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Barking Muse

Free Shipping, Luxury, Ships Internationally, Women Owned, Made in America, Natural
The Barking Muse was born out of sheer desperation for a quality health conscious pet grooming product. As a concerned pet parent, we would spend countless hours scouring shelves and web pages to find products that were specifically formulated with the best ingredients for our pets. Frustration kept building, as expensive vet visits would result in costly prescription medication for our pets skin issues. Soon we learned that all the harmful chemicals, and ingredients that were found in your general over the counter grooming products would be the main cause of most skin irritation concerns suffered by our pets. From that moment forward, we decided that we would only treat our pets with the same organic and holistic values of life that we practice.


Health & Beauty, Bath & Body, Wellness, Pet, Food & Beverage, Other
Women Owned, Made in America
Grandma Clover: The Inspiration Behind the Brand. K’dara is a brand built on the foundation of strong aspiring women. It all started with my Grandma Clover. A strong, hard-working, independent woman. She instilled in me a passion for health and healing. A natural leader within her community, Grandma Clover inspired many to invest in their health. Clover grew up believing that many types of herbs helped her recovery process after a horrific head-on car collision in the early sixty’s. Unfortunately, in the mid-eighties her life was cut short due to Breast Cancer. She continued to use different herbs that she believed helped manage her chronic pain inflammation and discomfort. I believe that the cannabis plant and its various components would certainly be an essential part of Clover’s life today if she were alive. Grandma Clover’s attention to natural remedies and herbal healing lives on. Her legacy was passed down throughout the generations as my very own mother and I continue to use herbal remedies for natural health and healing.

Travel Deeper

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Made in America, Handmade, Natural, Cruelty-Free, Vegan
Travel Deeper is a U.S. based, Black women-owned small business. We specialize in curated travel experiences to Mother Africa, supporting entrepreneurs, and connecting Black people across the diaspora. Our current partners are entrepreneurs in Accra, Ghana; Dakar, Senegal; and Praia, Cape Verde. They specialize in private and small-group cultural tour experiences; and design and manufacturing of men, women, and children's clothing and apparel. Featured partners include Explore Ghana Tours, The Motherland Experience Travel Tours, and Zionland Creation. Four years ago, I turned 40 and declared to myself (and on my vision board) that I wanted to travel deeper. To me, travel deeper meant finally going to the Motherland, Mama Africa and connecting to the land of my ancestors. I am five generations removed from American slavery and a granddaughter of sharecroppers. But my story -our story- does not begin there. We invite you to join us and reflect, return, and be restored. We invite you to travel deeper with us. Read more of our story on our blog "When you answer the ancestral call, the universe opens" -

Gabe Jade

Fashion, Clothing, Unisex, Childrens, Accessories, other, Pet
Women Owned
One day as I was wearing my native African skirt and blouse, my 7-year-old nephew came running into my room shouting, “I want a bow tie that looks like your African dress with all the beautiful colors”. He’s my baby, so I immediately got online and googled “African Bow Ties” and “Bow Ties made with African fabric”, but what I found was blah. None of them seemed good enough for the little prince. So what did I do? Grabbed one of my dresses, my box of needle and thread, and scissors and started to make him one because……..uhhh…he wanted a nice bow tie so he HAD to have it. (My boy gets whatever he wants.) At first, I just wanted to make custom bow ties for the little man, but soon after he began wearing them to church, people began to ask where we bought them, complimenting the uniqueness of his bowtie. After many, “Oh wow, I’ve never seen an African bow tie like that before” and “where can I get this?” I decided I should perfect my design, develop a name and begin selling them. After all, what better way to brighten the world than to share these beautiful, authentic, colorful bow ties with everyone else? Now, two years later I’m sharing my designs with everyone.

Gerrard Larriett Aromatherapy Pet Care

Hair & Headwear, Haircare, Shampoo, Other, Home & Garden, Candles, Pet
Free Shipping
Creator of Gerrard Larriett Aromatherapy Pet Care Unlike most people, Gerrard Larriett combines linear and holistic thinking to create the most effective, natural, and innovative pet care products in the world. How does he do it? After earning an MBA from the fiercely competitive NYU Stern School of Business, Larriett did not pursue a life in finance. Instead, he built a career by blending his keen sense of manufacturing, distribution, marketing, and analysis with his creative ability. Gerrard possesses the unique ability to perceive a future product line by simply gazing at lotus flowers on the surface of a Cambodian pond or walking through a lavender field in Argentina. Larriett began by applying his unusually entrepreneurial sensibility to forecasting at L’Oréal. Subsequent to his meteoric rise through the supply chain, manufacturing, and project management ranks at Elizabeth Arden, he became Director of Forecasting at LVMH, the most prestigious luxury group on the planet. One blustery, wet evening at home in 2012, Larriett was trying to soothe his dog Dada, who was terrified of the sound of thunder. The exec’s four-legged friend was already on so many puppy medications, Larriett didn’t want to give him anything else. Later on, he started thinking about the heightened sense of smell that canines possess, and, with that, the concept of dog aromatherapy was born. Since then, Gerard Larriett Aromatherapy Pet Care has evolved to include candles for the home and sprays for travel with tons of original, natural fragrances to choose from. Starting out at a garage in Houston, Larriett now sells his products in Europe, Asia, and North America. The line is manufactured entirely in the U.S., and the company has won numerous awards and accolades, including Pet Age magazine’s “40 Under 40” award, and multiple endorsements from leading veterinarians like Dr. Debra Garrison of the Treaschwig Veterinary Clinic. Most importantly though, Dada the miniature poodle is now relaxed and as happy as his Gerrard.

