks and return to alignment. You may have heard that smudging cleanses and purifies your body and your space. But did you also know that our sacred plant allies can banish energetic debris to create a clear pathway for communication between you and the universe? These powerful plant teachers intercede on your behalf and carry your intentions to the universe for clarity and confirmation. Whether you’re in need of more peace in your home, to release patterns of negative self-talk, to cut energetic cords that are draining your energy, or maybe you’re wanting to create a more zen grounded space, we’ve curated something to be of service to you. We hope that you use our products to shed your conditioning, unveil the power within and live within the most authentic expression of your creativity. After all, it’s your birthright!

Best Life Organics

Health & Beauty, Bath & Body, Skincare, Cosmetic, Lip, Other, Miscellaneous
Handmade, Cruelty-free, Women Owned
It's important to know what you're putting on your skin. Our clean-ingredient skincare makes it easy because we use only the highest-quality oils, extracts, and aromatics. At Best Life Organics, we keep our ingredient lists small and simple to understand, so you don't have to wonder what's in every formula. This approach promotes healthy results for all skin types. Learn more below about our skincare ingredients.

Kissable Company

Health & Beauty, Bath & Body, Cosmetic, Lip
Luxury, Ships Internationally, Women Owned, Made in America, Handmade, Natural, Cruelty-Free, Vegan
My name is Yolanda Morrisey and I started Kissable Company with th average working woman over the age of 35 that love to look good and feel good with minimal effort. Our products are all natural, vegan and cruelty free.