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Fashion, Clothing, Women’s, Sports & Outdoors
Women Owned
Simplicity never goes out of style. Misconception has it; it’s boring, but when you see someone who can make you double take in their most simplistic form, you know it’s R?AL. Bria Myles is the owner of Real Bria Myles & Bria Activated.


Hair & Headwear, Accessories, Fashion, Clothing, Tees, Basics, Men’s, Women’s, Footwear, Men’s, Accessories, Handbags, Scarves, Sports & Outdoors, Lifestyle
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NOBULL is a footwear, apparel and accessory brand for people who train hard and don't believe in excuses. NOBULL - Just The Horns.

Crimson Bikes

Fashion, Footwear, Men’s, Women’s, Sports & Outdoors, Miscellaneous
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CrimsonBikes is a full-service bicycle shop that is growing and serving in the Greater Boston area; experience the joy of cycling with us!

Pru Apparel

Fashion, Clothing, Lingerie, Women’s, Other, Sports & Outdoors
Women Owned, Family Owned
POWER+REPRESENTATION+UNITY. In 2014 after months of civil unrest, I felt a desperate need for safety, freedom, and peace. Enduring thoughts of self- love, community, sisterhood, and unity consumed my days. The desire to create something that we could count on and be supported by was my goal. PRU Apparel is that vision in tangible, wearable form. To empower women of color, to be seen, to be heard and to be celebrated.


Parenthood, Children, Fashion, Notebooks, Sports & Outdoors, Desserts
Free Shipping, Ships Internationally, Veteran Owned, Women Owned, Family Owned
The vision and vibes of EPIC EVERYDAY, Inc. are part of a family-owned black business! The birth of EPIC EVERYDAY occurred during a discussion between two moms, that are sisters, and proud HBCU grads. Cara, Jenae, and their spouses recognized the extreme lack of diverse product representation highlighting minority children, and the need to enhance visibility and inclusion. The founders attended HBCUs (Morgan State. North Carolina A&T, and Jackson State) undergrad and PWIs (James Madison, Christian Brothers, and U of Toledo) for advanced STEM and business degrees. They also represent the Divine Nine. These changemakers wanted their children to thrive full of confidence and made a conscientious decision to design a positive self-reflection collection to inspire the next generation. Whimsical Happy Hues Collection designs were launched with love for all mocha skin shades, hairstyles, and textures. EPIC EVERYDAY inspires the young and young at heart to feel empowered, positive, innovative and creative! We want to change the narrative for younger generations to celebrate self-love and take up space with confidence. We continually cultivate collaborative partnerships with organizations that promote self-esteem, self-empowerment, and self-worth via educational and health-related initiatives targeting minority children. Spreading love for the culture and global positivity towards ALL skin tones and hair textures. Our inspirational products spread joy and pride among underrepresented children that rarely see products featuring vibrant tones and textures. From light to rich dark browns, wispy curls to fabulous kinky coils. EPIC EVERYDAY holds a distinct vision of inclusion and representation among mocha-hued children with culture and class.

Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey

Hair & Headwear, Accessories, Home & Garden, Other, Fashion, Clothing, Tees, Women’s, Unisex, Sports & Outdoors, Food & Beverage, Alcohol & Wine
The best whiskey maker the world never knew. Uncle Nearest 1856 Premium Whiskey. Visit one of these locations or buy online. Enjoy responsibly.

II Cocky Clothing

Children, Fashion, Clothing, Tees, Basics, Swim, Men’s, Women’s, Unisex, Childrens, Unisex, Office, Paper & Stationery, Other, Sports & Outdoors, Wedding, Miscellaneous, Arts & Crafts
Charitable, Free Shipping, Luxury, Ships Internationally, Women Owned, Family Owned, Made in America, Handmade, Natural, Cruelty-Free, Vegan
II Cocky clothing has an impromptu origin to say the least. Circa 2005-2006 I came up with an idea to promote parties inspired by my brothers Justin Martin & Jimmie Adams. Over the years I had been tagged as arrogant and too cocky, much to my dismay. I was also known as a smart ass, which I did not mind as much. So armed with a plethora of wit, I decided to use what others called me to my advantage and we started II Cocky Entertainment to promote college parties and music. The Roman numeral is significant because my last name is Stewart II and it also resembles my zodiac sign! The ALMIGHTY GEMINI!! lol! We always felt more royal than we should have so the crown on a COCKY Rooster seemed II perfect! From that moment, our version of chanticleer was formed as the vintage rooster with the crown logo you see today. After months of printing up t-shirts to promote parties, we noticed that the t-shirts were getting more notoriety than the actual parties we were promoting. People would keep asking about the damn shirts and I was responding "come to our party" , they showed more interest in buying the shirts I was giving away FREE for promo! Then I had a choice to make so I made it; I decided then to start a new clothing company called II Cocky Clothing. After years of selling my apparel here and there from the trunk of my car, I was finally able to launch the website that you are showing interest in today!!! There are so many ways to discourage people from being cocky but we are breaking that mold. You can be confident , arrogant and cocky and still be respectful of others.

New Day New Route

Fashion, Clothing, Basics, Men’s, Women’s, Unisex, Sports & Outdoors, Miscellaneous
New Day New Route is an optimistic lifestyle brand that appreciates and embraces each day as an opportunity to excel forward in life.


Health & Beauty, Fashion, Clothing, Women’s, Sports & Outdoors
Free Shipping, Ships Internationally, Women Owned
What is Glamourina? Glamourina is the go-to activewear brand for culturally conscious women. We exist to motivate women of color to live healthy, active lifestyles by providing cultural athletic apparel. Behind the Brand With an understanding that healthy lifestyles have a great importance in our psychological and physical wellness, working mothers Kia Phillips and Nekol Gaskins realized a void in the athleisure apparel market for socially conscious women. “There were few images of women that looked like us in the market, and there were few designs that represented our culture and heritage.” So, in the spirit of creation these Queens decided to embark on a journey birthing their own inspirational athleisure brand Glamourina. Unlike many other fitness brands Glamourina offers a wide size range that include sizes from xsmall to 3xlarge. “Our mission is to service an underrepresented market of diverse women of all shapes, sizes, and hues. We want to rewrite the health and fitness narrative to include women who look like us. Women come in all different shades, shapes, colors, and countries. It is time to start seeing these images reflected in the brands that we buy, wear, and support.”

Natural Fit Designs

Fashion, Clothing, Tees, Men’s, Women’s, Sports & Outdoors
Women Owned
After spending years in the fitness world and being frustrated over the lack of workout wear geared toward African American women that both looks good and holds up through a long, hard workout, I found a solution. I created Natural & Fit Designs. My Natural & Fit Designs collections are made from materials that can handle the sweat from an intense workout session, yet leave you looking great throughout your exercises. And each time you catch your reflection in the mirror in them or reflect back on the progress selfies you snapped in them, you are motivated and inspired by the expressions printed on your shirt. Each was created to reflect my feelings about the black woman, natural hair, working out, running, and current events. And each shares a little personality about the person wearing the item. From collections such as "Faithfully Fit," Natural Fitness Chick," “Race Mantras’, and “First Family 44," I've developed expressive items to fit and motivate active African American women.