The Bark Shoppe

Hair & Headwear, Haircare, Shampoo, Conditioner, Home & Garden, Other, Fashion, Clothing, Tees, Unisex, Accessories, Handbags, Pet
Women Owned
The Bark Shoppe is New York’s premier pet care facility. Fostering great relationships between pets and their owners. Our products, services and recommendations are based on the expertise of leading pet care professionals with your pets individual needs in mind. Your pet is our priority. We are fortunate to have the support of a dedicated community, it is important to build community and continue to invest in communities throughout the world. Our Community partnerships include but are not limited to #TakeCareofHarlem, Low Cost Vet Care Clinics through the ASPCA and various other community initiatives. We are always looking to partner with great organizations, feel free to connect with us with any upcoming initiatives .

Vitamin CBD

Health & Beauty, Bath & Body, Wellness, Pet, Lifestyle
Free Shipping, Ships Internationally, Made in America, Natural, Cruelty-Free
At VitaminCBD, we celebrate the power of nature and science and believe that both can improve our quality of life exponentially. VitaminCBD uses organic hemp that is cultivated sustainably, without the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. With a well-balanced healthy lifestyle, VitaminCBD products can aid in improving health and vitality.

House Dogge

Women Owned, Charitable
At the lifestyle brand, House Dogge, we believe every day is a great day when shared with dogs. Dogs teach us that life is as simple as we make it, so we are following the lead of our canine buddies as we dream up products that (simply) prioritize fun, minimalism, comfort, and eco consciousness. We research, design, and develop products out of natural, sustainable materials that are easy to care for and are nontoxic. As dog lovers, we understand just how special each dog & human relationship is, so we create products that express kindness. House Dogge believes LOVE HEALS so for each purchase a percentage of sales are donated to nonprofit organizations that are rescuing and healing health challenged, homeless, unwanted, neglected, and/or abused dogs so that they may find their caring forever home. In addition, we offer opportunities for YOU to contribute your own personal touch to the creative process. Customers can add a custom name or thoughtful message to a dog tee, hoodie, toy, or gift bag to create a personalized gift giving experience. We keep it simple and beautiful. You make it extra special. In 2017, House Dogge Owner and Designer, Angela Medlin, saw an opportunity to evolve her passion project into an artisanal dog product brand. The initial idea of creating fun toys for her Olde English BullDOGGE, Wubbi, quickly evolved into a bigger vision- to design elevated quality, sustainable dog toys and accessories for everyone. The lifelong creative began unpacking the inspiration she had been collecting from years of world travel and vintage shopping. Hand crafted materials, alternative textiles, clever packaging, and other items she considered beautiful, meaningful, and purposeful were placed on the wall in her studio. It became apparent Medlin was drawn to the simplicity of design and function. This would become the direction of House Dogge. The brand has been featured in Oprah’s O magazine, Sunset, Better Homes & Gardens, Design Milk, and others. Consumers can purchase product on, dog boutiques, select home interior stores, and design specialty shops. Creating products that support dogs and their people is priority for the House Dogge Brand. The small batch collections continue to evolve prioritizing comfort, sustainability, and modern simplicity.

Trill Paws

Fashion, Clothing, Pet, Office, Paper & Stationery, Other
Women Owned, Ships Internationally
Trill Paws is a pet accessory and lifestyle brand based out of Los Angeles, California. Trill Paws creates pet tags and accessories that are inspired by pop-culture icons and sayings -- anything from emoji designs, popular sayings, fun memes, and more. At Trill Paws, we know that dogs aren’t just pets; they’re family, and they deserve the best. The best tags, the best toys, the best spot in the bed. We’re basically driven to be the people our pets think we are.


Fashion, Accessories, Scarves, Pet, Travel
Ships Internationally, Women Owned, Family Owned, Made in America, Handmade, Cruelty-Free, Vegan
My Name is Nelia, im an island girl with a passion for travel and animals. I started WLP.Co after the passing of my adventurous pup Bonnie. I planned to travel the world with her until her untimely passing. Pets often don't get to see the exotic and rich cultures our world has to offer, so why not bring that home to them through fashion and style. WLP.Co is a Travel inspired pet fashion shop.