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Khakuun Designs

Health & Beauty, Bath & Body, Home & Garden, Candles, Parenthood, Children, Fashion, Accessories, Jewelry
Veteran Owned, Women Owned, Handmade, Natural
Khakuun Designs provides artisan crafted gemstone jewelry, soy candles, and bath & body products for the free-spirited woman with a thirst for all things natural. Totally committed and in love with what we do; we keep our natural products simple, yet unique. Authentically created by hand in traditional techniques, each item harnesses the power of Mother Nature. Our mission and purpose is to generate change by extending a helping hand to people we meet along the way in life through uplifting and positive social interaction within our families, friends, and local communities; while encouraging women to BELIEVE, Create, and Achieve their personal goals, and bring forth, dust off, and revive their tucked away dreams. Our Motto: Butterflies in motion….touching lives; generating change!™

Kimberly Elise Naturals

Hair & Headwear, Haircare, Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair Styling, Home & Garden, Other, Parenthood, Children, Fashion, Accessories, Scarves
Women Owned, Natural
Kimberly Elise Naturals® captures the power and effectiveness of nature to help you achieve your most radiant, beautiful glow. Kimberly Elise Naturals® Sulfate-Free Natural Hair Care System is a clean beauty solution formulated to nurture and strengthen the beautiful curls, twirls, and coils unique to Afro-textured hair using organic, naturally-derived, premium ingredients. Kimberly Elise Naturals® Alchemy 27 Hair + Scalp Elixir is for any woman who wants to address her hair breakage concerns naturally. I developed Kimberly Elise Naturals® for women who do not feel that their beauty concerns are addressed by the mainstream. A vegan, I believe that it is our purpose to live in harmony with each other and the earth while shining bright. - Kimberly

Koils by Nature

Health & Beauty, Bath & Body, Beardcare, Hair & Headwear, Haircare, Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair Styling, Hair growth/repair, Parenthood, Accessories, Handbags, Electronics, Food & Beverage
Women Owned
OUR CORE VALUES We are Committed to Health & Well-being of Our Customers Open and Honest Relationships with Our Customers Quality Plant-Based Ingredients Giving Back To Our Community Positive Team & Family Spirit Always Displaying Integrity Philanthropy & Love OUR MISSION It's the mission of Koils by Nature to provide beauty products, with highest quality plant-based ingredients, excellent customer service, and an educating, empowering, engaging our online community. Our goal is to have our products in the homes of 1 million families worldwide by 2020. OUR PURPOSE “Supporting family's well being with high-quality hair and skincare products.”

Little Likes Kids

Home & Garden, Other, Parenthood, Children, Fashion, Entertainment & Toys, Games
Free Shipping, Women Owned
Little Likes Kids™ Aims To Delight And Exceed The Expectations Of Children Aged 6 And Under. We Are Committed To Being A Trusted Source For Thoughtfully Designed, Quality Toys. Founded by a mom in 2018, Little Likes Kids™ is “here for” a new generation of kids aged 6 and under. We are bringing to a mass market, beautifully-illustrated and lovingly designed toys inspired by—and truly reflective of—the lives of today’s kids. Featuring recognizable and happy scenes, Little Likes Kids™ makes it easy for all parents and caregivers to buy toys that celebrate their kids’ world!

Llama Mama Company

Parenthood, Children, Fashion, Tees, Women’s, Accessories, Handbags
Free Shipping, Women Owned, Natural, Vegan
The one stop shop for all things momma and baby. From pregnancy to postpartum let us be apart of your journey. Llama Momma Company was created to help all women on their motherhood journey. Convenience and top notch products are the back bone of our business. Our products are all organic, vegan, all-natural, and cruelty free. We take the guess work out of knowing what’s safe for momma and baby. Whether your a stepmom, grandma, god-mom, biological mom, adoptive mom we’re all moms and can learn from each other. We pride our selves on our judgement free community and sharing real life experiences with one another. Let’s do motherhood together!

Milky Mama

Health & Beauty, Wellness, Parenthood, Fashion, Accessories, Jewelry, Handbags, other, Food & Beverage, Other
Free Shipping, Women Owned
Delicious treats that help increase breast milk supply and AMAZING breastfeeding support! Formulated by a Registered Nurse and IBCLC.


Health & Beauty, Eye Care, Parenthood, Travel
Free Shipping, Women Owned, Natural
We’ve created organic vitamin supplements that address the specific needs of women: breast and reproductive health, bone density, heart health, digestion, energy, immunity, and stress reduction. It’s simply whole fruits, vegetables, and herbs cultured to their best state so you can be your best self.

Sadie's Babies

Hair & Headwear, Accessories, Parenthood, Children, Fashion, Accessories, Jewelry, Entertainment & Toys, Dolls
Women Owned, Handmade
Sadie's Babies is a family oriented business delivering mindful products for mommy and baby. Founded in 2011 the subsidiary of Sadie's Memories offers quality handmade cloth diapers, training pants, cloth menstrual pads, *N'Diji Dolls as well as a plethora of baby tailored products. Everything created at Sadie's Babies is handmade from start to finish by Founder/Creator, Pamala, she credits all inspiration of her designs to not only her husband and daughter, but, her grandmother for which the company is named after.

Stork Bag

Health & Beauty, Bath & Body, Skincare, Wellness, Home & Garden, Decor, Parenthood, Fashion, Clothing, Childrens
Charitable, Women Owned, Handmade
The Stork Bag® is a subsidiary of MommyMaiDD, Inc. As you might already be able to see, The Stork Bag® is a company steeped in appreciation of the miracle that is Motherhood.

Queen Designs, LLC

Home & Garden, Decor, Other, Parenthood, Children, Fashion, Accessories, Jewelry, Watches, Handbags, other, Office, Paper & Stationery, Notebooks
Ships Internationally, Made in America
Have you ever felt like the world was against you? Like being black was a curse and that nobody understood or cared about what you were experiencing internally? Or felt like because of society, you couldn’t be your true authentic self? Well, that’s how I felt prior to Black is Gold? Black is Gold was initially created to uplift and encourage myself as I journey through this thing called life. I started with just a few illustrations, illustrating words and affirmations that would ideally allow me to accept my flaws and be proud of who I am as a black woman. I wanted the words “You are a Queen” to resonate within my heart, body, and soul. Then I thought, though I may feel like the only black person in the world that’s battling internally, I know I’m not the only one; so let me spread this same positivity to all the black Kings and Queens out there? This platform is to encourage ALL black Kings and Queens to love you just the way God made you. Fearfully and wonderfully made! To NEVER dim your light because others can’t handle all of this melanin greatness! To shine golden and bright just like the skin you’re in. As I continue my journey of self-love, I want (not just black people), but all people to understand just how beautiful being black is. With Black is Gold, I also want to motivate other individuals to accomplish their goals and dream big. Nothing is impossible. If you can clearly see the vision for your life, then it can definitely manifest, only if you believe. I want Black is Gold to help my black people to believe in themselves and believe in what he/she does? Stay golden and continue to be bold